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Hello all -- some of you may remember me a bit from here before, but it's been a while, and I feel that I need some help, guidance and good advice. 

I'm still having my same problem of not being able to attract my new job. I have a specific type of job and in a specific place that I would like, and over the summer, it showed up and I immediately applied for it. I wasn't called for a first interview, but I still haven't given up fully on it. 

I know that the job I am in right now is very difficult, and now I do realize that I attracted that to myself, sadly. My current position is one in which I am not appreciated and the company is looking to downsize, therefore making my job tougher to force me to quit. They just don't get that I'm stubborn :) Over the past few years, I've definitely visualized and narrowed down what type of job I definitely want and would love to be doing. 

My problem? I have the worst time letting go. I find it almost impossible. Probably because I'm feeling so much desperation, mainly pertaining to money. My job pays not much more than minimum wage for full-time work and there are issues where people doing my exact same job are paid nearly $10/hour. (My Union is in the process of arbitration for equal pay in that case) But until then, finances are tiiiiiiiggghhhhtttt. In fact, a financial adviser today told me I really should consider bankruptcy, something I really don't want to do. But I feel if I let it go totally, don't think about it (how can I NOT????), do "nothing", it's gone. Finito. No way you gettin' it, girlfriend. I know it's because it's so important to me -- a few things that I have very little attachment to have happened, but this is very important to my well being.

I have done quite a bit of AH reading, some Wayne Dyer, and various other LOA lessons online. I can let go for maybe a day, but then something often happens in what-is and it comes roaring back, or someone reminds me of it, most often my father. 

My question is: Has anyone had this problem? Held so tight and felt you just can't let go or it's copletely forgotten? I'm ready, I know it's time. I know I need these changes. I'm ready to grow, as they say. So anything you can share with me is truly, truly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Thanks Brian!

Wowwwww, reading those two links, THOSE are the clearest it's ever actually been explained to me! I think I'm getting it now. I just don't know how specific I should be, if I'm going for a specific thing. Like I want a position at a certain place. How deep do I go?

Hi Leeanne,

I was in nearly exactly the same situation as you.  I hated the job I was in and it was getting worse and worse.  My money situation was absolutely dire and felt completely out of control.  The worse it got, the more dramatic and detailed my "story" became - both to myself and to others.  I relatively new to the law of attraction then, but read something that resonated (from the Hicks I think) which was you can't get "there" from "there".  I couldn't attract a better situation until I made peace with the one I was in. So - even though it was very hard - I started to find small things to appreciate about the place "my chair, break times, my salary" anything that I didn't have to make up or convince myself to be true.  I was amazed, but circumstances and events moved to make for a better working environment and a role which I really wanted came to me.  It had me hooked on this wonderful law of attraction that operates whether we like it or not.  To me, it's not so much about letting go, because you created this reality and it feels real but you can choose how much focus you give it. 

If you look at the story you are telling "you are under appreciated, company is looking to downsize, job is tough".  While these things are there and are happening you don't have to make them your main point of focus. Whilst this is not easily done, it is the only way to move from your current condition to a better one.  Find things to appreciate and feel gratitude for what may appear to be the most minute thing, but that momentum will grow and the universe will give you more and more to appreciate.  You will start to see the most amazing unfolding when you do.

If you can accept that things are the way the way they are, whether you resist them or not, it becomes a choice.  You have the  choice of focus in all aspects of life.  You won't forget it is all happening, it won't magically go away and it may feel uncomfortable from time to time but you can allow it not to consume you entirely. 

The situation was brought about by your thinking, you can change it by your thinking too.  My situation was really bad too, and I turned it around completely. 


I've really hit a funk today -- I felt hopeful the last few days, but today, I'm just so sure that my manifestation is never going to come and I've bottomed out - this is it for me. The job I had so hoped for and was sure that I was amazingly qualified for went to someone else without me even getting an interview. I've interviewed and applied for so many jobs over the past decade and here I still sit, in a worse position than ever. I really don't know what to do: Do I think that this desire, which I know is what I want to do, just won't happen and I never think of it again, so I don't get so depressed, or what do I do? I know I have major depression, but my medication sure doesn't help at all. If I had the option, I would just take my keys and coat and walk out of this office and go home and hide. I really don't feel that I'm ever going to reach my goal, which I know doesn't help me at all if I DID want to reach my goal, but I feel like it's gone - poof - nothing for you, girl.

I mean, if I give up on the manifestation, keep going on this path that I'm on, don't feel like I'll ever move on or do better -- is that it? Would I REALLY shoot myself in the foot?

In regards to bankrupcy you can just not pay your debts for 7 years and let them roll off, it's the same as a bankruptcy but without putting the big B on your credit.


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