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Hi guys! 

Slightly unusual LOA query-do you think I could somehow manifest a bit more night time sleep from my 8 month old baby? This is a tricky one in my mind as she is her own person with her own free will and needs/manifestations. But based on the theory that I attract every situation to myself I am wondering how I am attracting constantly disturbed sleep for this long. Now don't get me wrong-I have a 4 year old too and I'm fully aware of the whole babies wake at night for a reason thing and that this a part of parenting. But at this age I would hope for a few more hours at at time undisturbed and I'm wondering how I can change my own consciousness around it. 

All I've come up with so far is;

-that because she's my last baby I'm clinging on to that stage.

-that I'm struggling to trust she'll be fine without me for a while. 

-that I'm struggling to let go of recent events in general. My mum died when my baby was 3 months old. Maybe on some level I'm reluctant to move beyond that time and accept the next phase of life without my mum. 

-that if I have a "bad" night with her then my husband usually gets up with the kids first thing and let's me sleep longer until he has to leave for work. I like this and maybe if I had to admit she hadn't disturbed me there would be no excuse for getting an extra half hour in bed with my own thoughts and physical space! 

Also I do think I have some fear around the issue. Even when I visualise myself sleeping all night I find myself worrying that the universe will let it happen by making her die in her sleep or something! Crazy neurotic mummy brain! 

I've been using LOA for a good couple of years now and have read tonnes of stuff by various people so I do feel I'm understanding the concepts more and more and on a deeper level. In particular I'm a big Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks fan. But this has me a little stumped because of it involving another person and her own free will. At the end of the day I can't "make" her do anything. 

Any tips or insights would be great thanks! 

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Stargirl, I have to say that I think you are so AWESOME!!! I LOVE everything you said or asked here because I have a beautiful and inspiring image of you as a parent. WOW!!!!!!


Cartoon animated baby sleeping peacefully

(and wow again.)

I don't think you are stumped at all. I think all of your points are perfect.

If you want to lighten up on some of them, you are capable and free to do that at any time.

Yes, she is her own person, but you have your own sleep going on - or not. So you are in charge of that.

I am constantly making peace with the amount of sleep my body gets, and I don't have a baby!

My current best statements about sleep are: My body is getting the perfect amount of sleep every night. Some nights more, some nights less. Either way, the amount and quality are exactly as needed by my body. My days are always energy filled because of my perfect amount of sleep.

Aw, thank you Flowerpatch! That's such a lovely thing to say. I can't tell you how much that lifted me! And Donna, I love your affirmation for it's simplicity. I'm definitely going to adopt and use it. It certainly beats something along the lines of "my baby sleeps all night unless she's hot or cold or hungry or lonely and always wakes up every morning alive and well but not too early." Not quite so effective that one!! 

Try journaling the positive statements and turning the not-so-positive ones around a bit.

Whatever you focus on becomes reality.


I am just curious about your little girls night schedules! What time do you usually put her to bed? Do you have a bedtime routine? Please write me about it, how many times is she waking, is she nursing? I have a 3months old myself and did a tons of research! It might not be LOA but if I can help any other way i will :)x

Thanks everyone. I'll definitely try switching the statements around to positive affirmations. 

She's got a pretty good routine going through the day. Three solid meals a day with milk feeds in between. She gets lots of activity and interaction with a couple naps through the day. Down to her bed between 7-7.30 after a bath and cuddly feed. Then she can be up as soon as an hour or sometimes up to 4 hours. But the usual is 2-3 hours throughout the night, sometimes for genuine feeding, sometimes just for a cuddle really. I keep the feeding/cuddling/ back to cot going until the early morning hours at which point I take her in with me to feed and doze while I sleep as I'm up at 7am with the other child so just need to sleep! I wouldn't mind so much but would like some space back in the bed rather than staying rigid in one position so as not to roll on her. But she's in a phase where she's clingy for cuddles, growing a lot and learning tonnes of new things. So she needs the security of mummy near her. I'm really hoping once her busy brain calms down and she stops sprouting teeth she'll happily sleep a bit longer at a time. 

This too shall pass I suppose and when she's 16 I'd probably sell a kidney to have her cuddle me and know where she is 24/7!


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