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hi everyone,

I was wondering and it's sthg that is bothering me big time as I'm not sure I'm doing it "right".

Abe says we have to make peace with where we are before we can move on.

I accept my reality, howerver I spend a lot of my time envisioning sthg else, like me in a parallel universe, me being exactly how I want to be etc which is good because they have also said that focus is the key and that if we can acknowledge the now reality but know that our vibe is the key and that this what is is old news already, we are great focuser.

Also I feel that if Im completely happy where am I, why would I want more or sthg else? I wouldnt spend time visualising in that case.

Now many times I was told it was important to be happy now and live in the now, make peace yes but meaning "if I had to spend the rest of my life like this I'll be happy", others say you just have to accept it, not necessarily adore where you are, your body for example, so I'm not quite sure anymore about all this. I love visualisations and it's true that I spend a lot of time doing that because it feels good and I thought that the brain couldnt figure out wether when visualising it is real or not so what r your thoughts on this? should I be happy in my life more and be more present to it or is it ok to visualise more? does that make sense?

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Hello Mimi,


The short answer is both.


If you are not happy right here, right now, when you visualize a better situation, you'll feel worse, because contrast will show you that you don't have what you want right now. 


The idea is to not push against and resist what is happening in this present moment. That is the acceptance that helps you to create what you want. What I tell my healing clients is to be in neutrality to what is going on in this moment, if what is going on is not what you are wanting to experience. By being neutral, you don't give the situation you don't want any more any energy. Here's an example: What happens when you ignore the school bully, no matter what he does or says? He finds someone else to pick on so that he can get the reaction he wants. Same with a negative situation. The more you let it go, accept it for what it is, knowing that it is changing every moment, and you don't give it any negative attention, it'll go away and change into what you want to experience.  


Remember also that just because you accept and even love where you are right here and now doesn't mean you'll stop wanting more. We will always want more on some level. That is part of our nature. =)


Bright Blessings,


Ross - Tolemac

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thank you Tolemac!

that's what I've basically been doing, I've been quite neutral to my feelings. but a dear friend told me I had to LOVE being where I am and stop being in the virtual reality too much and I didn't quite understand why she said that.

For example, I feel I need to lose weight, some of the time I feel I'm pushing against it and so visualising me being thin doesnt feel good, however other times I feel ok with my body as it is, also because I know that on a parallel reality, my body is exaclty as I want it to be so I stop pushing against it and envision it thin and it feels so good.

I gave her the example of me being here and now like walking and asking myself "what am I doing in my parallel reality?" and so I tell myself I'm feeling good (Im experiencing health contrast in this now reality), I'm doing this and that, seeing this person, having this house etc and it feels so good to actually KNOW that other realities exist and so I'm not pushing against my now reality but I like to think of it improving but she says it's counter-productive because I dont appreciate and live the now reality which made me confused..

I don't think I can add to Tolemac's reply, but I can give an example which may exemplify this.

Many years ago, I graduated, and desired to live in my student town as it was both fun and I had quite a flowing life.  For one reason or another, I couldn't stay there, and had to move back home and move back in with my family.  This meant a real narrowing of circumstances, and reduction of freedom, which was a reality I greatly resented.  For a while, I was quite bitter about these circumstances, and kept on paying attention to the things I disliked, at the same time, as trying to create realities in which I could move back to my student town.  Those failed, and I stayed stuck.  This resentment also attracted a period of unemployment to me, and the attendant lacks that has: money. friends, purpose, activity, stimulation, satisfaction and so on.

In short, it wasn't a good time for me, until I started to accept where I was.

It was a slightly gradual process, but over the early part of that summer, I started to cultivate a peaceful acceptance of where I now was.  It went along the lines of  " oh well, I'm here now, might as well accept that.  It may not be Brighton, but life here does have its good points, and more can come from those. "  Having toyed with thoughts like that for a while, reality soon began to change for the better.

My parents went away for a couple of weeks, giving me temporal and territorial freedom for a while.  That created contented feelings.  Then some friends came back on the scene, and I went on a couple of nights out (which I had largely ceased to do).  The weather also improved, job vacancies started appearing more often, and the Job Centre advisers started being nicer.

Then reality really broke through and I landed a job in a unique workplace, with all sorts of attendant benefits: more money, more flow of life, purpose, activity, stimulation, conversation, new friends and romantic interests (the latter giving rise to feelings I had never really had before).  I was able to travel again, and the means to do other things also manifested.  In short, I started to have a ball, and experience facets of my home area which I just hadn't done a few months earlier.  

I believe all of this stemmed from my peaceful acceptance, and giving up on rallying against current circumstances.

I gotta be honest I cant accept what is sometimes, because what is can be bad for me. Especially if i manifested something i dont want. So why accept something as is if it is bad for you how can you change or undo that negative manifestation? That is what I'd like to know Sir Neil.

Thank you so much Sir Neil

that mean we have to have a peaceful mind and do not complain always?

does it work if we do meditation to let our mind more peaceful?

Yes Esther it would work like that.  Lack of complaining means lack of negative thoughts and words, and you don't create resistance that way.  And if you meditate, you clear you mind of intrusive thoughts which also create resistance. 

My father does not believe in LOA but he says meditation gets you closer to source regardless. Meditation without resistance maybe what I need to get my answers, become enlightened, and manifest more positivety. 

Yess meditate every day!

Oh meditation can clear the intrusive thoughts and block belief? I just thought that meditation is only let a person to be relax and visualization is to create the things you want!

No, meditation can be used to still the mind.  Sometimes when you have negative thoughts, you can have what seems like a million of them all at once, chattering away in your mind and hampering your positive manifesting. Meditation can be used to quieten all of this so that you can think straight, and more importantly, focus on something positive.  The most powerful thing is focused energy.

when I do meditation, I try to focus on my breathe, however, a lot of stuffs appear in my brian, does it mean fail? it is very hard to do "think nothing"

What I've been hearing lately is another thing you can do is combine there by focussing on what you appreciate now, then when you feel that gratitude and appreciation, focus on what you want in as happy mood as you can.


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