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Hey guys :)


I'm back with another question that's been boggling me for a while.


Specifically, how do YOU go about manifesting something in your life?


Do you ask for specifics (THAT job or THAT car or THAT event)? Or do you say "Bring me something that I will like"?


A couple of months ago I had derailed from using vision boards and meditating on specific things that I want in favor of trying out the second route. I said "Ok, universe. You know what I like, you know what will be amazing for me, cough it up and take me to it." So far it has manifested several amazing friends, a fantastic job, and a really great apartment to live in (among other smaller yet equally fun things).


It's making me wonder if the effort put into vision boards and lists is worth it because, even on a more personal level, as humans we often don't know exactly what we want. We'll ask for it, we'll get it, and we won't like it. Why not trust the universe to understand us and bring us what we like? In the last few months, on more than one occasion, I've felt like my life was spinning out of control. One thing would come up, then another, but every time I felt like the universe threw something evil at me I was able to regain control quite easily and came out better for it. Maybe what higher power be knows that we are capable of more than we even give ourselves credit for. If given the chance, maybe it picks us up, tosses us in the middle of the lake, and lets us find our own way out to the prize that we would not have gotten to otherwise.


I know this is a bit of a ramble on my part but I want to know what the community here thinks on this matter. Any comments?




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Great answers

I read on an LOA blog somewhere (but can't remember the author) that the Universe already knows what will make you happy-dance, all you have to do is dance. That means that the Universe knows what will make you happy, and what you have to do is to get onto the same energetic frequency: that of being happy and feeling good. This you can do quite causatively and consciously with your thoughts. I have done vision boards before. Some have come true and some haven't. My guess is that the ones which didn't manifest, didn't do so because I wasn't on the same vibration as the desires.

Well in my personal opinion. Asking for what you want right now,  manifesting it and finding out that you didn't want it is the real "Journey" in life.  LIfe in my opinion is about self discovery and how are you ever going to discover who you are if you don't manifest what you THINK you want and use it as a learning experience ? 

I've always asked for specific things and some of my most important life lessons have been taught by me manifesting things  I THOUGHT i wanted and realizing that I really didn't .   I've learned so much about myself by getting things I wanted than not getting them at all.  In my personally opinion its better to know than learn from what you know than it is to not know and wonder what could have been. 

If I never manifested a long term relationship with a woman I thought wanted that didn't work out then I would more than likely allowed really nice woman that wasn't my type   push me into marriage early in my life that I was not ready for. After I've been in a long term relationship and  I had the experience and I was no rush for any stable relationship.

So I love the fact we have the  ability to manifest the stuff we "Think" we want because the life lessons you gain for them are priceless in my opinion. 

 From my personal experience the Universe or God or whatever you want to call it. Doesn't care what  you want but it can only match the desires that you yourself believe you can have. It always matches what you really feel and believe. 

So if you haven't have manifested something you desire then you don't believe it's possible or have some type of doubt deep down that is keeping it from coming.  There is no right or wrong to manifesting because it's all a learning experience.


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