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Hello everyone :) 

I am in need of a little guidance. I have been trying to follow the LOA for many many years. The first year i started i had great success and everything on my list happened within the space of a year- i met the love of my life, we got engaged, we moved in together into our own place, i got my dream car and also landed my dream job. Pretty awesome. 

Over the last 2 years, still trying to apply the LOA into my life, i need some help as to what i might be doing wrong as things keep taking an unexpected turn. My husband has lost his job 3 times in the space of a year and a half, meaning we've had to move 3 times, our debt is increasing and we always seem to now have financial struggles. Every day leading up to these 3 major events- one which we are going through right now, i have followed the rules of being so thankful everyday for everything in my life. Appreciating all that we have. Asking and focusing on what i want. 

As soon as a negative event occurs in my life i feel i am then forcing myself to follow the rules of LOA rather than really feeling it, and then over the weeks i take a downwards spiral, and hit a low and say the LOA doesn't work, and become this pathetic self pitying person that i don't want to be, and question- why is this happening to me, again? 

In a really worrying time of my husband being out of work again and not knowing how we are going to pay the bills and Christmas coming up, I'm looking for words of encouragement to turn this around, some guidance, and how to feel focus on the good when i just don't feel good at all. I don't want to pretend to feel good. 

Thank you in advance :) 

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thanks for this Brian. I always think meditation is something i should spend more time doing. It can be quite difficult to do in the morning with a 2 year old running round. But i shall definitely find a moment to help me get into alignment. 

You're right- anger is the easiest emotion to give into. it does feel empowering. But then my anger ends up turning into sadness, and self pitying. And I'm even starting to have pain in my chest. i need to resist this. Relaxation and breathing and mediation is going to be key. 

Thank you.

“I need to resist this.”

That’s the problem. You are resisting it, which is why you feel negative emotion and physical manifestations of your resistance to it. You want to allow it. Allowing, accepting and making peace with where you are, being nicer to yourself, being less willing to judge yourself, less interested in being disrespectful to yourself, giving yourself the benefit of the doubt and being more self-compassionate and understanding allows you to release resistance and feel relief.

thanks Brian. youve opened my eyes!!

Abraham said in a workshop when someone said something similar about meditating, that it was only to be done if it felt good.  If it didn't then it would take them off track.  The advice was to do it to feel good only, and quieten the mind.  If people found that they sat and watched their breathing and their minds were full and talking consistently and distracting them, Abraham's advice was to do something else entirely different. 

Anger isn't actually the "easiest" emotion to give into - but its one that is all too prevailant in this society and one that w are often led to believe is a good choice.  It can be used as an agent to change in a good way, but the real difficulty is that most of us suppress it and lock it into our bodies and that starts off a chain of events. 

Pain isn't actually to be resisted, its an indicator or message from our body that something is out of context or alignment with us.  It can actually be a good thing too.  Rather than trying to resist it, acknowledge and appreciate it for giving you valuable feedback and then take action.


Risultati immagini per abraham open forum

Do not “try” but do or be instead. “Try” is one of those words that always sets us up for failure and is half hearted attempt. Its a word you want to eliminate from your vocabularly as it really isn’t a help at all in creating your life.
Now the idea or concept of “right/wrong” is a human one and doesn’t really exist in nature. So the thing here is to look at what you are labelling as “wrong” and see if they are in fact valuable opportunities for you to practice what you have been doing successfully. Now you say “why is this happening to me again” and in that it’s a disempowering way of looking at things. What if its happening for you to overcome and surpass it even better than you did previously? What if now you have more tools to use to get out of it quicker and easier than before? These are just different ways of observing the same situation.
Now when you don’t feel good, rather than trying to change, what about looking for positive aspects to amplify yourself instead. Rather than affirming the lack or what you do not have, look for the blessings instead and recognise that you are a change in progress too. In the beginning, it will feel strange, but the more you do it the more second nature it becomes. Its interesting that in sometimes “pretending” it has the domino effect of creating.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write a reply to me. 

This week i started back up my journal of gratitude. Every day i am living for that day and i have been feeling really happy and grateful for where i am at this very moment. 

The knots in my stomach have gone away, and i have a feeling of happiness and excitement. 

My husband doesn't seem to be any closer to finding a new job, but i know i am on the right path and in a good place and my gratitude journal is really helping me every day to just love and appreciate everything i have right now today. And looking back at past experiences where it may seem things are going wrong, it has always lead to somewhere much better. And i am positive we are heading somewhere good again! 

Hey Ruth, you sound so on track.

No doubt there is no lack of ungrateful people in this world.

Be grateful and stay blessed and have a great life ahead.

Good luck.

thanks Jonathan :) you too!!


Anyhow people without you are ruthless. xD

hah i love that :D


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