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Today's topic is about momentum, and how the Law of Attraction processes your thoughts incrementally.

Ever heard the phrase " build it and then it will come, " or words to that effect?  That is in essence how the Law of Attraction works.  You think the thoughts, and then the manifestation begins, but it does this with a kind of accrued psychic momentum, but you need to keep at it in order for the manifestation to occur.  

In his book 'Mind Power into the 21st Century' John Kehoe explains how thoughts and beliefs require time and repetition in order to be registered by the subconscious mind.  Imagine if you were imprinting a new belief of I AM LOVABLE, but had spent most of your life believing that you were unlovable - the manifestations wouldn't come instantly, because you would be thinking thoughts which run contrary to your new ones.  This is why you have to work at imprinting your new thought or belief, rather like learning your multiplication tables at school.

What Kehoe suggests is joining the '100 day club.'  Set yourself a challenge of repeating a new thought 1000 times a day for 100 days, because this, he deems, is the magic amount of time needed for a belief to become subliminally registered.  After that time, it becomes self-maintaining.  1000 repetitions a day seems like a lot, but when you think about it, we each think about 100'000 thoughts a day, so a thousand isn't really that big a deal.  However, it is enough to make you think about what you are thinking about, and be aware of the new message you are giving yourself.

Frequent repetition enables your thought to sink into the subconscious mind, and the more you do it, the more you believe it, and the better you start feeling - and feeling good is what fuels the Law of Attraction.

So start with your new thought, a positive new suggestion which is the opposite to what you have been thinking and feeling.  But stick to that one.  Nothing is more powerful in the LOA than focused energy, but too many differing thoughts will just scatter your energies and be fairly ineffective.  Focused energy is like channeling sunlight through a magnifying glass.

Begin imprinting your new thought, 1000 times a day for 100 days, and if you do this earnestly, you will start seeing changes.  Things which correspond to your new thought will start entering your new life.  They may not be all that significant at the start, but they will be enough to draw your attention to the fact that a shift is happening in your thinking and creating.  This 'sit up and take notice moment' is what I call the GOLDEN POINT, or the TIPPING POINT.  It is the moment you tip the scales in your favour, sending out more positivity than negativity. 51% positivity, 49% negativity.  It is the moment your subconscience registers your new thought and begins turning it into reality.  This moment usually feels pretty good and encourages you to go on.  You are able to see what is coming in for you, and you are encouraged to carry on.  From then on, if you continue thinking your thoughts, you will get more and more of these things in increasingly significant amounts.  This is what I mean by increments.  

A lot of spiritual writers call them SYNCHRONICITIES, and these can be defined as 'meaningful coincidences.'  Something which is relevant to your new thought or goal then turns up in your world.  It seems pretty coincidental, but is in fact the work of the Universe orchestrating what you are after.  It may be a sign, a slogan which is relevant, a chance meeting, a phonecall, a book which tells you how, a conversation, a piece of guidance or the manifestation of something you need.

An important thing to remember is that when a plan, thought, goal or desire is firmly registered by your subconscience, it then attracts EVERYTHING IT NEEDS FOR ITS FULLEST MANIFESTATION (read 'The power of your Subconscious Mind' by Joseph Murphy).  You may be wondering how something can manifest, and there may not be any inclination in your world at the time, but the Universe takes care of the hows, you just take care of the thoughts.  For the first couple of days, nothing much will seem to change, but this is where you just keep on thinking your thoughts, knowing that a tipping point is coming - I find that it usually happens on the 3rd or 4th day.  Kehoe says something quite important about this for the first couple of days, DON'T WORRY ABOUT RESULTS, JUST DO.  If you go with that, you can allay doubts and feelings that you are wasting your time.  The things you need can come from out of the blue.  I have had the experience.

