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So those of you who are magnificant manifestors, I have a question for you.....


In order to get in the receiving vibration .....  instead of saying "I want I want I want".... how about a grown up game of make believe?????


If you want a Porsche, make beleive your POS is a Porsche.  Treat it like it is, clean it like it is, etc. Make believe your simple apartment is the house of your dreams.  Cherish every moment you spend there (rather than dreading going home to the same dreary apartment).


Does pretending to have what you want, help allow it into your life?


Just a thought?



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Oh it ABSOLUTELY DOES allow it into your life!!!

What a brilliantly fun game, Time... it's how I've created EVERYTHING!
i have decided to live in my own reality.no matter what it is. so right i just go "pretending" i have my desires. love day dreaming. done it all my life.
Isn't making believe that what you have is what you want, is really a way to be grateful for what you now have ....hum....Gratitude works every time!!
That makes perfect sense.
I like this, and I think this may be one of the only ways to change your vibration from where you are to where you want to be.

And it sounds like fun, I love the idea of imagining you have it already to the point where that feeling of having it becomes so dominant, that you don't even care if you get it, which ironically is when you attract it lol.
does anyone have any tips on how to make this easier to do?! this is the point i am struggling with at the mo. i dont know how to feel as though i am in a relationship, when i go to bed alone every night and there is no guy physically there!

i feel i have come on leaps and bounds with law of attraction, i feel like i've been right on the cusp of manifesting all i want, i can feel i'm almost there, but still not quite. most of the time, i'm able to to let go of my desires and to feel positive in general but when it comes to feeling as though i already have it....not so much.

any tips and success stories?!

thank you! xxx
I'm working on the 'feeling of having it already' with a couple areas.

I do have some experience with something similar to what it sounds like you are talking about.

I can't say I succeeded fully in the feeling of having had it already, but I can say it came to me when I truley felt like I didn't care anymore. Like I wanted it in one aspect, but simultaneously I didn't need it, if that makes sense.

And I attracted it when I was just in bliss, doing my hobby, which reminds me of what Abraham says about manifesting things, that we've already asked, so go feel good and allow it.
I know this sounds childish..... but it's all about having fun anyway, right? ..... when you lie down at night, pretend your guy is working in another country, and you miss him but you also know you are very much in love and are perfect together. Also, know he is working on getting back to you in your country as soon as possible. (Because in a way he is, as the Universe is aligning to bring him to you).

Anyway, it can't hurt!
Wow! That's awesome!
I'm gonna pretend my GTR is being worked on!
thanks Time 4 fun! :)
i like this a lot! will give it a go. i'll imagine people asking me whether i'm single, and i'll say nope! ;)
What a good way of looking at things.
This reminded me of something else, my dream is to own my own shop.
And I have a couple cars, and I'm getting two of them running today, I'm going to pretend I'm at my shop fixing cars :)


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