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Lost Dog - How Steve and I Used Staying in the Vortex for a Terrifying Event Last Wednesday

As many of you know, I'm very straight-forward, open, and honest about my own experiences because I believe it helps to encourage and inspire others. Steve and I experienced something last Wednesday night that was a REAL test of our skills, and I'm sharing it with you, in detail, so that:
1. you can have realistic expectations of yourself - we can all still get triggered, and - more importantly -
2. that when you DO get triggered, you don't need to see it as a "failure" and, with practice, you can ALWAYS use your Superpower to pull yourself out.
And also, so you can see just how Powerful staying in The Vortex is!
I have to say that if we weren't at Master Level, we would have found it much, much more difficult to do this. So, PRIORITIZE practicing your Superpower (staying in The Vortex). It WILL empower you! :)
What Happened:
We went to another town, to stay in Steve's daughter's house to look after our grandpets. Two dogs, and two cats, for a week, while his daughter and her husband were on vacation.
The animals are all ABsolutely adorable, and we love spending time with them. They're sweet, and fun, and gorgeous.
However, Cooper (the boy dog - see picture of him, below) is terrified of fireworks, and this was... Fourth of July week. He has pills from the vet that help to calm him down, so we had those.
All was going fine up until Wednesday (July 3rd). We had friends over for dinner, and all was lovely. Cooper had had one of his tablets, which usually make him groggy, but still seemed perky, and was enjoying the company of our guests.
After dinner (about 9.30pm), the dogs wanted to go outside. Steve let them outside into the garden, as usual, to pee. And then went back to making coffee. However, we heard fireworks starting... and when I went to open the kitchen door to let the dogs back in... only Piper (the girl dog) was standing there, and Cooper was nowhere to be seen.... and the garden gate was standing open!
We immediately started searching, and couldn't find him. He's also black, and it was dark... so not the easiest at the best of times, but to add to it, the bangs of fireworks were going off around us all the time, and he must have been absolutely terrified.
I tried putting Piper's leash on her and taking her with me to search for him - I thought she might track him.... but she just treated it like a walk!
I was convinced he was hiding in the bushes, in the garden, but Steve shone a torch into them, and he wasn't there.
I walked around the neighborhood for an hour, looking for him - with fireworks going off... and here's an important bit I want to share with you: I was so angry (I don't get angry anymore, but still human ;) :D ) - and I wanted to share that, so that you know that when you're triggered, it's okay, it's human.... it's about what you do from there, that matters. Well, first of all, what I did from there was shout at the fireworks lol!!! I was walking down the road, looking for Cooper, and thinking about how every bang was making it worse for him (even on the tablets, he shakes and is frightened) and every time a bang went off, I automatically and instinctively shouted "F***K OFF!!!!!" loudly, at the sky! LOL!!!! I must have looked like a complete nutter!!! I still can't stop laughing at the picture I must have been!!
In full disclosure, here are a few of the things that were going through my mind as I searched:
He could have run out into the road in fright (the house is in a small town, but right on Route 66, so no shortage of traffic, right there!), and been hit by a car and now laying somewhere frightened.
Someone's stolen him. There's no way he could have opened that gate - it opens inwards - someone's taken him. And there are so many cruel people out there...
Someone's found him in the street and taken him. And there are so many cruel people out there...
WHY didn't I stand with them in the garden for them to pee.
How did we miss that the gate was open? Who opened it? Why didn't we just keep him inside even though he wanted to go out?
What if we never find him... and so on.
And I kept redirecting, and using Zero Tolerance as those thoughts popped up. And reminding myself of "The Magic Pill" (those of you who have our free LOA Mini-Tool-Kit will know it as the "Quick, Easy, Authentic Self-Love" tool).
Every time one of those thoughts popped up, I refused to engage, and I redirected to filling myself with unconditional love, and then sending it to him and the whole situation - no matter what had happened. And then reminded myself: "I can't create or attract anything bad because I love myself, so even though this LOOKS really bad, it HAS to turn out to be either good, or at least nothing to worry about." (from the "Quick, Easy, Authentic Self-Love" tool).
And in-between, of course, shouting at the fireworks lol!!
Steve drove around, as I looked out for Cooper.
And when we then got back to the house, Steve called the police to let them know, in case someone found Cooper.
Then we waited. I sat and filled myself with my Superpower, and aimed it at everything and everyone. At Cooper, of course - regardless of where he was and what had happened - but also all the worst-case-scenarios. Filled all of it with unconditional love. Loved it all, no matter what would happen.
