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Hello everyone :) 

I am in need of a little guidance. I have been trying to follow the LOA for many many years. The first year i started i had great success and everything on my list happened within the space of a year- i met the love of my life, we got engaged, we moved in together into our own place, i got my dream car and also landed my dream job. Pretty awesome. 

Over the last 2 years, still trying to apply the LOA into my life, i need some help as to what i might be doing wrong as things keep taking an unexpected turn. My husband has lost his job 3 times in the space of a year and a half, meaning we've had to move 3 times, our debt is increasing and we always seem to now have financial struggles. Every day leading up to these 3 major events- one which we are going through right now, i have followed the rules of being so thankful everyday for everything in my life. Appreciating all that we have. Asking and focusing on what i want. 

As soon as a negative event occurs in my life i feel i am then forcing myself to follow the rules of LOA rather than really feeling it, and then over the weeks i take a downwards spiral, and hit a low and say the LOA doesn't work, and become this pathetic self pitying person that i don't want to be, and question- why is this happening to me, again? 

In a really worrying time of my husband being out of work again and not knowing how we are going to pay the bills and Christmas coming up, I'm looking for words of encouragement to turn this around, some guidance, and how to feel focus on the good when i just don't feel good at all. I don't want to pretend to feel good. 

Thank you in advance :) 

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Maybe it's not from your side and you are just being a victim to all the things and circumstances you don't really deserve.

Hope you overcome it soon, have a great life ahead, good luck.

Thank you :) i did always wonder how LOA worked in a relationship when you cant control the circumstances/situations of the other person, but it still affects you. 

Absolutely, since you being on the same boat.

Also you did mentioned that you were doing great with LoA, almost like a master manifestor, when you were operating and dealing with it all alone, and that explains it all quite nicely.

So now the very task at your hand is to not to blame yourself anymore and to identify the actual cause/reason/culprit behind all the negative experiences that you are currently experiencing in your life for no valid reason, it's just as simple as that, good luck.

thanks so much!


Hi Ruth! When i feel that way Abraham Hicks' videos about money or abundance in general help me so so much. Here is d last one i watched:


Many blessings & a hug*****

thank you so much :) i will watch this now. 

ive cried it out for about a week. Time to get back on track!!!! 

:D :))))))

“I have followed the rules of being so thankful everyday . . .”

It’s not a rule. It’s not a requirement. You do it because it feels good and helps you release resistance. If it doesn’t feel good sometimes, then don’t appreciate because you’re forcing it instead of feeling it. Meditation every morning for fifteen to twenty minutes can help release resistance and make it easier to get into alignment.

“. . . forcing myself to follow the rules of LOA . . .”

Forcing is not allowing. If it feels like effort, you’re offering resistance to what you want. If it feels like ease and satisfaction, you’re allowing what you want.

“. . . how to feel focus on the good when I just don't feel good at all.”

You can’t feel good. But you can feel better. You can focus on feeling relief. For example, if you feel depressed or powerless, you want to focus on feeling anger and blame. Anger feels better and more empowering than the feeling of powerlessness. Then after you feel angry, not taking action from that place, just thinking thoughts that piss you off to get the energy moving, you have access to other thoughts that feel lighter and softer and is easier for you to relax and breathe yourself back into alignment.



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