A couple of years ago, I had had quite a difficult and worrying year,where everything seemed to go wrong and everything was rather stagnant.  There seemed to be no hope or sign or any improvement coming, and it was getting towards Christmas and I was feeling quite down.  Then I remembered this imprint process.  What had I been thinking?  Things are just getting worse.  What did I need to think? Things are getting better.  I started imprinting the thought of I TRUST IN JOYFUL PROGRESS, and earnestly repeated it 1000 times a day.  For the first couple of days, nothing much happened, but it was the weekend so I wasn't at work worrying about things, I could just think without too many interruptions.  On the Monday though, I was at work and things seemed calmer and people more upbeat.  Then later on that day, my mobile buzzed for an incoming text, and it was a friend who I hadn't heard from for quite a while, and I had been feeling put out and ignored by this.  I had tried all sorts of things, but hadn't heard from her, so the fact that she had texted me out of the blue, represented 'progress' for me.  I decided that this was the GOLDEN POINT MOMENT because it had made me sit up and take notice, and carried on with my thoughts.

One by one, improvements and progress began manifesting in my life.  Friends came back onto the scene, an illness which my Dad had been suffering with, cleared up.  A blockage to my personal space was resolved, as was an argument between two male friends.  Then I was invited out to a Christmas get together, and by the end of that week, there was talk of improvements in the workplace.  New staff were being recruited, new funding had been secured, we were safe, and the thing which had caused the decline of the year (the fear of cutbacks and unemployment) was basically remedied there and then.

That was an example of something I wanted to happen.  Another thing could be creating a new feeling inside you.  Maybe you want to be happy, maybe you want to feel worthy, maybe you want to feel lovable, it all works in the same way.  Start thinking the thoughts, and keep at them, and things which will 'help' you to feel the new way will start happening.  Several years ago, I was feeling down and unloved, so I started thinking that I was indeed lovable.  After just two days, I was invited out on a 'lads night out' by a couple of male friends. and met a comely admirer.

You may also have a goal in mind you want to achieve, and I find that the best way to go about this is by GIVING THANKS FOR IT IN ADVANCE.  This is a great way to align yourself because GRATITUDE is a powerful and positive energy, combining trust, appreciation and worthiness.  Trust coming because you are thanking the Universe for it in advance, which tells the Universe that you are pretty confident of its manifestation.  I give thanks for my new job, new home, new kindred spirit, new income, new car, better relationship with my mother in law, whatever it may be.  Give thanks for it 1000 times a day for 100 days, and it will instigate a process whereby your goal or desire comes to you.

Something else you will find is that there will be times when other similar thoughts bubble up into your mind.  You may be imprinting a belief that you are lovable, and thoughts like I am worthy, I am gorgeous, I am wonderful, I am talented and so on also come to the surface.  Think these as well.  It doesn't take long to think a thought, and they all aid the process, just stay focused on your primary new thought.

A word of warning though, you have to keep it up, because COASTING ON YOUR PSYCHIC MOMENTUM will prove costly.  Keeping it going is the hardest thing, and I am in no means perfect at this.  I usually find that after about 3 weeks, doubts and anxieties will arise (hence why I posted a discussion yesterday about eliminating doubts) and you need to be aware of these, and deal with them when they arise.  You may feel that you are wasting your time, or somebody might tell you that it won't happen, and this is where you need to really keep at it.  Another thing is that you can become complacent: everything is going well, life is flowing, your desire is manifesting and you feel that you don't need to keep thinking your thoughts or doing your exercises any longer.  What will happen is that you stop giving out the energies which create the momentum in the first place, and the momentum throttles down.  Again, you need to keep at it.  Tick off your 100 days on a calendar, and keep yourself aware of what exactly you are doing.

I am now looking at creating the PERFECT OUTCOME to being made unemployed by the closure of my workplace last year, and this is the thought which I am using (I give thanks for the perfect outcome).  Challenge yourself.  What can you create in your life now?  Decide on something you want, and then affirm and love it into being, starting with focused new thoughts.  1000 times a day for 100 days, and watch the magic unfold.

As John Kehoe says, " opportunities arise when you open up your thoughts. "

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Dear Sir Sunshine your post is really good, one of the best i have read about how to use the law of atrraction.

