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Manifest Your Ex or a Specific Person Easily Now! Tried & Tested Techniques!

Hi PI Family,

I promised to do a post on "How to Manifest Your Specific Partner or an Ex" - so here it is. It may be a tad bit long, but so as long as you follow each method; I and alongside many others here on this forum can vouch for this amazing tried and tested formula that has worked for me and many others. Keep your mind open as you read this and know that once you successfully do this, you can put your worries to rest by knowing that no matter what the situation, ANYTHING is possible!

Let's start :)

1- It Always Begins with You

You've heard that you need to love yourself in order to get into a receptive mode of getting that which you need. Well, that's very true, but I understand that if you've had a breakup or are finding it hard to get the attention of your specific person, it gets frustrating and is hurtful. This is where you have to make yourself a priority. Forget about that person (or at least try to) for a week. Focus only on yourself. Do what makes you feel good about you. Dress up well, look good, go for retail therapy, listen to music that elevates you, eat that bucket of ice cream, meet friends, exercise, and just be you. This all is after you've vented, cried, and are trying to come to terms with your situation.
Now one extremely effective technique that I find absolutely awesome and easy is filling my bathtub with warm water, adding enough salt to absorb in my skin and adding my favourite bubble bath in it. Salt is scientifically proven to drain out the negativity from your body, plus it's really good for the skin in general (google salt bath benefits). If you don't have a tub, you can also fill up half a bucket of water, add salt in it and soak your feet in it for 15-20 minutes. Close your eyes and quiet your mind. Rhythmically say the word "Release," as you are soaked in salt water. The letter 'R' has a rhythm to it and is easier to say out loud than other chants. Loosen up your body as you do this.

2- Open Your Chakras

YouTube has some great guided meditations on opening your chakras. This one has worked for many, you can use this or try any other on YouTube that resonates with you. You don't have to specifically do this one at night, you may do it whenever. Headphones are a must.

3- Focus on LOVE.

Focus on what love is. What does love mean to you? Why is this specific person so desirable than any other person? Why do you want to have him/her? Journal this down. After writing your reasons, close the journal and start watching love movies or reading romantic novels, basically anything that has the emotion love in it. Do this for a week. This will bring back the emotion of love within you which we will need for step four.

4- Radiating Love Out to Your Specific Person

There is no emotion stronger than love. This is also backed up with scientific research. Since you filled yourself with love in step 3, this one will be an easy one for you and you can do it as many times as you like. The more you do it, the better it is. For those who don't know how to "radiate" love energy out to your person, this point may seem daunting. But this short 10 minute guided meditation makes it super easy to do so: https://youtu.be/Vv_co-zSE4I

5- Program Your Aura

Aura programming is a technique used for you to rewire your brain. Just sit back and visualise your entire body's aura red and see what you're saying in your minds eye. As you do it, say this out loud for 10 minutes: "I am programming my aura to attract and act on (name) he/she finds me very attractive and irresistible. (Name) loves me and I love (name.)"

6- Binaural Beats & Journaling

Use these binaural beats or any other that invoke feelings of love within you:
https://youtu.be/d9tXG7TIB1w (This one in particular worked for four people who followed all of this to get their specific person) and also this https://youtu.be/3nsoyio9FM8

As you hear these beats, open up the journal where you wrote in step 3 about love. Read that. Now turn over a new page, and write down all the qualities of that person that you truly appreciate, respect and love. If you've had some great moments with that person or would like to, then write them down as you hear the beats. As you are doing this, focus on how you feel. Do you feel love, is there a smile on your face and most importantly do you feel positive? Emotions are your navigators.

7- Take a white candle and a pink candle

No this isn't witchcraft! Candles with colours have energy. White is used for peace and pink for love and harmony. You can use scented ones too. Light them up and place a picture of your specific person or just visualise them. This is another feel good method and you can skip this step if you don't want to do it.

8- Hush the mind chatter and kick the doubt!

After all the steps you've successfully done, now you're probably waiting for a sign or proof. "Why hasn't the person sent me a text or called me or made a move? This is all crap and LOA specific attraction techniques don't work!"


Like we keep saying, we are all energy. Energy is made out of particles, thus making us into "one" energy. So here's the truth to kick the doubt out:

Your efforts and the love that you send is ALWAYS returned back to you in more ways than one. To list a few:

A- they may had a thought about you and appreciated how you maybe helped them in the past without you knowing about it.
B- they maybe missing you EVERYDAY without your knowledge.
C- they probably stalked you on your social media accounts to see your pictures and activities.
D- they might have imagined being with you as they've surely felt your constant love that you are sending out to them.
E- since they are feeling your love energy, they might be finding ways to get back with you again and you have no clue about it!

