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I'm sure you're wondering what the heck this is about. Long story short, I am attracting contact from Maciek, whom I've been looking for, because I want to use his fabulous LOA/Easy World story in my new book and the publisher won't let me unless he gives me permission.

I've been looking for him months and as LOA would have it, I see that he is online NOW!

Maciek--email me, please! Just go to this link: Contact Julia



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What pops into my head now is he may be in Hawaii! I may be wrong but that's my thought.
I just found him on facebook, he is in Hawaii!

How's that for easy? :-}
Marcy!!! You are brilliant!!! I just found him there, too. I tried to look him up on Facebook yesterday and didn't find him--but putting "Hawaii" in the search box with his name was the trick!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
It really was easy, it just popped into my head and bang!

Fits perfectly, right? :-}
Now you have another story for easier world!

It always just keeps on expanding!
Yep--always, always!

Now--I just need to stay in Easy World long enough to hear back from him! LOL!
Hallelujah! I just got an email from him. Thanks so much for your help and great energy!
Very Cool!

That Was Easy!!! :>)
Oh, yes! Easy, indeed! And I did manage to stay in EW long enough to hear back from him.

He is very enthusiastic about having his story included in the book! It's a heck of a story, too. :-)
I KNEW this was going to work out perfectly..how easy!!!!
Hi, Parise~

Long story short, yes, this is THE book. It is being published by St. Martin's Press--can you believe it? A big ol' mainstream publisher picked up my book about Easy World?! Choosing Easy World is the title.

Your story, however (or one you like even better) will most likely be in the next book (I'm planning a series of sequels chock full of EW stories), as my editor had me cut out a whole chapter's worth of stories. Maciek's story was so miraculous (do you remember it?), it just had to go in!

I hope you're not disappointed--I had to cut the book down from 298 pages to 215! But I know it's a stronger book now, and gives me a headstart on the next one.


Here's Maciek's magical Easy World story told in 3rd person, the way I used in the query letter that got me both a literary agent and big-time publisher (hooray!). I think you'll see why I so very much wanted it in the book, but in his own words instead:


Maciek Wronski, an adventurous young Polish man living in New Jersey, needed to go to Philadelphia to get his visa extended. He was able to get a ride with a friend, but only one way, and had no clear idea how he was going to get home. As they drove to Philadelphia, a city with which he was totally unfamiliar, he began to worry about how it would all work out, and nervously imagined getting lost trying to find the bus or train station, all the while praying he had enough money with him.

A student of the Law of Attraction, he caught himself mid-thought, and the "magic words" he had learned from our online forum about the alternate reality called "Easy World" came to mind. So he said them to himself: "I choose to live in Easy World where everything is easy." That calmed him right down, lifted his spirits, and he went about his business, confident all was being taken care of in Easy World. (He had experienced Easy World magic before.)

When he inquired at the visa office about the best way to get home, he could hardly believe what he found out. There was a bus that ran from right outside the building in which he was standing, to his very neighborhood, 60 miles away! What are the odds? You see, Maciek lived in Atlantic City, and the bus was going to a casino within a couple minutes' walking distance of his home. As if this weren't a spectacular-enough demonstration of the power of choosing Easy World, when he paid the $17 for his bus ticket, he was told that, upon arrival, the casino would refund his money. They did, indeed--but instead of just $17, they gave him $20!

That's Easy World.


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