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Something a bit different to posts about reunions with the ex, or lottery wins; because there is a marvellous jamboree of sport and self-expression about to kick off in Brazil. There has been a similar post in the 'off-topic' forum, about the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, but it wasn't getting that much activity, so I thought I would create one and put it here in the main forum for all to view and hopefully comment on.  Football (soccer) is one of my great interests, and I have always been intrigued in the part that LOA and mind power play in the outcomes of competitions.  Using examples from previous World Cups and European Championships, I have come up with a number of deductions: see what you think.

* The bottom line is that the country who wins a World Cup or Euro championship, is the one who is MOST MENTALLY FOCUSED ON WINNING.  Not necessarily the one with the most skill but the one whose thoughts are most geared towards a winning outcome for themselves.  From such a mental focus, fortuitous events and inspired actions will spring forth, and the path will open up for the fulfillment of their goal, just as they will do for any of us if we are consistent in affirming and visualising.  Defensive lapses, lucky penalties, or misfiring opposition forward lines may look like good fortune on the surface, but really they are synchronicities matching up to a team's dominant mental attention.
     It's true that skillful teams will possess a lot of self-belief (and for that reason, they usually run out winners) but they can also make a hash of their aims if they are not properly concentrating, or if they come up against a team whose self-belief is even greater.  For example, France and Argentina were the overwhelming favourites for the 2002 World Cup, yet they crashed out in the group stage, due to complacency.

* The idea of teams having a DEFINED GOAL and vision in mind, is becoming increasingly important in their success, because it is ultimately what they expect to attract.  So many teams fall by the wayside because they either lack of definite goal or lack one which isn't equal to their ability, and when this occurs, the result is under achievement.  A well-defined goal can become a source of purpose for a collective group, a raison-d'etre for a month of their lives, and they can become fired up by a sense of destiny once the synchronicities begin to unfold for them.  The more the management team imprint it upon the minds of their players, the more they will register it subconsciously, and their psychic energies and momenta will only drop once the goal has been achieved.  A very talented group of players should require a goal of ultimate trophy win, or at least something which transcends their previous achievements.
     But there have been many examples of teams who have exited competitions early, even though they have had the ability to go much further, and this could be down to having a goal which isn't sufficiently 'big thinking.'  A lot of middle-range teams have goals to just qualify from the group stage, and once this becomes imprinted and achieved, the minds of the players will register GAME OVER, and then the accrued momentum cuts out.
     Scandinavian teams are particular culprits of this, and have exited no fewer than 9 tournaments in the past 40 years, at the first knock-out stage after the group phase, even though they have often had the talent to progress further.  It doesn't matter if the opposition is great or mediocre; and it can be anything from a 5-1 thrashing by Spain (Denmark in 1986) to an unlucky loss on penalties (Sweden in 2004) the end result is that Scandinavian teams usually exit the competition once qualified from the group stage, because they don't aim to do anything better.
     It isn't always them though, for Belgium have exited 3 of their last 4 World Cups at the last 16 stage (though I think they will go a lot further this year IF they are focused on doing so) but Mexico seem to be the worst coasters of all, going out at the last 16 stage of the last 5, despite having some very talented players.
     And then there are the teams whose aim is to GET TO THE FINAL, and when I hear these actual words, I almost want to throttle them.  If your aim is to just GET TO the final, then that is what you will do, and then once there, you will lose because your momentum and synchronicities will have stopped.  (The subconscience and the Universe take things very literally).  Your aim should always be to WIN the final, and then you are setting up the LOA to help you do just that.  Okay, things might not turn out that way (your opponents could be a superhuman winning machine like the 1970 Brazil side) but you can certainly help your case if you are absolutely clear on what you intend.
     At the 2003 Rugby World Cup, hosts Australia performed a victory lap after their semi final win over New Zealand, as if merely reaching the final was their aim.  England by contrast, trudged off after their semi final with France, with the air of a job not yet done, and a team who wouldn't be satisfied until they were running round Sydney with winners' medals around their necks.  Guess which team won the Final?

* METAPHYSICAL MOMENTUM can build during a tournament, and the main reason for this is self-confidence; a burgeoning belief that this is your time.  It is usually the case that the winning team will start slowly, and then come to the boil in the final, rather than starting at a furious pace and conking out prematurely.
     Italy started the 1982 tournament with three turgid draws in the group stage, yet came alive in the knock-out rounds because they were inspired by the re-discovered goal scoring of their main striker Paolo Rossi.

