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Today I have realised another one of my limiting beliefs.  I guess it stems from Not feeling or being goode enough.  Now that I have realised it,  I would like to put more emphasis on changing it.

So I suppose Affirmations can help and from my awareness and memory, it is obviously false belief, as the historical events that I have reminisced have shown me otherwise.  I know my worth, and yet this insecure idea, feeling permeates.  Must stop.  Great awareness, self reflection thou :D

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Yes great awareness Goddess!! Do not let your past/your limited beliefs color your future*****

Risultati immagini per sadness is not matt kahn

Risultati immagini per sadness is not matt kahn

Hello GRL,

The question to ask yourself is this: Is it true?

The answer, of course, is No, it's not at all true. You are believing what someone else told you. It's just some numpty's opinion that you're holding onto. It's not your opinion or belief. It never was. You were handed that belief. Hand it back. We do not come into these lives being "less than" on any level. All that belief is, is keeping score with others. You can't. No one can. Each of us is living OUR lives, not someone else's. 

Remember that. You are living YOUR life. Your free to whatever you want to do, and that includes feeling anyway you want to feel. What others think about you never matters. They are not you!

Let go of the ridiculous terms of "worthy" and "deserving". Those are labels that have no meaning. They are, again, just someone's opinion. That's all. Everything in your life is either working for you and you feel good about it. or it doesn't. If it doesn't, then adjust it till it does. You are doing this for you, because you want a better life. It's okay to have that. =)

Great Tolemac!!

That's wonderful you've gotten to a core belief, I love it when that happens. 

I come at things in an unpopular way that is repulsive to a lot of people who study LOA, but I feel inspired to share it anyway, in case it can serve you in a way that resonates. I follow Carl Jung's idea that we clear things not by focusing on the light, but by allowing the darkness to be conscious. (He also expressed his belief that most people will not do this!)

Based on what you've indicated, that intellectually you know your worth, yet emotionally, you feel a sense of insecurity (unworthiness?), I would lean into those uncomfortable feelings. Don't worry about changing them, instead, just feel them, let them be, let them show themselves as big as they want. "Feel it to heal it." Per my understanding/experience this is what Abraham Hicks means when they say "Make peace with where you really are."

When I had my wisdom teeth taken out, I developed dry sockets, which are when the wound heals on top, but underneath the healing surface is a gaping wound that won't come together and heal. So I had to have the healed surface reopened, in order for the whole wound to heal, not just the surface. The incision appeared healing, but my pain was telling me it wasn't. I find this a very apt analogy for what goes on with limiting beliefs. Positive affirmations change the surface, but there can be a wound underneath that needs to be reopened and cleaned out in order to heal wholly.  

So my advice based on my own journey is don't try stop feeling insecure (get rid of the feeling), but instead, get to know it intimately. It will dissolve on its own as you move through the uncomfortable energy. I follow Abraham Hick's ideas of "feel better", and I find there is always great relief in accepting what I really feel and letting it just be present, even if it's terribly uncomfortable and there's resistance to the feeling itself. The negative feeling always goes away eventually, and then it's gone forever, no affirmations needed, it just disappears as if it never was to begin with.

Dr. Hawkins, one of my favorite thinkers, wrote in his book "Letting go: The Pathway of Surrender" that he had an extremely uncomfortable core feeling that took 10 days of consciously experiencing to dissolve! Mine have never lasted that long, but I always keep that in mind when it seems as if a core feeling is endless. 

I wish you the very best!

Heres a conversation I had with someone that can help:

So you think thoughts that hurt you, dishonor you, for what purpose?

“To heal myself.”

So you hurt yourself in order to heal yourself? Does that make logical sense to you?
“I have a wound. So I’m going to bash that wound as hard as I can, make myself really hurt even more, so it will heal.”

“I thought is was wrong to be nice to myself.”

So it is intelligent and wise to be hurtful, nasty and mean to yourself?

“As odd as it sounds, yes. I feel I’m worthy of that.”

You feel worthy to feel unworthy.

“Yes, ironically, ha ha.”

So that means you do have a sense of worthiness. You can’t help but feel worthy. You just feel worthy for what you don’t want instead of worthy for what you do.

“How do I change my belief in unworthiness?”

You don’t have a belief in unworthiness. You have a belief in worthiness . . . of what you don’t want.

You always believe that you are worthy. People can’t help but feel worthy in something.



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