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Looking for Practical Tools/Steps I can follow to find the right career and/or/purpose in life

Hi guys. Here asking for your help again. 

I've worked in Marketing for nearly 12 years now and I know it's not for me. I hate the corporate environment. I find zero purpose and fulfillment. So far my experience has been that these so called multinational companies are all about the bottom line and couldn't care less about the customers and the people that work for them. This is completely against my core values. I was born with a compassionate heart and I care about people and relationships the most. No matter how much I try I can't make myself excited about the business bottom line.

It's gotten beyond frustrating and has been affecting my physical and mental health for a while. I have major financial burdens (sole breadwinner for a family of 4, financing my sister's undergrad education, paying 50% of all expenses in my own household) that stops me from taking steps like going back to school and/or moving from marketing to more people-oriented functional areas (to be honest there is NO real people-oriented functional areas in corporate houses, not in my experience). It might sound like an excuse and to some extent it might be so. However at the end of each payment cycle I know I'm left with pennies even after being mindful of my expenses and spending close to nothing (even skipping lunch most days to save money) for myself.

Anyways. I'm at a point where I realize I HAVE to make some changes to save my life almost. Even if it means more financial burden as I change careers/go back to school.

trouble is, I don't even know what I want to pursue. What am I interested in plus good at? Enough to make a career out of it. I simply have no clue! They say it's a good place to start by thinking about 'what would you do even if you're not paid?' I Don't Know!

Yes I know I enjoy playing games on my phone, or reading about celebrities. It gives me some pleasure fantasizing about being a writer or actor. But are they really my passion? Being a woman of color in her late 30s whose first language isn't English, what really are my options? More importantly, what do I really want to do with my life? How do I figure that out?  

Sorry if I sound super frustrated. That's how I feel right now and often. I've been feeling this way for years now and I'd really REALLY like for this to change. I understand I have to make it happen, but how? How do I go about it? So many tips and tricks on the web on this but nothing helped so far. There are a lot of high level advice but does anyone have any practical tools and/or steps I can follow to atleast find out what I should pursue?

Please Help!

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You don’t know what you want to do, but you do know why you want to do it. You want to do it to feel better and feel good.

“I want to feel loved. I want to feel accepted. I want to feel valued. I want to feel appreciated. I want to feel supported. I want to feel confident at what I do. I want to feel creative. I want to feel interested and eager. I want to have fun.”

When you make it an emotional conversation, and let that be enough, you allow the clarity of what to do.


Thank you both

Hi River

One practical tip I would give you is make use of networking. Be open to receiving offers, ideas, guidance from random people. If it feels right just let people know what you are looking for. There are many people who go out of their way to help others . I once had a random chat with my Uber driver- middle aged woman of a different race , country, culture . As we were chatting I mentioned I was looking for a particular opportunity and she arranged for a meeting with a very important and relevant person ( she gave this person driving lessons ) and I got the opportunity. I was simply enjoying the conversation and had no clue that she could actually help me get that opportunity. I had no work experience in that field BTW.

You want to remind yourself that it is not necessary that this job change will be a burden. The universe can deliver a lot with ease. Focus more on enjoying a job you love, little less on how to get it .

Now the other part is probably an energy thing, not a ‘ practical ‘ thing to do. Abraham suggests that you transform your energy before you switch jobs. You don’t have to fall in love with your current job. But appreciate what it has given you and try your best to not actively engage strong negative thoughts about it . For eg. I don’t like sushi, or torn jeans but thinking about it doesn’t elicit any strong negative responses in me. This shifting of energy within you will reflect on the outside and you will be automatically directed to the job you feel good in.

I totally understand that it can be hard to receive answers sometimes. To me it seems that the reason could be that we have simply have stopped listening to ourselves. Just start now. Whenever you do anything ask yourself what you want from it, what you don’t like or do like about it. You could try journaling. Do more things you like, in a healthy manner of course. Don’t look at it as a means to manifesting a job but instead as a way of becoming more authentic , thus becoming genuinely happy and abundant . 

Try reading up articles regarding career guidance. I like Forbes .There’s some very good advice on the internet. Just don’t try to search for The perfect job that you were meant to do! Just like there are multiple soulmates , there are multiple dream jobs.  You just need one at a time. Or two if you choose a part time one. 

Best wishes,


i think the caption will inspire you:



Thanks a lot Infinity and Dorothy

You are the most welcome.

You know, you could watch some Abraham Hicks' videos about finding the right/perfect job, they always say you just need to prepare your vibrational atmosphere and your perfect job will be revealed to you, it will come TO you, while if you are in the vibration of "looking for/Finding" a job you are somehow in a powerless vibration.

So act less and visualize/dream more :))

L'immagine può contenere: testo

Thanks for the recommendation

I've been thinking about what I should do myself lately because I hate my job, it's extremely stressful.  And one day this week I had two different people tell me that they LOVE their job.  I don't know very many people that love their job, and I have never had a job that I loved.  So I started thinking maybe I should try to manifest a job that I'd love.  I mean, wouldn't God/Source know me better than I know myself?  Do we really have to go through life trying to figure out for ourselves what we would love to do?  We might never figure it out.  Couldn't Source guide us to a job that would be perfect for us?  So I came up with a prayer to help me manifest it:

"I thank God for my new job.  It's perfect for me, I enjoy it.  I love my new job.  I actually look forward to going to work. It pays me well - I get paid to do something that I love doing.  And it's stress free.  My new job, which is perfect for me, is already mine and comes to me now in a safe and loving way.  This is so, and so it is."

I've manifested things before with prayers like that.  I just say the prayer over and over and over and at some point I just let it go.  You might give something like that a try. 

This is great! Thank you Ndacloud


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