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There are some things I know about LOA and it makes sense in life whether you believe in it or not. 

1. Yes if you hold onto resentment it's just going to leave you bitter and angry

2. If you hold onto resentment it isn't going to hurt anyone but yourself

And I know these things, but I also have a few questions:

If someone is a child, and they've been subjected to abuse - verbal, and emotional, physical etc, how is LOA at play there? Children are known to be the most creative/optimistic/happy people on the face of the earth, so I wonder how LOA comes into play there. 

Now thinking of my own situation, every time I try to forgive and keep myself calm and content (even when I'm unemployed etc and all that) something else happens and it opens up the wound. And then every thing that's been inflicted on me from my childhood fills my head and I feel so much rage and so much hurt at the same time and I wonder how it's ever going to go away. In those moments I can't fight the feeling/the pain, I feel powerless unfortunately. And It's just me/myself/and I to comfort me. 

So I'm asking how do I let go of resentment - new and old - and how can I truly make peace with a situation that is probably a lot of people's worst nightmare. 

And before anyone asks - I'm not one of those people who is unaware of how beautiful she is/how much I have to offer the world. I know and understand that. 

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I can tell you the only way I know.

Recreate the past in your mind. You have to re-live every single painful memory and change it in your mind. ( in hypnosis). Then the overall programming of the brain in theta will improve dramatically. Otherwise, the past will haunt you forever...

Now thinking of my own situation, every time I try to forgive and keep myself calm and content (even when I'm unemployed etc and all that) something else happens and it opens up the wound

Transurfing can explain this but if you are not aware of the teaching, then you wont understant me. The problems are

1. There is no happiness as a state of mind

2. Predominant vibration is low

3. You do not accept the present and try to "force"youself to be happy - you lie to yourself  which activates the equilibrium forces

4.On top of this, pendulums trap you


That's what I'm saying. Thank you for your reply. I can't be happy with my current situation, who would be? The people I live with, fine that's one thing, but being unemployed, etc it's not something that someone can easily be happy with. I get all this, I just wish someone could tell me how I'm supposed to get through this past my situation? Hypnosis? That's medical treatment, I need a job for that. I probably need counseling to - another thing which requires an income. I know I have these demons to face, but how is one supposed to do that? There is no lying to myself going on - I love how I look/who I am, but my circumstances, my life disturb me. And no one seems to be able to tell me how to move from that. 

Free hypnosis. You can do it yourself. There are several youtube clips. Also meditations; there are great links on youtube as well. And also, if you are interested, start reading in our group about transurfing. I think the knowledge there will be very helpful

p.s. When I said about lying, I meant lying in terms of you trying to be happy, when you are actually sad.

OH OK, I'll definetly check those out then. Thank you so very much!!! 

PS: OH OK. I just get people saying so much "you must not love yourself" and I need to make the distinction clear that I love who I am inside and out, I'm just sad with how things in my life have been going. So that makes me sad. 

Hi Ada  like Karolina says that is only one way. understand there are many ways as we are all individuals, I had rough childhood myself abused myself & as i said before here i didn't have time to bottle the resentment, i learnt to forgive at a young age. When i was 7yrs of age i saw my father stab mother in the back,

You have to let go of resentment otherwise it will eat you alive like cancer, The good thing is that you are more consciously aware of your life situation, which gives you the power to deal with situation NOW, If the past is really bothering you, Like Karolina suggests, you can change the past by realising the people who abused you were offering a vibration that attracted that reality which you also were apart of.Learn to forgive & FORGET, time to focus on YOU & your immediate power of choices you have to feel happy at this moment & always, You can break the loop of negative feelings just by dealing with them as they come, own them realise that you chose to feel them & let them go with love because you no longer need them.

This could be a great start if you choose, offer a higher vibration so the universe can match & compliment you the same way.

Best of Luck Ada

Thank you so very much for your reply :) Yea you're right, you're very right. Thanks a lot. 

Now thinking of my own situation, every time I try to forgive and keep myself calm and content (even when I'm unemployed etc and all that) something else happens and it opens up the wound.


It opens up the wound! Amazingly Ada, these are the same things that are happening to me the past weeks. As i calm myself in deep meditation, i am seeing it more and more that my present vibration now is so much a copy of my experience of abuse from my dad. That is the reason why i can't manifest faster. I have forgiven him a long time ago, but the reality i have created is of his verbal abuse to me.


I think you are in the right path, and i encourage you to rejoice because you are moving in the right direction. The wounds are opening up to be dealt with once and for all. So if this wound does go up again in the midst of your calm, allow yourself to observe the feeling of anger and hurt. Allow these feelings to just rise until to its highest point it can reach. Observe the feelings, and detached yourself from the identity of being angry and hurt. Detach yourself from the feelings of hurt and anger as if it was another person who is angry and hurt. Continue your calm, and allow the feelings of anger and hurt to just pass through you as if you were a wind without any resistance to anything that is thrown on you. Allow goodness to flow through you by saying, i am worthy of freedom, of love and relief. I truly love and accept myself. And if you start to feel the relief in your body, allow this feeling to wash over you....stay there for a moment. You could do this many times until you would not feel any anger anymore. 


One thing that helped me is this, please go download their free downloadable sort of hypnosis.



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