As you have read on my thread my desire is to look 20s and be beautiful forever and not being call a Ma'am but a Miss. 

You say we Should not make long affirmattions,  so do you think something like: "i am beautiful and 20 forever" Will work ? Or should i add not to be call ma'am to stop this from happening ?

As well i want to know how to build the affirmattion? Whether to affirm something like: "i am beautiful and 20 forever ". Or affirm giving thanks like: "thanks for being beautiful and 20 forever"? 

As well how do i know if i have a light or médium strong vibration and doing the 1000 affirmattions a day Would be ok, or if i have a strong vibration and should do something else that is not affirmattions ?

In case my vibration is strong and need something else what should i do?

I hope you can help me, thanks so much. 

You say we Should not make long affirmattions,  so do you think something like: "i am beautiful and 20 forever" Will work ? Or should i add not to be call ma'am to stop this from happening ?

     I would say, try and steer your affirmation away from youth and age, because that will keep your focus on it and things you feel you lack.  Try and move it towards things which are ASSOCIATED with youth such as joy, beauty, energy and so on, then you will get the feeling of being young, but not the undue emphasis.  This feeling (along with the thoughts in your mind) will create a young vibration around you, which will draw in reactions from others.  

As well i want to know how to build the affirmattion? Whether to affirm something like: "i am beautiful and 20 forever ". Or affirm giving thanks like: "thanks for being beautiful and 20 forever"? 

     Firstly, being 20 forever may create the feeling in your body, but you might also create the existential reality of being 20 as well.  I don't know how old you are at the moment, but I'm guessing that you are over 20 by a few years (is that right?)  Would you want your reality to regress back to what it was like when you actually were 20?  (In my case, I certainly wouldn't because my life has moved on a lot since then).  This is why I suggest to work on thoughts which create the feeling and the vibration of being youthful (rather than an actual age-reality) at the age you are now.

     Affirm something like:  I AM VERY JOYFUL.  I LOVE LIFE.  I AM FULL OF THE JOYS OF LIFE (or something else which chimes with you) and then it will create a life and feeling point in you which will draw in such experiences.  You will feel radiant on the inside, and will look it on the outside, whatever age you are now.

As well how do i know if i have a light or médium strong vibration and doing the 1000 affirmattions a day Would be ok,

     You'll know by the way you feel and by what is happening in your reality.  At the start (taking being joyful as an example) you may just have vaguely joyful feelings, but the more you repeat the affirmation, the more it sinks in, and the more your deeper mind starts to recycle it as feelings and further thoughts.  Basically, the more joyful you will feel.  Reality will also move in the same way in terms of signs, omens and experiences.  A weakly joyful vibration will probably just draw in signs from the Universe.  A medium one will probably draw in some reasonably joyful experiences, along with some synchronicities (events which opens doors).  A strong vibration will draw in very joyful experiences, in which you feel amazing.

or if i have a strong vibration and should do something else that is not affirmattions ?

     Use affirmations to start with, mainly because mental commentary thoughts are the biggest part of LOA, and getting these right is very important.  1000 a day will help focus your mind upon what you want, and also help to shake loose further similar thoughts in your mind.  If you can keep going for 100 days, this seems to be the magic amount of time for a thought to become fully registered in your subconscience, as a belief, and create a self-maintaining reality. 

In case my vibration is strong and need something else what should i do?

     Appreciate yourself as you are now.  Make a list of your positive qualities and things which you have going for you now.  Keep on reading this list over each day, and paying attention to all of the things you have written on it.  In doing this, you find that your positive qualities sink in subliminally, and are also sent out to the Universe as affirmations of their own.  These too have creative power which attract people and realities of similar kind.

Thanks Sir Sunshine,  you are a star! I will follow your guideness.  I will turn 27 on few weeks.

I saw your other thread about becoming a hottie and i like it very much,  i will use: i am gorgeous.

You said we Should use gratitude as well, how should i use gratitude in this case? After saying the 1000 affirmattions should i say: thanks universe. 

