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Just wanted to ask regarding a thought I just had. I think I’m overthinking this but I just want to know.

If you’re trying to manifest something, like a job or a specific person, and while working on that manifestation you realize loads of stuff like this isn’t good for me, I should pull away is it your higher self talking to you? Telling you that the thing your manifesting isn’t good for you? Also overhearing a certain part of a conversation?

I know its how we interpret it. But tbh, I kinda got disheartened when I got to hear and realize stuff. Its what keeps me going the past days. Its like im working on something but the universe is telling me it isn’t for me which kinda sucks

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Your Higher Self is not guiding you away from what you don’t want, it is guiding you towards what you do want. The more you follow what is interesting and satisfying for you, you allow the inspiration for more of what you want.

Very true!!

agree! the more you keep on going on what you are passionate about, the more you get to be inspired. enriching well your life with goodness will lead u even further to something great.

Thank you Brian! ❤️

I have been there. We can often have what we want in ways if we do not force the outcome. But when we try to do, these are warnings I have received too. And if not heeded, I myself have regretted.

Well to some degree, if your higher self is communicating and you are unsure, you can always ask it for further guidance too.  Its not going to give you only one answer, but it desires and wants the very best for you, so asking if you are unsure of anything is always a good idea to get further clarity.

Now when you say you "realize this isn't good for me" it may be that your higher self is showing you something so that you can refine your request.  For example, if its showing you a particular thing about either goal, it may be that you are focused on that goal happening in a particular way and your higher self is suggesting that the way you are focusing on isn't the best choice per se, and that there are several other ways that goal can manifest.  This is just an example for instance.

Now also realise your higher self wants you to feel good.  So if you feel disheartened, it may be for some other reason other than saying the goal isn't good for you too, or maybe that your thinking too small or maybe you need to explore another option per se.  So don't get disheartened, ask your higher self questions around that too.  It will always respond, just sometimes we don't realise we are getting answers. 

The disheartened part was all about me getting a message from a Priest/Pastor. I’m working on something I really want. Its for my career per se. And the priest was like “we don’t always get what we pray us cause the man above has better plans for us” it was just so weird the language was in a different dialect i have a hard time understanding and that’s the only part I get. So its kinda made me lose faith or idk what’s the correct term.

Hi Sigwa - okay.  I understand why your disheartened, but thats not the Universe saying "No" to this desire you have.  In fact, it could be the universe seeing if you are going to let things stop you on this quest.  Have you noticed when you get to the point where you make a demand that the world and universe seems to change in that very instant.  Its almost like making the demand causes the universe to change.  

The priest/pastor sounds a little old fashioned.  I mean - the idea God is a man is somewhat dated, and you have to decide whether you desire to believe that.  I don't think of "God" as a man or woman, but as a intellectual loving kind and compassionate source if you like, from which we all come from (but thtsa just my personal belief I'm sharing with you).  If you look at ancient religions, even way back to the Greek times they had male and female Gods, as did the romans, and even further if you go back to Sanskrit times they have Shiva and other female goddesses, and even further if you go back to Ancient Egypt you had male and female gods too.  

So you are in the driving seat in life.  You can either let this stop you in your tracks or you can use it to your advantage in that you decide here and now that nothing is going to stop you from achieving this goal becuase your are all powerful.  

I know its tough, but you are way more powerful than you realise and this isn't going to stop you unless you decide to let it (and remember that it doesn't have to be this year, you have your whole life ahead of you).  

Thank you London Guy! Yeah I got really affected of the lecture I heard. I decided that I’ll continue doing what’s best for my career. Its actually a one last shot thing. Hey, thanks again. ❤️

Hi Sigwa

Good on you and yes do that.  Just notice your thoughts and words.  You are saying its a "one last shot thing" and that is going to create.  What if it isn't that way at all?  Remember thoughts and words have powers and so when you make statements like this they usually become true.  Wishing you the very best and good luck.  I hope it all happens with ease and joy for you!

Hello sigwa, i agree with Brian Freedman. dont feel that way, for it will lower your self-esteem even more that will no longer give you focus/direction to your desires in life. in my case, manifesting what i desire. i always keep things in perspective, visualizing well my hopes everyday to help me start the day and end my day on a positive note. I tried this site online that has articles and a 30 day manifesting course, at first i was hesitant that it might not be effective or like a waste of time, but somehow curiosity got me to try it and it worked! LOA is definitely an eye opener that i understand now how the universe works which helped me to be a better person as my own master creator. i really recommend you to try it because reading your post felt sad that you are puzzled and i want to help you. :)

https://tinyurl.com/yag6dchn - u can try it here

Thank you Dianne! I’ll go ahead and check it out ❤️


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