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At the beginning of this year, I wanted to make more local friends, who I could go do things with offline. I have lived here for almost three years now and made a few friends, but now that I have decided to stay, I felt it was time to expand my social circle.

Then the coronavirus lockdown occurred, and "social distancing." On the surface, this did not bode well for my desire to make new friends. In fact, I set the desire aside and did not think about it any further.

However, as I have learned many times in the years I have practiced manifestation, whatever you want can and will find its way to you no matter what impediments appear to be in the way, as long as you have no resistance to it. 

I make art, and have sold many small pieces through a cooperative gallery in the nearest city. With the lockdown order in place, the gallery has been closed. However, one of the artists who regularly exhibits there started a Facebook group for the rest of us so that we can chat, show what we are working on, give each other mutual support, and get to know each other  better. This group quickly became a very tight-knit, cohesive community, and since the first week of March it has been remarkable to watch this loosely-assembled band of individuals develop close friendships with one another. At the gallery, we only saw each other on the days we hung new work for the following month, or during volunteer shifts. While we developed a pleasant superficial acquaintance, very few developed more than that. Now, however, we have come to know each other much better, and there are some people I have an affinity with who I might not have come to know so well had things continued as they were. 

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful, so a group of six of us agreed to meet at a wooded waterfront park. There were two landscape painters and a photographer who wanted to get out and work in the open air, and the other three of us decided to go along. I took paper and materials to take imprints and rubbings of interesting surfaces, to use in my collages. None of us got much serious work done, because we were too busy talking. It was the first time I had met some of them face-to-face, and a couple of them I had previously known only by sight, but it was as if we had always been friends, and it all felt very right and natural that we should be together. 

On top of that, the friend I live with and I have both experienced a torrent of welcome from the permaculture group in our area, and we have met wonderful and fascinating people online who are eager to show us their own permaculture landscapes (lockdown and social distancing be damned), and assist us as we begin to create our own. Some of them live very close by, and I am looking forward to meeting them.

I wanted to make more offline, local friends, and on the surface it appeared that the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions on socialization, and people's fear of the virus would delay those plans. However, when you have a strong desire, and put up no resistance to its manifestation, the way will be made for it to come to you.

When I let the matter go at the beginning of March, I did not dwell on it. I did not focus on feelings of aloneness, but rather upon appreciating the friends and acquaintances I already had, and pursuing activities that brought me joy. When invited to join the gallery Facebook group, I did not think, "Oh, I have enough online friends, and I am only a part-time amateur among better artists; no thank you"; I joined the conversation without telling myself stories about how inferior that experience was to meeting people face-to-face. I simply took opportunities to socialize with like-minded others as they presented themselves, because even if they were not face-to-face, they were still local, which, I decided, was close enough to what I wanted. Thus, the "lockdown" on social interactions that appeared at first to be a barrier has proven to be an illusion. There was never anything in the way.

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Thank you for sharing this.  There has been so much focus upon loneliness and isolation, that it has become the zeitgeist of the year so far, so this redresses the balance.  Making friends IS possible even in social distancing. It’s also great to read of someone finding a benefit to social distancing and lockdown. 

 Love your post. I also think loneliness is just one of the biggest illusions, how can we ever be lonely if we come from Source, we are part of Source and of everything else? The illusion of separation makes us feel lonely.

Well a few things jump out.  Firstly, if you have made friends already prior to making this decision, you are already ahead of the game.  However it’s a desire and a great intention and so its helpful to look at your beliefs around that.  For example, lock down is going to have an impact and I’d like to illustrate this with two friends to better explain.  Both single ladies in their early 30’s.  One was overjoyed when lock down was first announced as she wanted to do things around her home and do some diy etc to prepare her home for her eventual loving partner.  The other, wasn’t mad keen on the idea and started worrying over the effect it would have on her dating life (seriously that was her major concern). 

So first friend, did the diy and stuff around the house which was amazing and she showed a few people.  She was overjoyed in the beginning as she had wanted to resort and reorganise her home.  The second friend was worrying non stop about her life.  She was saying consistently over and over again that lock down was bad for her dating life and she was worried she would end up alone forever.  The first friend had ups and downs.  Whilst she had prepared her home, she was impatient and so after about 4 weeks she started getting depressed and her thoughts started working against her.  However, she and my other friend me up (keeping to social distancing) to support each other.  Well you know that saying, misery loves company.  It couldn’t have been further from the truth.  Both set about complaining about the lock down and the impact it was having.  They listened to each other, cried a bit, and they telephoned each other regularly to suppor teach other.  On week 6, my first friend noticed she was in a rut with negative thinking and so started working on herself and her thinking.  Second friend was dead against the idea.  She argued that there was no point whilst lock down was in place and that it was better to wait till it was all over.  First friend was wise though and took responsibility and felt it was called for and so despite my second friends recommendations to wait till its over, started working on her thoughts. 

Now she went to a great deal of effort here.  She recorded some affirmations which she listened to many times a day.  She went to sleep with them and did things during the day playing them.  A week after, she was out getting her food shopping from her local grocery shop and in the shop she was chatting to the shop owner behind the till, and enjoying herself and having fun with talking about things and all of a sudden the shop keeper calls out to the back of the shop and lo and behold.  She is introduced to his nephew, a year older than her, who is just her type of guy.  Despite lockdown, she has already been on 3 dates with him and they are getting on really well.  Now whilst it isnt’ a blooming romance (yet) it has her feeling good and she enjoys his company.  She has created that purely through her thoughts despite the lock down. 

With friends, and making them in person, its often helpful to find common ground . For example, if you enjoy reading going to a book club.  If you enjoy food, taking up a cookery class.  Seeing if there are local events (maybe not in the immediate future but keep it on your radar).  Universe always responds to our desires, and no matter what is happening it will deliver to you something but it may not look like you imagined it to (it rarely does) but it will work.

The only limits in this universe are the ones we give ourselves, so even in lockdown you can create what you desire with ease if you are willing to work with the Universe.

What a lovely success story!

Thanks for sharing :) 


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