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Ok so I know I'm about 25 years too late but I've just discovered Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life. Words can't express how much I love it! It was thanks to a suggestion on here so thank you for that. For the first time ever I'm doing mirror work which was so weird at first but very powerful. I've probably been doing mirror work, self healing/loving and affirming for about a month now. In that time a debt of about £1000 has shrunk to £300 with pretty much no effort on my part and my falling apart, wreck of a car has been replaced by a newer, reliable (red and shiny) one. I'm still reeling a bit from the success so far. 

It takes some practice though and I think the biggest challenge is continuing to positively affirm when resistance is thrown up somehow. I'm surprising myself at what my limiting beliefs actually are and where they've come from too. I love her insight into the "need" for certain states or events in your life based on deep beliefs and that everything starts with loving the self and knowing you are worthy of all you desire.  It's quite a journey. 

I tried to get my mum (with an aggressive brain tumour)to read her book to release her feelings of guilt and unworthiness but she feels it's all just "letting herself off the hook too easily." I tried putting the Louise Hay CD on in the car while I drove her somewhere yesterday and I'm not kidding, after her having about a month of zero sickness/nausea and being off all anti-sickness medication, within 5 minutes of listening to the CD she was frantically asking me to pull over as she felt so sick. It seemed like huge amounts of resistance to me but didn't say anything and have left it alone now. She's obviously just not ready and may never be and that's ok. It's not for me to decide if and when she opens up to it. 

Trying to decide which of her books to go for next. Any suggestions? I see as well she has a couple of children's books. I have a three year and would love him to be more aware of these insights. Does anyone have any experience of them? 

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I have only read three, I think:

You Can Heal Your Life



I Can Do It

But I read the first two quite a long time ago.

Can I also be a bit cheeky and ask which of her books or affirmations or both YOU have found most helpful?

There is also, if you have an iphone/ipad an app for some of her affirmations I have got self esteem and creativity but only got them quite recently.

Not cheeky at all!

I've only read You Can Heal Your Life and Affirmations as well. I have to say I think things really picked up for me when I started listening to the CD too though. There's something about her voice and delivery that really gets through to me. I found the affirmation "I release the pattern in my consciousness causing resistance to my flow" good as a start point when I didn't really know what I needed to work on specifically as well as "I am willing to change" and "I let go of fear/guilt/sadness etc" Since then I've found myself making my own up more and more as I delve deeper into beliefs. Last night doing mirror work I worked my way to a simple "I allow myself to love myself." Simple but very effective for what I needed at the time. I'm discovering that I've spent a lot of my life seeking approval on some level, that I have a deep seated need to be protected or rescued for some reason and that I have a constant fear of "getting into trouble/getting told off." 

Another one I've come up with which seems to give me a good visual is " I allow the stream of well-being and abundance to flow through every aspect of my life." For some reason I can imagine a stream trying to flow from behind and through me and my resistance as boulders diverting it around me. I'm imagining shattering those boulders into sparkly, positive energy and then the stream can flow freely through me unhindered. I've always struggled with visualisations but this has finally made me feel something. 

I'm just feeling very excited at finding a new author/set of tools and ideas to explore! Just ordered her workbook which will be interesting. The iphone app sounds good. Don't have one myself but wonder if there is something for HTC. Will check it out!

Donna, my mom was cured from a non - treatable ( AHEM )brain tumor. I will try and find the story here and send you the link. ALL IS WELL! :)


Donna, remember that your mother's path is her own path and that she may not be ready to understand things on the same level as you or I or many of our friends here. You must accept that she may feel you are "blaming" her for her illness if she is not at that point yet. Just tread lightly and visualize your mother as 100% well. ALL IS WELL NO MATTER WHAT.

I also love You Can Heal Your Life. I hope you can get your mom to read it!

Ironically enough, I woke up this morning thinking I need to read it again. I will take this thread as a sign :)

There is a reason why Louise Hay books have stood the test of time: they're really good and inspiring.  She had a gift for explaining spirituality without making people feel guilty. I found that after reading You Can Heal Your Life, then Letters to Louise was the next book to read.  It's a bit like an agony aunt column for spiritual matters, and when you can see how she applies it to the individual people who have written, you could maybe see how a solution may apply to you too. 

If resistance or negativity comes up whilst affirming, it can be tricky not to let it throw you off course.  You think, my original affirmation may have been working for one thing, but will it work for this?  The answer is, remind yourself that HIGHER POWER'S GOT THIS.  It's looking after you and helping you, and this new form of resistance is also passing. See it as a temporary thing, rather than a problem which is here to stay, and that's what it will be. Something which doesn't last, and which gets resolved because you have decided that it's temporary. 


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