Or should i think the universe after each affirmattion?

Just have a gratitude session once during the day, in which you give thanks for the realities you are creating, and also for the good things in your life.

Thanks so much, i will do so :)

Some examples of mind power producing momentum and results.

*. 11 years ago, there had been a few weeks over Nivember, when life wasn't too good at all and nor was my mindset. This culminated in a very poor experience at a Christmas party which I was wanting to be great. I wanted to put things right, so I started using self esteem affirmations to get my vibration up. Within a day or two I had been invited out to a boys night out on the Saturday before Christmas. I carried on with my affirmations, got myself right into alignment, felt amazing, and attracted a red-haired admirer from out of the blue.

*. That experience wasn't lost on me, because another work do had arisen a few months later, and I was wondering if the same thing would work again. I worked on my self esteem, got my vibration right up, and on the night in question, attracted a pretty blatant brunette admirer, who was even saying back to me, some of the things I had been affirming. From start to finish, this took about 2 weeks.

*. Over the summer of 2011, my workplace suddenly closed down giving us 5 months notice. A few things were on the horizon one week, which were of concern to me, so I decided to affirm PEACE, in order to help things go smoothly. After a week of doing so, all of the things had passed by without any hassle at all, and I had also attracted circumstances which were 'peaceful' to me. Serene fun at work, people getting on with each other, unseasonably good weather, time and space to myself, and a fun day out.

*. 2 years later though, I was still out of work, and found myself over a barrel with a job vacancy which was highly unsuitable for me (long story short, getting there each night would have involved the significant risk of death by road accident). I asked the Universe for help, chose to believe that GOD IS LOOKING AFTER ME, started attracting signs about this very thing, and then a job came from out of the blue. Start to finish, about 2 weeks worth of momentum.

*. In this job (in a department store) staff had to open credit card accounts for customers alongside other things, and were measured by this in some way. There had come a time when I had hit a wall, and hadn't had an application in a few months. My line manager was getting stressed and other managers were giving me grief, so I took a couple of days to thank the Universe in advance for a customer who actively wanted a card. It then arrived after about 2 days momentum. I used this 'trick' on a few other occasions, and the card application always came.

*. Then earlier on this year, the job in question ended when the company went out of business. I needed a new job, but as late as 3 weeks before store closure, I still didn't have one, and nothing was going for me. It was getting worrying, but I then chose to believe that GOD IS TAKING CARE OF ME, and synchronicities started arising. Within 5 days of using this thought, I had a new job right next door, and all sorts of things had been taken care of.

*. In this job, the line manager was trying to push me into working Sundays and other shifts, which I didn't want to do, so I asked the Universe to take care of it all. Within a few days, things had been taken care of for the following couple of weeks and it was pressure off.

LOA certainly works when you practice it every day.
yes, it is alla about creating momentum!

Dear Sir shunshine , sorry to bother you again.

My bestie wants to use your method,  but she wants to say a long affirmattion, which is the longest an affirmattion can be while still being effevtive? 

No longer than around 10 syllables. 

Thanks :)

Fair enough everyone is different.  But this is a way which has worked well for me. 

A lot is spoken about the need to feel good, and whereas this is very important in LOA, there can be too much emphasis placed on it, without explanation on how to get there.  How to actually feel good.  How do you get from the feeling point of where you are, to the one of where you want to be?  Focused thoughts can help with this.  

Trying too hard to feel good because someone says you should, can be like straining at your chin to make a beard grow out of it.  What you need to do is to use your focused thoughts to ease you into the feeling point.  Say you are using a power thought of I AM AT PEACE.  At the start, you may not feel too peaceful, and you may even think that affirmations don't work; but if you persist, then you will start to attract synchronicities (peaceful things in your life) and things which will actually 'help' you to feel peaceful.  

At the same time, your body and mind will actually start to feel more peaceful as well.  Start with the thought and just fake it for a couple of days, and then the feelings will begin to be created.


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