Just because you've not heard from them yet, doesn't mean that you give up on all that you are doing. All your efforts are working and it is being returned without a shadow of doubt. Be open to receive love.

9- Keep doing All the Steps till You See Movement

Now, I mentioned point 8 before point 9 because many people give up far too soon. Read up on Evelyn Forrest's post on how it works. I taught her all this and today she's a great friend, but her journey wasn't easy. Eve was a skeptic, she was pushing forth a desperation energy (we've removed that for you if you have successfully done point one), and basically it was a rough ride for her. She's been regularly updating on her progress on this forum. There have been times when she wanted to just let go and give up while doing all of this, yet she pulled through. She is just one example. I had the most moody, ghoster for a boyfriend who became an ex and after doing all of this, well let's just say that the first thing I manifested was a ring and today we are stronger than ever. There are many more success stories right here on this very forum who did all this and got their specific person.

10- Keep the faith, be super grateful and stay POSITIVE

Know that you are the co-creators of your lives and by just staying positive, (being in a state of vortex) and instead of believing, rather KNOWING that it's all unfolding before you, trust me you will be able to move mountains. Practice gratitude as much as you can. Be thankful that this person stepped into your life. Write down things about your specific person that you are truly grateful for. It could be their looks, their personality, their eyes, hair...just about ANYTHING!

Good luck to all of you who are manifesting their ex back or a specific person. May all your wishes be fulfilled.

Happy to answer any queries :)

Love, light & blessings,
ZH x

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On your top right hand corner there is a link saying 'Inbox' click that and compose your message :) 

Thank you! To me it is happening that I attract other ex or other guys but not to my ex .... could you tell me what I am doing wrong ??? Thank you!

You're attracting those people to whom you are sending energy out too! Haha. Send it to the person you want :)

Oh...thank you so much for your reply. My current situation is...before more than one year of visualization and other techniques, we are friends with benefits but... I want more!! In fact we rent the same apartment, and I feel lost, other people and ex have appear in my life, but I just want him back in my life as my boyfriend,  not as "a friend" and my question is..what I'm doing wrong? :'(

hey ZH, for a while, I was doing really well with focusing on myself and all. but unfortunately, after sustaining for about a few months, I crumbled today. I can't seem to continue. I went back to ground zero. have you ever been this way? where you are on the high and then suddenly crash and burn?

Yes! And don't fret over it. Just believe in your own power and know that when you are determined and focused; believing that what you want is what you'll have. That unwavering belief will set you back on track. I'd highly recommend loving yourself and radiating love to yourself and all that's around you with gratitude first. :)

YES! Gratitude is an important tool! I realised after writing all the things I'm thankful for, it was so liberating and I felt so good after. Thank you for the reply, ZH! <3

Hello ZH, I have been a silent reader for quite a few weeks.

My boyfriend of two years broke up with me a month before this, and we fought for a month before totally cutting off contact on 17th June.

I am grateful for your posts and finding this forum and website and finding the law of attraction.

Right now, I strongly feel that me and my boyfriend are soulmates, but of course, there's always doubts. So what I'm doing is listening to subliminals and guided meditation about letting go of one's ex. But since I still want him and I still believe our fates are intertwined, I also listen to the subliminal for getting one's ex back.

Do these contradict with each other? Because from many posts, you have to let go of your ex to win him back, and honestly, I really want to be with him, but I'm afraid that the hope to be with him is holding me back from letting go of him.

It's a whole bunch of paradox to me that I'm getting a headache.

So, should I strictly listen to affirmations about getting my ex back or continue listening to the one about letting go of my ex?

These steps above after step no 2, wouldn't it make it harder for me to let go of the outcome?

I noticed that if anyone talks to me about the breakup, my thoughts get negative so I tell my friends and family not to talk about the breakup anymore and talk about positive things. So I've managed to detect what thoughts make me feel bad and negative.

I also realize that if anything, the problem lies within my low self esteem and low self love. So I've read and listened to subliminals and affirmations about self love, but when anyone reminds me of what happened with my ex, my doubts kick in and I am unable to think positively of him as required in step 3 and 4.

Your help will be so appreciated.

Love always,


Thankyou again :)


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