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I've been wondering something for a while- it may be a stupid question to some, but I'm genuinely "concerned":

SHORT VERSION: in bringing about specifics, does it really matter if I use my desires to feel good, or if I use something else to feel good- as long as I just feel good, what I want will come regardless of whether I'm thinking of it or not? Is being happy genuinely enough? Do different desires have different vibrations?

When it comes to learning about the LOA, in my experience I've come across information that's just confused me. I've been listening to abraham hicks for almost a year now, and I've been confused about a few things. I've heard abraham say that if you have too much resistance on a subject, give it a rest for a few days or weeks or however long you need to abandon the subject for, and then come back to it at a more general place so you're less resistant.

Then I heard abe say that you can decide you want something, and then never think about it again because it's law that it has to grow into something bigger regardless of your attention to it (which they also said it's unlikely that you won't think about it again because it's now active, and I agree with that), but then there are many others who say that you have to think about having it on a regular basis if you are to have it, but if it's someone like me who has a lot of resistance on almost every topic of my life, I can't think about my desires without feeling negative emotion. Not only that, but things I've decided I've wanted and have never thought about again, never came to fruition so I don't know whether or not I'm screwed because I can't think about what I want without feeling lack.

Also, by thinking about it on a constant basis, it makes it harder to let go of and trust, especially if you're in a negative place. In other words, it's easy to obsess over it and add resistance. Then, I've heard "You have to feel good about those subjects in order for them to manifest" which sounds contrary to "you can decide you want it, and then never think about it again." And then there's the "Get Happy". Get generally happy about life- use any excuse to be happy, and then everything you want will manifest, even things that are off the subject of the thing you used to perpetuate your happiness. 

The head-scratcher for me though is, does getting generally happy bring about specifics, especially about things you've wanted for a very long time that have really great energy summoning power? Because let's say for example, I wanted to change my appearance- but I also wanted a new car, and both these things are very active in my mind. Those things are technically different vibrations in terms of make up, but are they all just grouped under "Happy" in vibrational reality because having them will add to your happiness? The only reason I feel this is a stupid question is because whenever I feel good and think about the presence of what I want, no matter what it is, it all feels the same. It all feels like "happy" and "movement" and "things working out", but I have to be feeling really really good in order to think about what I want, and I can't hold myself there in that "Happy" for long. I don't want to constantly have to think about things I don't feel good about- I don't want to have to change so many thoughts on so many subjects when I've never really been successful with switching to better thoughts. It creates a really big tug of war within me no matter how easy I start.


Also, I realized that after being apart from your manifestations for so long, too much doubt sinks in and desire becomes a chore and rather emotionally painful, so much so that I don't allow myself to want anymore because it feels very long and I'm not really sure how to go about getting around that.

I probably answered my own question, but I wanna know what you all think, especially those who have been successful in manifesting the things that they want, and continue to be successful.

Also, before anyone tells me that I'm too focused on manifestations and going about it the wrong way, I do genuinely want to be happy with our without my manifestations, I'm just curious about all of this and I want to understand what I've been trying to understand so that I have more trust in the process.

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Thank you for that great reply!

As for fear, it's not so much that I care about what will happen if it manifests- what I think about when I think of my desires, I think of the fact that they feel unreachable because I've been trying for nearly a year to get myself in the vibrational vicinity of everything I want, which has caused me to have major doubt and anxiety about the law of attraction.

I did say that when I'm in a good place and I feel for my desires, the vibrations of each on feel relatively the same. It all just feels "good". The feelings don't feel all that different from each other. Obviously you can use more specific words to describe that, but is there really a difference? Because Happy is pretty general too. Happy can feel like financial security- happy can feel like confidence, happy can feel like love- so that's why I'm confused. 

Why do they feel unreachable? Dive down deep into that idea and see what root feeling, or belief you have there. Your doubt and anxiety are the fear saying "what if this doesn't work?" "What if", when brought on by fear, never works. Again, that makes it all about what may happen, not what is happening.