Steve took a bit longer because it was he who had let the dogs into the garden and he was feeling really, really bad. I reminded him: "Remember: We can't create or attract anything bad because we love ourselves, so even though this LOOKS really bad, it HAS to turn out to be either good, or at least nothing to worry about." And, although it was really difficult because, well, you can imagine how he was feeling, he managed to keep redirecting even while feeling bad, and managed to access his Superpower.
Then, he kept saying, in his mind: "Yay!! Coopy's back. Everything always works out". Notice that - even though Cooper wasn't back yet, and there was nothing to suggest he would be coming back (those fireworks were still going off all around us), he was still SAYING that, even though there was no evidence of it, and he couldn't feel it yet. He kept repeating it ANYWAY, and practicing his Superpower. I'm mentioning this as an example of what to do when you're right in the middle of it, and you can't seem to get out of it - say the thing anyway, and keep practicing anyway! Even whiiiiile you're feeling the bad stuff. ;) :)
He was exhausted as he hadn't had much sleep the night before, so I convinced him to go and lie down while I stayed watch in case Cooper came back.
Steve lay on the bed in his clothes, and eventually fell asleep.
In the meantime, I sat in the kitchen, with the door open, and just continued to use my Superpower. Every now and then, I'd go to the front door (which I'd also left open, just in case), to see if he was sitting on the porch.
Then, I thought of Facebook, and checked for lost dogs pages. There are a few. I checked them, but there was no Cooper there. I started doing some research, and the good news was that over 90% of dogs that are lost are eventually returned to their owners (they're usually found by strangers, rather than return on their own, though).
The bad news was that dogs who run away because of fireworks tend to keep running, and end up many miles away - and at night, it's even longer before someone finds them. And then, they could be put in a car and taken to another state, where the person keeps them and then finally they may put them on a website for found pets. Cats are more likely to hide somewhere nearby, but dogs' instinct is to keep running - especially while the fireworks are still going off.
As I read all of this, I kept the Superpower going. Kept repeating my Power Phrase: "Thank you, I love you." Over and over, and continuously filling myself with unconditional love and sending it out to everything and everyone, including all worst-case-scenarios. And also repeating: "I can't create or attract anything bad because I love myself, so even though this LOOKS really bad, it HAS to turn out to be either good, or at least nothing to worry about."
At 2.30am, I couldn't keep my eyes open, so I went to lay down for a bit. I lay awake, thinking. The next morning, if there was still no news on Cooper, we would need to let Steve's daughter know, and then start posting in the Facebook Groups etc.
Eventually, I must have fallen asleep about 3.30am.
I woke at 5.15am. Immediately tuned into my Superpower and maintained it, refusing to allow any negative thoughts or feelings to stay.
I went through to the kitchen, to see Steve opening the back door, and in walked Cooper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was absolutely fine.
BUT... an extra fun bit is this: Steve then told me that he'd spent the night repeating the phrase in his mind, whenever he woke up: "Yay!! Coopy's back!! Everything always works out!" in addition to using his Superpower. AND... just before he woke up at 5am, he had a dream that Cooper followed two people into the house through the kitchen door. They weren't people he knew, but in the dream, he knew they were my cousins. They were wearing winter clothes. It was one of those incredibly realistic dreams that felt soooo real. We still don't know who that would have been, but when he woke up, and realized it was just a dream, he chose to say to himself: "But this is also just a dream." and he maintained his Superpower state.
He looked through the window, but Cooper wasn't sitting on the step outside the kitchen door. He continued to maintain his Superpower state, and then, he put his shoes on, and decided to go and look for Cooper, still maintaining his Superpower state.
As he went to open the kitchen door is when I walked in, and saw him opening the door, and Cooper appeared!! :D :D :D
As you can imagine, we were soooooooo relieved to see him, and that he was absolutely fine. AND, we both pointed out that we would always remember this experience as an Excellent example of just how powerful the Superpower and "The Magic Pill" (the "Quick, Easy, Authentic Self-Love" tool) are!!
Note: Without being at Master Level in the Superpower, we wouldn't have been able to stay in The Vortex, consistently use the "Quick, Easy, Authentic Self-Love" tool and stay on track in the middle of that stressful situation! So, the Superpower training to stay in The Vortex really is the MOST important thing - that allows you to use everything else more easily and effectively!
So, hopefully this has given you encouragement and inspiration to prioritize practicing both your Superpower (practicing staying in The Vortex) (going through the course to Master Level), and the "Quick Easy Authentic Self-Love" It really is worth it!! :) <3 <3 <3

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Awesomeeeee!!!! Loved reading it!!!! I had the same experience last year, it was absolutely terrifying! But then....one of the best feelings EVER!!!!!

Warm hug!!!!

Thanks, Dorothy :) 

Warm hug right back to you! :)


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