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JUST THINK of how many "truths" we are taught from human birth. Some are shared, some are unique to each of us.


There are countries.

People are more valuable than animals.

People who go to church end up in heaven.

Prostitutes are bad.

I am unlovable.

Money brings peace.

He or she is weird because..

I am better than her because....

What stupid shi* are you telling yourself because the "world" says so?

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Too many to mention!!!

Secular music is the devil's music

Relationships are about sacrifice

Getting older is the same as getting old

Death is a bad thing

Black men CAN jump

What other people think matters

White men CAN'T jump

You can't have everything you want.

God has a big 'ole chair.  And fires lightning bolts at bad guys.


I'm the only one that knows what evil is.


Christians win more wars. 


Guns are bad.


My body is too hairy.


OMG, my penis is too long....


All these women want me....


I am not funny...

oh yeah how many times have I heard this one! ALL the time, still today and I have to agree I even find it hard to believe I can have it all sometimes. In my family there is a strong sense of "when things get better in one area, something else collapses". but I know it's just a belief, nothing else.

That said, I also know we're humans and thus are bound to experience some contrasts now and then.

Girls mature faster than boys.

Looks are important.

Loners are losers.

Nerds are geeks.

Wealth equals success.

You are your salary.

Popularity is important.

Think about the ones having to do with appearance!

What goes through your MIND when you see

a person with acne

a person with ragged clothes

a homeless person

an overweight person

a cross dresser

a person who is dirty

someone really thin like

someone with an eating disorder

someone who is slow to understand

a foreigner

someone who works in a lower wage job

LISTEN to your thoughts when you see others!

Remember that every one of us is someones child! Every single one of us a being of GOD.


One of the things I also ask myself is


While my ego may want recognition, i know my heart has love for everyone. That is my favorite thing about me. The deep and profound love I feel for the unpopular kid on my class, the popular kid, the dirty and angry man at the convenience store, the rich, ill mannered customers at my job, even the people who cant love their animals, the bullies etc. The descriptions I am listing are just labels i am attributing to them all based on limited experiences, limited thinking etc. My mind can confuse things, but it is my heart I am in touch with and what I always want to be true to.

I love this because I think the same thing sometimes, am I being kind and generous to this person for selfish or selfless reasons? I often find myself going out of my way, and inconveniencing myself, in order to do something nice for someone else..... but then slightly resenting it afterwards! haha! So silly! I am gradually training this out of myself though and have to say I have noticed that normally when I do this, something else great comes out of it! ......but again that's a selfish viewpoint! haha! BUT then I remind myself that WE ARE ALL SELFISH! It's all we can be! We can only see things from our perspective and we are 'down here' to experience things for ourselves not others, and our happiness should always be are top priority - because we can only help to make others happy when we are fully happy ourselves....anyway, I digress...

I adore the feeling I get when I have made someone elses day slightly better, adore it. Best feeling ever! And it's a mutual benefit so it's all good.

I do find that when I am put on the spot, with no time to think about consequences or motives, that I will act for the benefit of the other person 9 times out of 10. Like if I see an old lady struggling to carry her suitcase down some stairs, I don't even hesitate, I help. I've been that way since I was a little girl! :-)

Another thing I love about you gvieve !!!

I am completely in love with this song :)

It is such a great song!! Aw glad you love it:)

Well I'm not pushing the Bible here or anything,but I think we could all learn from the part that says: "Why do you look at that speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and not pay attention to the plank in your own eye?".

Judging people for their human failings/differences/physical flaws is cruel and when we do this we are also hurting ourselves in the process because by giving out that kind of thing we are attracting bad stuff back to us one way or another.

I totally agree with you,Flowerpatch,we are all one. Nobody is better than anybody else and at the end of the day we are all moving in the same direction,to the same destination.


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