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I want to start a two week manifestation challenge to move into the next chapter of my life with ease and grace and awesomeness, but i need support! i am looking for a group of people to do this with. I am also looking for tools that could help me.  Any ideas? What would you like to manifest in the next two weeks and how would you do it??

Love love love love, 


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Perfect Liz, your recap is perfect for the 3 of us... I would suggest to write it down on a piece of paper so it is easy to glanze at it and remember the manifestation of everyone. Remember that we are going to need a good 15 to 30 minutes of "peace time" on a private room, so you could "mediate" and vizualise floating into the clouds an meeting us. (the best way you can... no biggy) we are then going to start visualizing each of our manifestation targets one at the time like we are watching a movie, continously until time is up. I would suggest to have a notebook near buy in case you noticed something or feel something that you should write down in paper before you forget it. 

Just to make sure our times are :

My time would be 10:00PM, Chicago on my time will be 9:00PM and Salina will be 7:00PM

WoW, congratulations all around, this was planed very quickly and perfectly.



OK don't know if you guys are here or not, but I've got some stuff to do, and I'll join you in the ether.

See you there

PS I'm so excited!!

Ok, I'm off.


Wow, that was really nice. It was cool to do that, I have never done that before. Some things that came up. 

Luis I felt you were such a happy energy. I also felt that you needed to feel a bit more confident.  So I imagined you with a big puffed up chest like superman and you suddenly had some like personal soundtrack behind you which gave you the "hell yeah!" feeling. I saw you taking that feeling into all of your interactions and the people you met with felt it too and that had them believing in you and wanting to see you succeed. I also heard the words fat check or fact check. i don't know but they are both worth taking note of. I also heard something about millionaires and kept thinking about upstate new york. In the beginning of meditating i saw a sign in front of a house, a real estate sign. it had something written on it in green implying that this place carried the stamp of a green business, like a brand that was marketed along with the real estate...dunno??

Salina, you come across as a super pretty lady! a few things i felt were that a room needed some love put into it. i saw a dark room, then i transformed it and whitewashed it and decorated it with heart shaped pillows and poured tons of LOVE into it! I do not know if this room is a literal room or an internal shift that needs to be made. I saw you with the feeling like, whoa i can't believe i did it! I have to admit i was not clear on if you want to buy or sell a house, so i just kept seeing you with your hand on the door handle sooo happy and a car in the distance! 

At the end i poured a bunch of yahoos into the meditation and had us jumping up and down with joy that we achieved our goals. 

I think it is a good idea to write a letter to this group dated two weeks from today. Write the day entirely, where and how you woke up, what you did, who you interacted with, smells, sounds, specific as possible. We will incorporate this goals into that letter and write how psyched and grateful we are to have acheved and co-created such wonderful goals!

how did it go for you guys? i hope you are ok with my impressions, remember, i could be wrong! dunno? what kinds of things would be holding us back from achieving anything here?

whoooo hooo us!


WoW , that is amazing Liz... I was in for a good 30 minutes which on its own it is extraordinary. I felt I deep connection with the two of you and could feel we were holding hands on a circle. It was a really comfortable feeling that I can definitely use :)  I was visualizing the house, the purchase and then the fixing of it, from there I could then see 3 people painting with oils on a canvas trying their best and one of them inquiring about wanting to buy a painting or two, then I started to visualize clients calling me for work, but then, something weird starting to happen... the 3 manifestations started to meld into one, where I then starting to see this two story floor house, beige siding, with need of a lot of repairs, then I could see Gaia Sharbel (my company) doing repairs, one was about a water line taht I suggested it should be replaced instead of trying to fix it, then I started to see art work in the walls and a guy drawing 85K with red oil paint in one of them like art. It almost felt that all 3 affirmations were happening from the same power source! Pretty amazing, and it felt fantastic! I felt like I have a support team of sorts... hard to explain. This is my first time doing this, and it really feels great.    Liz, somehow you connected pretty well because I actually been seeing the Superman emblem all day today because my daughter is being wearing it! So that right there is AMAZING!  and you are right, I can use some confidence to support my knowledge.  Sorry I do not have that type of insight detail to share, but somehow I think we 3 really connected very well.... I really, really hope we can do this again tomorrow same time, same channel :) 

We now have to start paying attention during the day to recognize the parts of our manifestation!

I am grateful to have cross path with you guys...


Ps. At the beginning as we were holding hands in a circle, I felt my face got warm and I started to smile.... like I am charged with this energy :)

Wow, this is all great.  Sorry I'm a little late.

However, what I saw was us in a circle with like Virgin Mary' statues directly behind each of us - sorta like a guardian angel.  At first, I tried to do each different visions and what I got was for Liz $52k and the number 96 kept coming up for Luis.   As I went deeper, there was a pretty blonde lady standing in front of a counter, looking at me, then I figured out I was Liz, I guess she was a customer of some sort.  Behind her was a long line of people waiting to see you. And the building you were in was an eco-friendly building and a white card with a green logo embossed.  A later discovery was the 96 meant $96k for Luis.  I just saw me happy in my redone house waving at you guys.

