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hi every one

these days im praticing the thing that i live in present not in past of in future.........

all i want is few way to stay glued to my this new habit.............

n would love to hear your experiences..............

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The best to practice is meditation which is concentration of being aware of your own breath or solar plexus.

Breath or solar plexus is always in the present.

If you can concentrate on being aware of your breath or solar plexus for a long period of time then you have developed a powerful concentration which is known as Samadhi in Buddhism. However, having powerful concentration won't cut it as you still are not able to live in the present. Only by being aware of the present then can you live in it. If you are not aware then you are pretty much trap somewhere. That is why I recommend "concentrate on being aware of your breath or solar plexus." Its like killing two birds with one stone. :)

Peace be with you.

Hi Appyee :)

Well done for deciding to do this - it's very powerful. I find that consciously becoming aware of all the good stuff you've created and attracted for yourself is very effective in keeping awareness in the present. You know that you create and attract everything in your life, so start noticing the little things that make you feel good - sunshine, birds tweeting, running water, food, a smile from a stranger, your favourite song... etc. And in that moment, thank yourself. Say "Thank me!" - it's a funny feeling, but it's very, very powerful! And it'll help to keep your awareness in the now. :)


Hope this helps.

Love and Light and Magic xxx

Yes illusions

Remember the three golden rules :-

"Focus on the task at hand" 

This simply means that whatever you are doing just immerse yourself completely in that activity. Example - if you are having your meal, then just enjoy all the bits and pieces of activity, enjoy the taste and aroma of the food. As you chew  it just focus on its flavors and its feel in your mouth. This is how you can successfully be in the present and trust me this is a "tried and tested with success" formula.

"Focus on your breathing if you drift away in your past or future"

If at all you feel that you are moving away from the NOW and moving into the TRAP (by which I mean the future thoughts or worries and/or past thoughts or regrets) then simple focus on your breathing rhythm.

You will be surprised how quickly your focus will be restored in the NOW moment....

"Just love the NOW"

In order to really live in the present you need to simply understand that NO MATTER how much you think about the past or future it is not going to make any difference BUT what WILL make a difference is the ability to live in the present effortlessly.

Because when you are fully in the present, you are more active, more creative and life just becomes better and better....

All the best...and let the NOW journey BEGIN right NOW..

Love and Light


Excellent post





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