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LOA Therapist says my subconscious is rejecting women, not the other way around. Does anyone know about "unspoken thoughts"?

So I decided to seek a law of attraction therapist that is familiar with the Abe teachings and has been to the seminars, and after several visits along with her wisdom from Abe, she says my subconscious is rejecting women for some reason. When she mentioned fear of affection and fear of rejection, they raised red flags in my mind, and says we are very close to getting this whole thing resolved. I told her this has been going on for 15 years, and she says we cannot look at the past and have to work on the now. She seems to think the best solution as of now is to keep going out and refrain from trying so hard to find someone. She says once I keep opening up myself to women, my conscious thoughts will speak to my subconscious allowing them to come in. My experiences have nothing to do with women already having boyfriends, because this same pattern has happened with single women.

So whatever is going on here, it has something to do with the unspoken thoughts in my mind. Can someone please share and give me some wisdom of what unspoken thoughts are? It sounds to me like the unspoken thoughts are thoughts that have been practiced for a long time to the point it has become a habit. Is there anyway I can re-program my subconscious so that this comes to a stop? What happens is that the moment a woman appears on my radar and shows interest, I subconsciously reject/repel her anywhere from 5 minutes to several days (or weeks). One spiritualist on here said I can end this immediately, but said I would have to believe in order for it to work.

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- An Asian dating website appears on my phone and asks me to join, and I do.

- Japanese content has been appearing on TV.

LOA is at hand. Onward.


- A monarch flew past my window.

- The all seeing eye appeared very heavily tonight, and chills went all throughout my body. Something is definitely up.....


Upon reading The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent tonight, there are three very important pieces I'd like to point out here.

"The vibrations that you offer are your point of attraction."

This right here shows that fate or destiny does not exist and nobody is cursed, because whatever thought you are thinking and emotion you are feeling in the present moment is what you'll attract. In other words, we're pretty much God in manifested form, and we have the power to shift the universe at any point in time. A formula I came up with a while back was Conscious/Subconscious + Emotion = Current Reality, so that is how we shift dimensions. However, Abe doesn't believe in subconscious, so I guess it could now be Conscious + Emotion = Current Reality for now.

"You must find a way to deactivate your vibration regarding any unwanted things that are making their way into your immediate and distant future."

This is extremely important here. The whole rejection/repelling situation when a woman begins falling in love is a vibration being caused by a belief that was practiced over years. So by scripting and doing several processes already, this will completely get rid of that annoying pattern of repelling the girl. I've already begun feeling like I'm shifting into another dimension, so this is a very good sign.

"Deactivation of unwanted vibrations is the same process as activation of wanted vibrations."

THIS IS KEY. As I mentioned to Magical Love earlier, the purpose of the script is that it will create a story so strong that the rejection/repelling no longer exists. This combined with other processes like Virtual Reality is un-creating and creating at the same time. My inner self has also advised to me that at this point forward, I should cease talking about this subject since it is inviting it into my experience.


You are picking things here that you are misunderstanding in order to validate your current beliefs.  The LOA works nonstop.  It always has and always will.  You got to this point in time through your use of it, and you will use it for the remainder of your life, but in trying to simplify things you over complicate them somewhat and you seem to have a tendancy to miss out the essence of the teachings.  Its kind of like trying to read a chapter from Ask and It is Given (which is still IMHO one of the best LOA books we have) and summarising the whole LOA on that one chapter.  It misses out all the nuisances.  

I'm already aware that LOA works non-stop, what am I missing out on? I'm not over simplifying anything. Those three sentences stood out at the end of that book, which is why I posted it. I just didn't post the other stuff I read, and fully understood what they were talking about.

Okay great.  Then your results should have changed immediately!  You should already be in that ideal relationship scenario.  Proof is in the pudding right!


Yes!! It's working!!

- Came home and a magnet was placed on my fridge that is a light switch turned off! I know this sign!!

- A ton of skull signs and tombstones appeared today. I know what the universe is telling me here.

- Friend invites me to an Asian festival, and I buy tickets.

- Therapist texts me back today and says she feels a vibration from me she's not felt before.

Oh boy, here we go.


Great, use your results wisely and forget about intellectualising the book and rereading it - as thats when you seem to go off course and on a tangent.  Enjoy your creations and stay in gratitude and the desires will unravel with ease.  The feeling good is the most important (and underrated part of LOA).

Yep, thanks.

I've noticed that too. When I intellectualize the book is when things don't make sense anymore. You have to read the book and come back to it in order for things to click. It's not about understanding the book, it's about using your mind and emotions, meaning learning the text requires wisdom. Now, as for this script, I just have to make sure I'm not rushing it or reading it too much. I think I may lock it for now. My work on that is done, I just have to kick back now.

I've set the document to read only.


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