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LOA Therapist says my subconscious is rejecting women, not the other way around. Does anyone know about "unspoken thoughts"?

So I decided to seek a law of attraction therapist that is familiar with the Abe teachings and has been to the seminars, and after several visits along with her wisdom from Abe, she says my subconscious is rejecting women for some reason. When she mentioned fear of affection and fear of rejection, they raised red flags in my mind, and says we are very close to getting this whole thing resolved. I told her this has been going on for 15 years, and she says we cannot look at the past and have to work on the now. She seems to think the best solution as of now is to keep going out and refrain from trying so hard to find someone. She says once I keep opening up myself to women, my conscious thoughts will speak to my subconscious allowing them to come in. My experiences have nothing to do with women already having boyfriends, because this same pattern has happened with single women.

So whatever is going on here, it has something to do with the unspoken thoughts in my mind. Can someone please share and give me some wisdom of what unspoken thoughts are? It sounds to me like the unspoken thoughts are thoughts that have been practiced for a long time to the point it has become a habit. Is there anyway I can re-program my subconscious so that this comes to a stop? What happens is that the moment a woman appears on my radar and shows interest, I subconsciously reject/repel her anywhere from 5 minutes to several days (or weeks). One spiritualist on here said I can end this immediately, but said I would have to believe in order for it to work.

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Abe doesn't even acknowledge the unconscious. So if this person was part of that study, what they are saying is contrary to Abe's video's/teachings. Just "What what you want!" and turn towards what you want from others, imagine it happening, and it can! IT CAN! Trust, "IT CAN!"

I'm talking about subconscious, not unconscious.

I did the processes in the Abe book, and a woman wanted to have crazy sex with me in her car. I got scared for some reason, and ended up bailing, so I think my therapist is right when she said I'm the one that's rejecting them. The damn spark keeps dying with these women for some reason, and I'm so sick of this. This shit has been going on for 15 years and I swear to god, I can't take this no more.

Same ol' song and dance ...... blame blame blame. According to blame, everyone and everything is to blame for blame .... Existence Itself is to blame for blame. "They/them/it caused blame  .... it's them ....it's that .... it's the weather .... it's this theory ... no wait ... it's that theory ..... oh wait ... it could be this ... it would be that .... if .....then again ... maybe not ... it might be another other altogether ..... ".

It's not a matter of cause or effect and it's nonsensical conclusions (aka:justifications/rationalizations/excuses) ..... it's that Existence Existing Exists and there is no more/less/other-than BEING ITSELF . BEING is neither caused of effected.... BEING IS BEING ....ABSOLUTE .... uncausable, unaffectable, unchallengable  ....Indivisible  ..... Wholeness ....SELF-BEING-SELF.

Hah ! 


“Subconscious thought doesn’t mean diddly-squat. Subconscious thought is below your level of recognition, so it is below your level of being able to feel it emotionally. Is not a big enough vibrational player to worry about in any way.”

. . . Oh, but you weren’t creating it from an unconscious, or subconscious level. What’s happening is, people look at things they don’t want, and talk about things they don’t want, and feel negative emotion as they’re doing it, and ignore their guidance system, and then call it subconscious. We don’t call that subconscious. Anything you’re feeling emotion around is not subconscious. It’s conscious, and you’re getting a vibrational indicator to let you know that you’re moving toward something that you do not want.

We’re saying it’s conscious thought, if you are having an emotion around it. And if you’re not having an emotion around it, it’s not a big conscious thought. What you might be talking about is, you might become accustomed to negative emotion. But, we want you to realize that negative emotion always means that you are eventually moving towards something that you will not like when you get there.”

- Abraham

“So whatever is going on here, it has something to do with the unspoken thoughts in my mind. “

No. It has everything to do with how you consciously think about your relationships.

You focus more on what you don’t want, than what you do want. It’s pretty simple.

“Is there anyway I can re-program my subconscious . . .”

That’s unnecessary. You just want to focus on any thoughts that help you feel a little better.

You’re making it about your relationship with women, when it’s about your relationship with your alignment and connection to Source.

So you're saying the pattern of 15 years that has been going on is a focused conscious thought? OK, that makes perfect sense, because I really don't see how in the hell I can subconsciously create something if I'm not aware of it.

But what about the unspoken thoughts though? There was a very advanced spiritualist that used to post here named Graysen/London Guy, and he said the universe responds to both the spoken and unspoken thoughts.

Lastly, I've tried the processes in Abe's teachings and I DID meet someone, but I was rejected shortly after when a negative thought came in my mind. She wanted to pounce and have sex with me in her car, and I got scared for some reason, so I bailed.

You know what thoughts the universe is responding to by how you feel.

When you feel better, you are focused on, and allowing, what you want.
When you feel worse, you are focused on, and resisting, what you want.

The reason you felt fear was because you focused on what you didn't want, which was lack of acceptance, not being good enough, not meeting her expectation, etc. So, what do you want? What emotions do you want to feel in a relationship?

“I want to feel loved. I want to feel accepted. I want to feel appreciated. I want to feel valued. I want to feel satisfied, fulfilled, eager and excited. I want to feel ease. I want to have fun.”

Yeah, you're right. I bailed out, because of those reasons you mentioned. I'm already working on another process, we'll see what happens.


A law of attraction therapist – interesting. I know there are some programs out there that claim to teach people to be LOA therapists, but it sounds a bit gimmicky to me. Abe isn’t actually in favour of therapists at all. They say they often disempower people. I think in this situation, it doesn’t sound like the therapist is empowering you at all.

She’s right in regards to the past. You have a tendency to constantly focus andyou’re your past as a framework for your future. I’m not sure I understand her conscious thoughts speaking to unconscious though. Sounds a bit mismatched.

I’ve never heard Abe use the term “unspoken thoughts” ever. And I have been to a few seminars too. Where did you get this from? Abe doesn’t actually believe in the subconscious either.

The spiritualist who said you can end this immediately, was right but like anything if you believe you can you will create it and if you don’t believe its possible – it doesn’t matter how much you tell yourself that it is you simply wont create it.

Yeah, this therapist doesn't seem to know what the hell she's talking about. She says it's my subconscious causing this, but I really think there's more to the story here, because everything I think and create in my head, I'm consciously aware of.

The "unspoken thoughts" came from Graysen/London Guy. It sounds to me like he's hiding in here under a different name.

Well, I'm doing the processes right now, and I'm already seeing results.

Well like it has already been suggested to you, Abe doesn't believe in the subconscious at all.  So even though shes been to seminars, if she is using that term she really doesn't know Abe that well or teach their stuff.  


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