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There are so many people freaking out about the coronavirus, as a powerful conscious creator part of this amazing community.  Please help anchor the Love and Peace for those who are not understanding yet.  Protect yourselves with your thoughts and feelings and keep your high vibe shield up!    Everything is ok and will be ok : )  Love and Light, Namaste <3


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Will watch it now Sweet Jason!! Thank you SO much, you're always an incredible teacher!!

Thank you for posting this, it's a very empowering video.  Accept the reality of Covid-19 but not its permanence. Life is a flowing experience and there is a flow to life which will provide everything we need, and move things along easily, if we believe in it.  We are the creators in our lives, not external events.  There are numerous cases of his virus around the world, but there are still BILLIONS of people who haven't got it. We can keep ourselves safe by having good-quality thoughts and those will keep our psychic vibrations high, so we just don't attract anything.  Think thoughts of health, energy, happiness, peace and flow of life; bless your family, friends, neighbours, workmates and people in affected areas.  And switch off the bloody news!

Yes, this video is really empowering and it gives clarity. Some quotes i like:

Nessuna descrizione della foto disponibile.L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone, possibile testo seguente "We Are All In This Together"

L'immagine può contenere: possibile testo seguente ""STOP TALKING ABOUT THE WAY THINGS ARE, UNLESS YOU LIKE THEM." Abraham-Hicky Inspirational Quotes @ FB"

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, in piedi, possibile testo seguente "N There is no thought, no virus, no disease, no physical contaminant capable of stopping my body's ability to find BALANCE as long as I am in vibrational HARMONY with my body's Source of Energy. @abrahamhicksloa"

Yes! This is the time we’ve all been waiting for as lightworkers, Star seeds, spiritual beings. We’ve prepared for this for lifetimes- for this opportunity to transmute this fear into a mass Awakening. All of humanity deserves this opportunity. Much Love to both of you ❤️

Transmuting fear is very important, as is pointing people in the right direction.  You're far more likely to be healthy than be infected, and if you keep your hands clean, keep a safe distance between people, and eat a good diet, then you will remain healthy. 

Another powerful thing you can do is to visualise yourself surrounded by a protective light, and then go out and do what you normally do. Today has been mild and sunny in London and I have been off work, so I have been out exploring. I have spent money in nine different places (little purchases but purchases all the same) and these all add up and enrich the economy. If everyone went out and made one extra (unnecessary) purchase, it would really help things flow.

Earlier on, my Mum told me about a novel which my Aunty read about 10 years ago.  It references epidemics and virus outbreaks in 2000 and 2010, and also predicted that this one would happen in 2020.  It predicted that it would start in the Chinese city of Wuhan, but best of all was the timeframe it gave: that it would fade out as quickly as it erupted.  

To me this is along the lines of all of those historical events which have first been aired in The Simpsons.  We see them in a work of fiction, and then make it our reality by paying attention to it.  No work of fiction is ever truly fiction; there is always some solid fact behind it.  I am pretty encouraged by that timeframe too, especially as my neighbour said pretty much the same thing yesterday: that it would leave as quickly as it has arrived.  

Cool! i LOVE these words by abraham - and then a funny meme:

March 2020: Abraham - Hot-Seat Reply to Virus
Abe: Know that your attention to what you are wanting always provides you an immunity, and there is no bigger virus than fear. The degree of influence of this virus is infinitesimal, but the fear out there is enormous and running rampant. And this is not a bad thing, it’s activating a clarity of desire that has awesome summoning power, such a strong calling of well-being to you. And so many people are holding themselves apart from this well-being, but that is not necessary. People are using this as a stronger reason to push against than they normally do, because they are feeling vulnerable. You need not calibrate to any of that, and calibrating to anything you don’t want is a sacrifice of your connection to Source Energy. Remember that you can calibrate to well-being at any time. That calibration is millions of times more powerful than anything else. Then you will help spread the virus of optimism, of steadiness, of Source Energy. This is an exhilarating launching of rockets of desires right now for you and you will receive knowledge and impulses that you cannot now imagine thanks to these newfound desires. This is like a rebooting, a massive replenishment.

L'immagine può contenere: albero, cielo, spazio all'aperto e natura


Not just the virus either, but any of the side effects. If you are connected to Source, and believe that it’s with you, helping you and providing for you, then you’ll be absolutely fine whatever happens. You will also be immunised from things like boredom, business failure, job loss, lack of money, food shortages, arguments, civil unrest, and other things I care not to list. Always remember that Source is INFINITE, and BIGGER THAN ANY HUMAN CRISIS. 

Source can make a way when there is no way: when human thinking or circumstances prevent anything from happening.  There is an unlegislated-for part of life called magic, and a vast supernatural element to everything.

Sure, magic is the sum of all sciences and it's also beyond science. Here's a very interesting video by Teal Swan i just watched, it's about the coronavirus and governments etc etc and an empowering quote:


L'immagine può contenere: testo


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