* Conversely, metaphysical momentum can also be LOST if something happens to create a resistant force in the mindset of a team.  Something like an injury or suspension to a key player can create doubt, and laurel resting can lead to coasting and a drop in intensity.
     Brazil for instance, were cruising in their 2010 quarter final with Holland in Port Elizabeth, and were 1-0 up at half time.  But then slackness set in during the second half, allowing the Dutch to get a foothold.  What followed was an own-goal, a red card, and an eventual 2-1 defeat.

* MASS CONSCIOUSNESS also plays a part, and I have touched upon this in my post on the subject of 7 months ago.  I would suggest that the country which wins, is also the country which is most IN THE FLOW.  The 'vortex nation' of the particular time, in which the positivity and good feeling of its populace, are reflected in the performances of its sporting stars.  

     In the late 1950's, Brazil was riding a wave of prosperity and development under the aegis of President Juscelino Kubitschek, and their 'reward' for this was to win the 1958 World Cup in Sweden.  Similarly, whilst England was basking in the dynamism of the 'Swinging Sixties' we won the 1966 tournament on home soil; and Germany's victory in 1990 was probably a result of the post-Wende good feeling in the country at the time.
     Brazil is very much the vortex country at the moment, with so many marquee events happening over the middle of this decade, and because of this, they are my tip to win.  When a country is in the vortex, amazing things happen.

* As always, there are EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE, and in this case it is that of Spain: over the past 6 years, they have had the most successful national football team there has probably ever been (1 World and 2 European crowns) yet their economy has recessed at the rate of knots.  So why the success?  This golden era for Spanish football certainly doesn't align with the country's general vibrations of scarcity and failure.
     Maybe there is another vibration at play here; that of sport or football as a means of escape: a way of switching off from the gloomy realities of slower-flowing everyday life and economic recession.  In this vibration, there is relief rather than anger and frustration, and the national team may reflect it instead.  

     It is in this same way that an East African athlete can land Olympic gold in distance running, even though early life circumstances of war and poverty aren't really aligned with medal-winning success. They use it as their escape, and the feeling-point around it is very different to what they normally experience.

* PRESSURE can also affect different teams in different ways.  Certain teams play with fear in certain situations (such as England and penalty shoot-outs) whereas others don't (Germany and penalty shoot-outs).  Certain teams can buckle under the pressure of being hosts (such as Spain in 1982) whereas others actively thrive on it (such as New Zealand as hosts of the 2011 Rugby World Cup).  Certain teams wilt under the expectation of being favourites to win (Holland at the 1990 World Cup) whereas others like France at the 1984 European Championship, embrace it wholeheartedly and win in flamboyant fashion.

* And then, we come to the notion of the SURPRISE PACKAGE: the lesser team which does causes shocks, and does really well in a tournament, although nobody gives them a chance.  Pressure plays it part in this phenomenon as well.  A favourite can feel the weight of expectation hanging heavily on them, and play with a fear of failure as if their feet are stuck in bags of cement (not necessarily because they are prima donnas who don't care about playing for their country, or who are paid 'too much' money).  But an underdog can do really well because that same burden of expectation isn't there, and they can relax and play more freely.
     Impressive examples of this are Cameroon (who defeated holders Argentina in 1990) Croatia in 1998 (who beat seeded teams of Romania, Germany and Holland) and the biggest one of the lot, Greece, who won the 2004 European Championship, on the back of having less resistance upon them, and the big-headedness of the big teams they beat, who underestimated them.

* Similarly, there is often a 'big' nation who OVERACHIEVES, because nobody really expects them to do that much.  They will travel to tournaments under the radar of world opinion, and surrounded by an uninhibited vibration of relief which allows them to play with reduced fear of failure.  With this feeling-point they will either attract a favourable draw and winable games (such as England in 1990 or Germany in 2002) or, like France in 2006, come up against misfiring favourites who have taken beating them for granted.  The bottom line here being that there isn't as much resistance around them.

* Pressure can also affect the minds of INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS, especially if they are high profile.  Going into the 2006 World Cup, England's Wayne Rooney may well have felt the burden of being England's great white hope player, and imploded along with the rest of the team.
     Alan Shearer though, proved himself to be one of England's greatest ever goalscorers, but in the run-up to the 1996 European Championship, he couldn't hit a cow's arse, and had gone 12 games without a goal.  However, he was nothing if not strong-minded during his career, and knew that if he just kept on going and believing in himself, the goals would come.  The barrier-breaker arrived in the 23rd minute of the opening game against Switzerland, when he found the net with a thumping volley, and from then on, the pressure was off and the goals flowed.
     I just hope now that Brazil's poster boy Neymar, hits the ground running in similar fashion and is allowed to have a great tournament over the coming month.

