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i wanted to join an organisation,did it the secret way ,imagined me working as the core member of the organisation ,but i made it only to  the final round n then didn't get selected.WHere possibly i could have gone wrong? 

allot of things have been happening this way lately.I imagine something else and the result is just the opposite .I don't understand how i m applying LOA in a wrong way.

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It isn't anyone else's job to make a believer out of you.  You're challenging people to prove something you don't want to believe is possible.  When I post a video, it's not sidestepping an issue, it's a pertinent source of knowledge or inspiration that actually helps me wade through all this shit so I can make sense out of it. 


Or you can have it your way and assume people aren't giving you what you want.   


Nobody is avoiding actually your question, you just don't like the spirit of the answers, maybe you're looking for facts when everyone else is talking about feelings.  Oh well. 


You might not believe it, but my wife and I actually put our whole family's life in jeopardy.  We both quit jobs, started new careers... and is has been quite a roller coaster financially.  But what it feels like, is 100% the Universe is talking care of us.
Love it Steve. You have guts and a great marriage and your kids are so lucky. The Universe always provides. I am gearing up for a similar venture and I know what I need will be available to me and to you, For example this poke is a gift just for you.

Esther Hicks is not a Genie out of a bottle or a Magician, she cannot manifest money


Les, of course she can. And to be more efficient she can manifest the books them selves.  Abe says you create your own reality. She can simply create a reality with out money.Les I'm giving you a hard time but this is where everything starts getting dicey, physical world and virtual world start colliding.  people choose which concept to quote based on the point they are trying to make. The consistency is lost. 


The biggest roadblock to this discussion once again falls on "Definition"

What is each persons definition of creating your own reality.?

Enjoying the discussion ,Have a great day




Les, not to be disrespectful but I think you have too much free time on your hands. My suggestion is to live this life to the fullest and leave the discussions to those who spend all their time finding out what's wrong with the world instead of enjoying what's right with the world. Love and Peace is all there is. Len

So you're not an all or nothing person... that's great.  I encourage you to be completely uniquely or to follow whatever doctrine you feel inclined to.  


Is this discussion feeling like you're not getting what you want, or is it working for you?

NO ONE would choose to do any of those things if they could alter their reality to what ever they wanted. The day someone chooses to rebel against the things that our society say need to be done is the day I will start to consider the reality of this approach.


Really? No one would choose to do any of the things, or experience any of these things if they could make their reality whatever they wanted?


You know, I understand that perspective. I once held it myself. The perspective that brought Siddartha Guatama to the olive tree. Suffering. Death. Despair.


But when he got up, he likely realized what I do. If you can do ANYTHING, why wouldn't you do EVERYTHING?


On the TV show, Heros, we pretty much enter on pretty little Claire, the cheerleader, throwing herself off a tower for the umpteenth time, her body smashing to bits on the ground below, before she wakes up, regenerates and picks herself back up.


Now, who would ever throw themselves off of something to smashing their body to bits on the ground below? Someone who saw no threat whatsoever in doing so. Someone who was aware, there is no loss, there is no ultimate end, there is nothing to lose.


Someone aware of their own immortality and the wideness of their being strewn throughout the infinity that is consciousness.


Who would lose their memory...on purpose?! Peter Jackson. Director of Lord of the Rings who said that his fondest wish, was that he could sit down and watch what he produced without awareness that he was the one who directed it.


Sounds familiar to me. Sounds like all of us, here, the Indiana Jones' of consciousness who wanted to experience their creation, without awareness of creating it.


The Dance of Shiva.


The god that blew itself into all of creation in a dream that it wouldn't wake from until it had rediscovered itself anew.


T. S. Eliot -
- We shall never cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.



please update me with more pearls of wisdom by abraham hicks that can serve my current status
stark and sense
thanku so much !
for this wonderful advice ,i ll try to work on this line

The thing I feel that a lot of individuals do not quite understand about LoA, is that it isn't about "thinking" your way into something.


It's about "being" your way into something. And one of the ways you do this, is you do not let the "facts" lead you into "conclusions" that are dead set against what you want.


The very statement, that you are not a part of that organization, is alignment with something you do not want to be true. And, you were always willing to not be a part of that organization. All your reality had to do, was show that to you.


The moment that the so-called "facts" of a situation can no longer dictate who you are, what you feel, what you allow yourself to experience inwardly, is the moment at which your reality will explode with reflection of all of your dreams come true.


