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i wanted to join an organisation,did it the secret way ,imagined me working as the core member of the organisation ,but i made it only to  the final round n then didn't get selected.WHere possibly i could have gone wrong? 

allot of things have been happening this way lately.I imagine something else and the result is just the opposite .I don't understand how i m applying LOA in a wrong way.

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Hello Manica,


LoA is always working. It is never not working. What you focus on, you receive. You may not have been fully aware of your focus, but your energy always is. If you are not receiving what you want, then your focus is not on what you want, but, as in this case of the job, it is on not getting the job. So, you are focusing on what happens if I don't get it, or maybe they won't hire me, or something along those lines. You may argue that you have not been thinking that way, yet the energy didn't line you up with this job, so somewhere in your subconscious, the focus is not on receiving the job. 


When you want something, you have to KNOW that you've already received it (which you have, because it's in your vibrational escrow) and then remain positive about the outcome and act as if the job is yours in your attitude and in present time. Once you move your energy like that, you'll begin to receive what you want. AND it'll happen quicker and quicker. =)


Deep Peace,


Ross - Tolemac

Conscious Energy Healing

ok ,tell me one thing ,if i have to attract a particular percentage of marks in my college ,then of-course i will study hard for it but what should be my attitude and thinking like?because i get very nervous during my exams and so i think too much which isn't required.
also this time i had been thinking to get 75 percent focused all my energy on it but just ended up getting 70% marks instead of 75.

When dealing with something this specific, I always go over what I'm wanting. So, instead of the focus being on getting a 75, I'd focus on getting an 80 or 85. This allows for whatever resistance you are feeling through your anxiousness while taking the exam. 


You also don't have to "study hard", but you do have to study so that you know the information. "Trying" to study hard for an exam will not get you the result you want. By getting interested in the information, and allowing yourself to absorb the information and have an understanding of it is what will give you a good score, AND (bonus!) a deeper appreciation for the subject. =)


Ross - Tolemac

yes so rue and that will keep me focussed too

If you read about the how the most successful people came about you would understand "almost moments" are a sign of reaching the finally goal.Whenever I get a "almost moment" I get happy,because the more of them I get the closer I am to a true result.


You are not applying it wrong if you got that far it's just your not at the level to get that result.After I got better results came easier.



thanku for your advice


Art some point, your human body will become unreliable and it will break down.  Will that be the fault of the Law of Attraction?  Of course not.  Shit happens.  But when shit happens, do we learn from it, or sit there and complain that it smells bad?


We don't apply the LOA like a band-aid or waving a magic wand. 


There is no way for any of us to be able to tell you how you went wrong.  Maybe someone else just wanted or expected a different result more than you did.  As much as we all create our own reality, sometimes paths cross.... and the learning is in how the paths crossed.  Personally, I think everyone has free will... and if 2 people are looking for the smae 'thing.,' and the universe is planning a lesson for someone, then we don't always get what we expect.  Or maybe you didn't expect 100%.  I can't tell you.  Or the Universe is arranging an even BETTER opportunity for you.
thankyou so much for this advice

"Or the Universe is arranging an even BETTER opportunity for you."


Love it! I am choosing to also believe that if I don't get what I want with the temp teaching work that this is the case for me too, that the Universe IS arranging an even BETTER opportunity for me too.


So I guess Manica it's win-win for us either way. 

haha yes you are right !

Les, the other Les, LOL

Why does it have to be an all or nothing for so many people. I was created by my parents and there are opportunities  and mishaps everywhere created by the universe, chance(what ever you want to call it).

I interpret the opportunities that are out there waiting for me recognize. I then make the decision to act on them or walk by. There are also totally random events that we have no control over. We van only control how we react to them. LOA has been twisted in so many directions that no one can say if there even is a central focus. The Secret was compiled by one person but filled with input from many people. These people even contradict each other. Joe Vitale for one says The Missing Secret is Action. You must take action when manifesting. Other authors say no action is necessary. There is no absolute right, it's all interpretation of what works for you. You said LOA say's you get what you focus on. I completely agree, under the concept that what I am focusing on is attainable for me at this time. Someone mentioned LOA being Law of Attention. If you pay attention to something you are much more likely to achieve it. I use LOA every day and I truly believe it works, but like everything out there in the universe, there are also limits. 


Do we create our reality? In a way, we interpret what is there but we do not create everything in the world. Our mind interprets everything but the majority of the world population interprets basic things the same way. Very few people would look at a loaf of bread and call it something else.


Les, you say you create your own reality. I would ask you and everyone else that says they truly believe this statement one question.

If you create your own reality, why do you make house payments, pay taxes, follow laws, pay for anything and lastly create a reality where people are starving and tortured?


NO ONE would choose to do any of those things if they could alter their reality to what ever they wanted. The day someone chooses to rebel against the things that our society say need to be done is the day I will start to consider the reality of this approach.

One last question Les H, if you did create everything in your own reality, why did you create me to argue with?

Just looking for a rational answer rather than a debate.

Les O

I don't know if a "rational" answer is even possible, because rational is a kind of judgment.  I'd be willing to bet that what is rational for you, would not be the same as what's rational for me.  And that on some issues, I might appear more rational than you, to some other people.  

Who's opinion matters?  No one's but your own, expect your or my opinion or perception of the facts around the Law of Attraction is not at all applicable to anyone else but ourselves.  


There is an all-or-nothing aspect to all of this because there is an all-or-nothing aspect to the Law of Attraction in general.  Are you thinking that you have turned the Law of Attraction off, because you got something you didn't want?  It's just never turned off. 


Believe in this idea or not, both perspectives are fine.... BUT one truth is we all attract, ALL THE TIME.  I remember the first time I heard Abraham say, all death is suicide.... Whoa, that was wierd.  But if all death is suicide, and I can accept that, then surely I can accept that we are all 100% responsible for everything we bring into our lives... either consciously or unconsciouly.



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