So the opening game isnow very close, and the notion that is going around the football world is that since Brazil are the hosts (with their joy of life and flair for the beautiful) this contest is going to be something special.  And knowing how mass consciousness can draw the very thing into reality, I have been encouraging as many fans as possible to buy into that idea.

Let the games begin.

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Hi Sir Neil,

Thank you very much for your detailed comments.

I never looked at things this way, that if there was an individual very good at something, mastered something in another life then they would come back as highly skilled in this lifetime and prodigies are old souls and how you explained how can this be.

You hit the nail about If it was meant to be.

Leicester City had the momentum and was feeling good, maybe not even expecting anything and they won the miraculous feat in 2016. Albeit a few teams like Chelsea mis-firing where they perhaps got over complacent. 

M'Bappe is something very special and has achieved perhaps everything before 20!

Maybe, but i think he has much more to offer. Pele won the World Cup at the age of 17 and then won two more. M’Bappe has one to his name and this France team have time on their side.  In theory, he could win another. He is also playing in Europe with top league titles and the Champions League on offer, so I think he has more to aim for. Much more. I think he needs to leave PSG to do so though as the French league is too easy for a player of his ability.  I don’t think he will be lacking in motivation though as old souls tend to have a maturity and focus which younger ones don’t. 

Sir Neil,

Absolutely, France is a young team, M'bappe Is still a very young player and theoretically he could win another world cup as well as a European championship.

Yes I agree, I too think he should leave PSG and go perhaps for an English premier league team or even Seria A, maybe even Spain where his talent can flourish and be fulfilled.

Sure enough he has plenty of motivation, focus, desire and ambition!

That move will come in time, but for the moment, staying in France whilst he learns his craft is probably best for him.  Even though the French league isn't that good, there are some great players at PSG he can learn from.  It will be very interesting to see how his career pans out.  Assuming everyone qualifies, France will go into Euro 2020 as favourites, though I'm hoping that England can shock them and win the whole thing.  We are developing very good technical players now, but we need the belief.  The manager uses a sports psychologist to work with the players on just that though. 

The move will come in time.

He has Neymar at his realm to learn from and continue to work on his craft.

Same thing I'm very interested in how his career pans out.

France will be favourites as they have many very good players at their disposable and they are the world champions. Germany and Spain are also very good teams with new young players coming in.

England took a young, new team to the world cup and inexperience cost them progressing to the world cup final, at 69 minutes they were 1-0. England are on the way up.

Yes, great players have great players around them too. One criticism from rival fans (which all players get) is that they only win everything because they are in a team of great players, but to me that sounds like stating the bleedin' obvious: you don't get into a team of great players if you aren't good enough yourself. You don't play in a winning team if you're not of that standard.

M'Bappe could have a great career, but there is one HUGE if hanging over him: if he stays fit.  Players with pace like that tend to rupture their knee ligaments and burn out, like Michael Owen and Brazilian Ronaldo in the late 90's. If M'Bappe was here now I would say to him to really make sure he looks after his body, and to keep his mind focused on having a long and great career, as that will then pre-pave everything else.

As for teams on the up, France are peaking now and I would say England and Holland are on the way up.  Yes, we didn't really know what to do once Croatia came back at us, but I think we have learned from it and improved since then.  Our game management has definitely got better, and I think last year's World Cup was the first stage in a journey for us, rather than the peak.  The first stage of a journey which could lead to England actually winning international honours.  

Should we qualify for Euro 2020, then other teams will go in as favourites: we have to take care of our belief and sports psychology, so that we can really believe that we can beat the best and last the pace.  This has been a major problem for England at tournaments (since 1966, we have only knocked out one major nation in knock out games, and we were lucky to do that).  If we do go into a tournament with a clear belief and mental focus, then we will develop the killer touch required. I'm always enthused when I hear of a sports psychologist being involved with our squad.

I have just thought of an example of LOA which is World Cup related.  Italian midfielder Marco Tardelli scored a goal in the 1982 World Cup final (en route to winning) and wheeled off in a crazily joyful goal celebration. When asked about this, he said that he had visualised scoring in a World Cup final for many years, and then it manifested (not an everyday occurrence at all). He visualised it often, and it happened.  I'm sure there are many other examples like this too.


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