As Bashar said once, quite succinctly: "Circumstances do not matter. Only state of being matters."


And anyone who is to make the resounding cry of: "But circumstances do matter!" Are really only, once more, allowing the world to hold them, their self-definition, their emotions, their feelings, hostage. They are not operating in that place of: "Be in the world, but be not of the world." That is, they are still the "effect" to the "cause" of their world, rather than being the "cause", which irresistably puts the world into the state of being the "effect".


Deep within us, we know this to be true. Which is why we will state: "It's the thought that counts." In this case, "thought" not necessarily being about "thinking", but about the consideration, the appreciation, the "thoughtfulness"....the feeling.


And also deep within us, is the desire that sings to us of our own creative authority; the creative authority that in the moment, allows us to exceed any limitation and have anything we want in that moment.


And it is this desire that is always being served, by our reality often not fulfilling this want of the moment, so that we can see how we give our power away to circumstances, other individuals and contradiction. For in learning how we do that, we free ourselves and begin embracing the overarching desire to truly claim our creative authority in full.


It is the exchange of "the fish" for teaching oneself "how to fish". Knowing this, we can approach the moments when it seems our immediate want isn't being served in recognition that this is yet another opportunity to reach for that penultimate freedom from limitation and move into expression of full desire in each and every moment and offer ourselves gratitude for that. Releasing the want in the realization that some wants within us are even greater than others, whether we recognize this in every moment or not.


When we begin to release the need for specific "forms" of fulfillment, it is then when we get to the "substance" of that fulfillment and what it is we truly desire. In an organization, perhaps it is the sense of community, or recognition, or the chance to have an effect on something in a broader scale...or for many other reasons that can still find fulfillment.


The want, is the symbol of our desire, not the fulfillment of it. It is a representation of deeper desire seeking fulfillment, if we will but widen our awareness and realize all the avenues available through which that fulfillment can come.






dear kevin ,
can you highlight a certain methodology to be able to improvise  our state of being in a better way ,so that it generates only the happy thoughts and can u also state a way or practice that could substantiate our thoughts from being blocked by 'the facts'.

can you highlight a certain methodology to be able to improvise  our state of being in a better way ,so that it generates only the happy thoughts and can u also state a way or practice that could substantiate our thoughts from being blocked by 'the facts'.




I can highlight certain methods that work for me. I can state the practices that work for me.


I can also say that, perhaps that one universal that "may" apply for everyone that I personally engage, is simply paying attention to myself in all ways I can recognize to do so and trusting myself in that capacity.


Which of course, reveals the methods, associations, beliefs, that an individual has already cultivated within themselves and which of these hinder or help and how.


For myself:


Methods are beliefs.

Explanations are beliefs.

Justifications are beliefs.


Both my thoughts and my feelings flow from the beliefs that underpin them. The beliefs are like a lattice filter for my energy passing from subjective awareness consciousness, into objective awareness consciousness.


As I realize this, I recognize all thoughts and feelings, as communications to myself regarding what I am choosing to believe.


Then I simply decide whether or not this is what I wish to believe. I find a belief I like, whether the one already in presentation, or another. Whether similar, or very different. Dependent on my own allowance or resistance in a moment. Maybe, I really want to believe that, but what I can more easily allow myself in this moment, is to believe this, which is only a small shift away from what is, as I see it.


As I do this in a relaxed way, I then remain poised and alert for evidence of the new belief being expressed, while taking care not to place expectations on my circumstances to change immediately, but more being aware of what is taking place inwardly.


The evidence of this extending out into my reality in the ways that it does as I engage this process, reinforces my sense of direction and ability to choose what I want, when I remain confident and relaxed.


Trying to change thoughts and feelings directly, can be quite difficult. What works for me, is to relax the "truths", the beliefs that I hold, that say that this is not only the way things are, but the way they have to be. As I relax this and as I see that change, often just in the very simple question to self: "Does it really have to be this way?" and in the recognition of the true validity of all other perspectives and perceptions as well, I offer myself choice and not only relax those truths and absolutes I am seeing in the moment, but become more flexible overall, in relation to my reality and what I can choose for myself.


In that change of belief, the thoughts and feelings change as well, from powerlessness to powerful, from victim to directing, from weak to strong, from "I can't" to "I can". Reinforced by evidence and supported by my reality.







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