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Some people think that letting go is about letting go of the desire. It’s not about letting go of the desire, it’s letting go of the resistance you offer when thinking thoughts focused on the lack or absence of what you want. It’s letting go of your resistance to your desire.

Every subject is two subjects: What is wanted and the lack or absence of it. And how you feel lets you know what you are giving your attention. When you feel good, you are focused on what you want. When you don’t feel good, you are focused on the lack or absence of what you want.

So, if it feels good to think about your desire, think about it as much as you want. And if it doesn’t feel good, think about your desire in a more general, less specific way until it does feel good, or let go of thinking about it and think about something else that does feel good.

Here’s what you are letting go:

It’s letting go of putting the physical manifestation ahead of the emotional manifestation.

It’s letting go of needing that (physical manifestation), so I can feel that (emotional manifestation).

It’s letting go of needing something other than focusing your thoughts to make you happy.

It’s not about letting go of the desire. It’s about letting go of needing the desire to physically manifest before you give yourself permission to be happy now.

It’s allowing yourself to feel how you want to feel, now, regardless.

It's letting go of being conditional.

It’s letting go of needing them to be different, so that you can feel different.

It’s letting go of trying to control conditions, and letting in your control of your thoughts and emotions.

It’s letting go of who-you-are-not, and letting in who-you-really-are.

It’s letting go of limiting beliefs, and letting in empowering beliefs.

It’s letting go of the struggle, and letting in the ease.

It’s letting go of your belief that something has gone wrong, and letting in the belief that everything is always working out for you.

It’s letting go of the judgment (of yourself, your current conditions and others), and letting in the appreciation.

It’s letting go of being harder on yourself, and letting in being easier with yourself.

It’s letting go of looking at negative aspects, and letting in looking for positive aspects.

It’s letting go of pushing against, and letting in going with the flow.

It’s letting go of the upstream thought, and letting in the downstream thought.

It’s letting go of your attention to what is, and letting in your attention to what you want.

It’s letting go of other’s opinions about you, and letting in Source’s opinion of you and your life.

It’s letting go of giving your attention to something that feels a little worse, and letting in giving your attention to something that helps you feel a little better.

It’s letting go of wondering when I’ll stop writing examples of letting go.

I realize I said it in about fifty different ways, but I just want you to understand what you are actually letting go. This is the work. This is what you are letting go of.

Not your desire, but your desire to try to control conditions when that’s not your work! Your work is to allow your desire to unfold. Not make it unfold, allow it to unfold. Allow. Allow. Ease. Flow. Relaxing. Chilling. Being easy about all of this. Allowing the inevitable fruition of your desire. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s a sure thing. Relax. It’s coming. It’s on its way. It’s okay. It’s on it’s way.

That can be your mantra: “It’s okay. It’s on it’s way.”

It’s letting go of the outcome, and letting in the journey. Letting go of needing the outcome to be a certain way, and letting in your enjoyment and appreciation of the process. You know you’re being guided to the manifestation you want, and that will unfold in perfect timing. For now, you’re enjoying the journey.

You’re enjoying the foreplay of life. Yes, the climax will come (pun intended), but isn’t there something to be said about appreciating everything leading up to the I-can’t-feel-my-legs orgasm?

And when you do that, when you focus on feeling good and being unconditional in your alignment, then you allow all the conditions you want. You don’t allow them to make you happy; you allow them because you are already happy, and they’re just a nice cherry on top of an already delicious cake that is your (perception of) life.

I say perception of, because it’s not that your life has all these wonderful conditions and that is why you feel good. You feel good, because you choose to focus only on what you want, regardless of what is.

You make it a point to only appreciate, and never judge. You focus on making peace with (emotionally within yourself) everyone and allow everything, and push against no one and no thing. Because, you understand that pushing against and judging and complaining about anything, just attracts more of it into your expereince.

You finally decide that, nothing is more important than that you feel good.

And when you make feeling good your main focus, letting go of needing the manifestation as your permission slip to allow yourself to feel good, then you are in the receptive mode of everything you want to flow effortlessly and joyously into your life in perfect timing and perfect unfolding.

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I fully believe I was meant to come across this post, I was just reflecting to myself: what does it mean to truly let go, and what am I letting go of? This puts it into perspective for me. I know that letting go is the biggest thing that's blocking me from receiving my desire. 

Wonderful as always

Yes, love this Brian.

My desires are on their way :D

Your posts have become my guidelines for living. Thank you Brian!

Great post!

 "It’s about letting go of needing the desire to physically manifest before you give yourself permission to be happy now."

Everything is beautifully written, but this is spot on. This and this:

"You finally decide that, nothing is more important than that you feel good."

Just because you love yourself. Just because it's how you wanna live now, and not a mean to an end. Just because that's the song you like playing on the background of your mind. Great work, kudos!


if you want to let go...

why is there the feeling of loneliness getting in the way

It is simply fear. You can't be alone, it is just not possible since you are the Universe. You can read this book by moretocome:


It goes into lots of detail about surrendering and letting go. He says:

" With Surrender, you're surrendering to "what is". It is a COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE of your current situation (no matter what that situation is). Suffering is caused by the failure to accept "what is". In other words, suffering is caused by resistance.

Of course, this does not imply that one has to relinquish all of his or her desires (and preferences). It simply means that you are no longer attached to your desires. You are no longer a prisoner of your desires.

Through complete acceptance of "what is", Peace is gained. Also, since there is no longer any attachment, a deep sense of freedom is gained. Once this underlying Peace is acquired, the door to effortless manifestation opens up.

:) Glad to help. That sentence is an eye opener. I called attachments to desires chains, but prisoner is a great illustration for that.


Appreciation of "-what is " creates a different vibration around your current life, and softens up your point of attraction. You are no longer angry at it, or rallying against it (which just creates more of the same) you are accepting it.  You accept the reality but not its permanence. In doing this, your point of attraction and your vibration change, and you then allow "-what you actually desire to happen. "



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