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Hello Everyone! How are you all? Hope you are having a great time creating the life just like you wanted :D. I am here to share my story and I am really so excited to share with you all. LOA is SO AMAZING and the way it works is simply MIND BLOWING!!!

Ok so here is my story. I am from Nepal and I just completed my Masters in Psychology. Coming from a little conservative country, here it is believed that you should get married on time at the right age. So if you already have someone in your life it's fine, or your family starts to look for a guy for you. So as my course was coming to end I was getting really worried cos I could feel the marriage pressures coming my way. And I have been a kind of girl who have always waited for the right person all my life. I had this "certain" traits that my guy should posses and how my dream man should actually be. And I wud wonder if I would find anyone like that. And as marriage is a big thing, you have to choose the person very carefully with whom you have decided to spend your life with. I would be much much happier if the person was just like me. And as LOA always says, the like is drawn onto you, I was being more hopeful in finding him. And guess what? I DID! LOA brought him to me and it's my parents who chose him for me. He is EXACTLY the type of guy whom I have always wanted! FEELS SO BLESSED!!

Now with this, LOA also attracted something I never wanted! Like LOA is, it attracts anything you put your focus/attention on for a long time no matter you want it or not. I am someone who like staying in my own country no matter how it is. We may have little facilities here and is less developed but I love being in my country with my family.. I love the lively environment.. weather is amazing here.. and the sense of freedom your country gives you! So I always used to say I don't want to marry a guy who stays abroad. I loved travelling abroad but preferred staying in my own country. And of all the countries US is the last country I would chose as it is just too far from my country! LOL. Takes a whole 2 days to travel! So I always said, I won't marry a guy who stays abroad, and on top US, not at all! And as I ALWAYS said this, LOA just gave me that! Haha. LOA did bring my perfect soulmate to me but also brought along what I didn't want. This guy is a US citizen, a green card holder :O. He lives in Boston! So yes, LOA is sending me to US now! Haha.

I am really a family person and I always wanted to be in my country with my family around. Now after marriage I will have to move with him to the US. But the good thing is he too has his family there :). Though I have time for marriage, will be getting married in 6-7 months :).

I am a psychology student and I wanted to open something related to it in my country and help the people. And after knowing about LOA, I want to merge my psychology knowledge and LOA wisdom and help people in their well being and live a happy life! I would love to Help people discover themselves and help them lead a happy life. This will give me tremendous happiness. So when I move to Boston, I am hoping to get into this field in my work life. Is anyone here who could help me to get into such job/work. I am ready to indulge in any online jobs/research too from now only if there is any :D. So if anyone is from Boston here, can you please help me get into my ideal job. Or can you offer me one? :P.

As LOA always wants us to feel, I feel extremely Loved, Blessed and Worthy! :D. I am taking everything positively!! I am sure Boston is waiting for me with lots of great stuffs! It's gonna be AWESOME! :D

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Hi! I currently live in Connecticut but am planning to move to the Boston area by September! It is AN AWESOME PLACE! My son is going Tom college near there and my daughter lives outside of Boston and my other son lived in Boston the past two years and moved hom after a break up but is moving back once he finds a place. Boston has incredible energy! You will love it! I wish you wonderful luck with your transition.

That being said, I find it hard to swallow the idea of your parents choosing your mate but that's my issue not yours :)

Hehe no worries I can understand, it's the cultural difference. Well its not like if your parents chose you have to get married to that guy. We get to talk to the guy and get to know him more. And only if we like him or think you can spend your life with him, then we proceed ahead. Love marriage is very common is Nepal too but as I told you I always had this trust issue in guys and I was waiting for my IDEAL one! And by the grace of God, I did find him too :D. When my parents told me there is this guy if you wud want to talk to, I was a little hesitant at first. My parents knows his family too and our family is quite close. But as he was abroad I had never seen him. All this marriage talks happened when he was here in town during his holiday. So I got to see him too so I was like ok let's give it a try. So we started talking and surprisingly I clicked to him at once! He was just like me and as we got to know each other more, I realized we shared so much things in common and most importantly I realised he had all the qualities which I always wished for in a guy! LOA just brought him to me :D. I feel SO BLESSED and HAPPY! :D.

Thank you so much for your best wishes :). Let me know about the city more once you move in. Once I get there I want to get into a wonderful working environment, would be more nice if I could apply my psychology knowledge in it! So thought of sharing it with all of you to know more about it and gain opportunities. Afterall LOA has brought us all together! :D

Thank you for your kind reply! Best wishes to you too :)

Oh haha here is my response! Lol! I will be in touch if I end up near Boston in September :) GOOD LUCK and I'm so happy for you and your new mate!


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