Yes, each desire has a general feel good vibration, but when you go beyond that, you'll see that they also have their own individual vibration. The difference is real, and can be your guide as to exactly how much you are allowing one over another. That said, once you've moved beyond any fear/resistance to having anything, then the mere decision and allowing will bring to you whatever you want. 

And yes, you can feel happy about all these things, but if you look closer, you'll see that what you're really feeling is relief. That is what everyone is always looking for, no matter what they think they're wanting. By being happy, you are giving yourself some relief in that moment. As Abraham says, if you're allowing yourself to feel good no matter what is going on around you, then the relief is abundant, and you don't need the "stuff" to feel the relief. The wonderful part is, the more you feel that relief, the faster you allow yourself to receive. =)

I would say different desires have different frequencies. The frequency our subconscious mind matches determines the reality we experience. When we vastly raise our own vibrational state, we alter the state of our consciousness, which opens us to other experiences and possibilities.

Meditation and activities you ardently enjoy help you raise your vibrational state. Perhaps it does work for some, but I would not recommend using your desire to feel good; often when we think of our desires, while we aren't feeling good, we focus on the lack -- and that would likely not help you feel better.

Besides, the high vibrational state, which helps shift your reality, is beyond surface-level happiness. I want to clear that up right now, because there are misconceptions regarding high vibrations and manifestations. The high vibrational state I am speaking of is a feeling of peace, ease and neutrality. In this state, you are content with everything, you feel connected to everything, and you truly realize your ability to shift to whichever reality you want to.

Anyway, you brought up the difficulty of letting go and trusting. I think that happens with everyone, because we can't process the idea of mentally acquiring something 'impossible' or only obtainable physically. The reason things seem hard to manifest is because we need to reverse years of beliefs, many of which tell us that connecting with our desired realities mentally is crazy talk.

For example, you said you want a car and a change in your physical appearance. Sure, receiving a car seems like a relatively normal thing to lots of people. However, the ideas of receiving a car/an opportunity for one unexpectedly or waking up with one in your driveway would be brushed aside immediately. A change in your physical appearance likely wouldn't be much different.

Luckily, we can change our beliefs, thus making our desires easier to acquire.

I'm sorry if my answer seems confusing. To sum it up, there are basically two ways I described to align with a desired reality:

1) Reaching a state of tranquility, in which you feel the unity with everything in your universe. You are serene, you understand your ability to match with the reality you like, and you are detached from your current experience.

2) Working on your beliefs. You examine your current beliefs, and adjust them accordingly. By working on your beliefs, you manifest more gradually, but some people like it -- because you change your whole belief system. Plus you get to witness all the changes in your life.

In the meanwhile -- even while you do all of this -- it is important to focus on your life, without the manifestations. You said you want to be happy without them, and I'm glad to hear you say that. It's very wise of you, for many would say they want to receive their desires first, even though enjoying life as it is, is valuable. Try meditating, exercising (jog/run in nature, join a gym, roller-skate, go swimming when the weather improves), take up some hobbies (painting, drawing, photography, writing, scrapbooking, DIYs), and keep a diary to write down everything you're feeling. It's a good way to take off the burden of a day. If you don't want to come across it later, don't write it in a diary; write it on a piece of rough paper and throw it in a recycling bin. Also, try spending time with your loved ones and people you like, so you're not surrounded by your thoughts.

All desires and underpinned, and attracted by feeling good.  Any desire, boils down to the good feelings it will bring you, so when you are feeling good, you are on the same alignment as it.  The Universe doesn't mind if you are using the thought of your desire to feel good, or anything else to feel good.  It just works with the energies you are putting out, and brings you things which match them.  The Universe knows what will make you happy, because the intelligence of the Universe has given you the desire in the first place.  What you have to do is create the energy vibration for it to match.  


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