Ohmigosh, this was so fun.  We have to do this again.

Oh and Liz, I'm buying the home. Luis, it does have beige siding, and in need of a whole host of repairs.  But I'm confident it will be done.

AAAAHhhh.  I feel so good right now.  Tomorrow sounds great.  I can't wait.

I will meet with you guys in 4 minutes...


Hi Rockstars!

I meditated at 9 then fell asleep til 12.30am!! I don't have much to share as it all got mingled in with sleep although it started again with the real estate sign in front of the house.  That being said, you know where I'll be at 9pm each night! 

Oh and things are already shifting - I got a letter in the mail about some health benefits that they are automatically extending for 6 months. That never happens!

Has anyone heard of lazarus 33 second manifestation meditation?(spelling???)

ok happy memorial day!


Hey Liz, that happened to me to... I started right on time, and 30 minutes later I just dosed off, then this morning was up and doing things... so no much memory of what happened! I be there on time though today, tomorrow... I will try to write my experiences....

"Has anyone heard of lazarus 33 second manifestation meditation?(spelling???)" Do share please :)

Happy memorial day friends,



Hello you guys,

I wont join you because I am already in my own 30 days challenge on another forum but it's really nice to read you and your goals and techniques and everything. I will gladly follow you and learn from you. You have my full support!!! :) happy

Love & Light

Greetings Andree!

  Thank you for the word of encouragement and support.... even though you already are working with a different group, you are welcome to share with us how your challenge is working and perhaps we can provide support to you too. Also, if you feel like experimenting with us, we have our daily meditation in 57 minutes... (10:00PM eastern time) just for kicks and see how you like it.


Hi Andree!

May you learn, enjoy and grow as we all are doing!

This is where I found the reference to the 33 sec meditation, its from a bashar workshop:

Bashar: Manifestation and Telepathy

Q: I listened to the tape by Lazaris on manifestation, and I would
like to speed up my manifestation of when I have a thought of
wanting to manifest something, and the actual turning it up in my

B: Did you avail yourself of what he refers to as the 33-second
technique? Do you have the tape that includes the 33-second

Q: Yes!

B: Did you do it?

Q: If it didn't work, I guess I didn't do it correctly.

B: Then we would suggest that if you do not even remember that you
did it, you go back and listen to that tape again. And get in touch
honestly with your belief system. It does work, and it works very
quickly, as quickly as you will want it to work. Go back and listen
again. Pay attention. All right?

Q: Thank you.

I'll try to find the info in it later.

cheers all!


ok found this:

I'm done posting! have a great weekend everyone!


33 Second Technique


A technique recommended by both Seth and Lazaris, both teachers of the manifestation process, is focusing on a single picture of what you want, with as much emotion as you can possibly muster.

Seth doesn’t specify a time period, but in Lazaris’ videotape, “Secrets of Manifesting What you Want, Part II”, he recommends to hold the picture of what you want for 33 seconds exactly, to receive the most powerful results. At the end of the 33 seconds it is important to immediately shift your visualization to black. But when you hold this single picture of what you want in your mind, you should feel as much joy and as much bliss as you can possibly feel. The picture should be as simple as possible.

It could just be you, with a smile on your face because you had just received what you want. But make the picture simple, and when you repeat the technique, make sure you visualize the exact same picture each time. You may want to make notes on what your picture was, so you remember the details.

If any of the emotion you feel as you are thinking about what you want, is negative emotion, it is an indication that you need to clear out some of the beliefs and old scripts that say you can’t have this thing. The negative emotion is a wonderful tool, that lets you know you have more clearing to do before you will allow the thing you want into your life.

Lazaris teaches that after you have completed any powerful technique, you should receive a sign within 72 hours that indicates you are succeeding. That doesn’t mean you’ll get the thing you want within 72 hours, although you may. It DOES means you will definitely get a sign that it is coming, that you are on the right track. Sometimes the sign will be little.

You may mistake the sign for what you are getting, as meaning you will get only that, instead of the actual thing. If you are creating money, and you want a thousand dollars, and three days after doing an emotional visualization you receive a check for $5, you will be tempted to say, “i/this is what I have created; forget it. I must be really lousy at this manifesting stuff ” You may be tempted to feel disappointed. But this is actually good news – it is a sign that the energy you are putting out is effective! when the sign arrives, and it will, rejoice! Realize you are creating your own reality consciously! CELEBRATE. YOU ARE DOING IT! No, it isn’t all done yet. It does need more work. But it’s coming! It’s coming!

If you are creating money, the sign may be that you go into a store to buy something, and the thing you were going to buy is on sale. Or you get a rebate check in the mail. I have even received a sign that my techniques for money were working when a check appeared in my mailbox, made out to someone else, in another state. Do you think it ended up in my mailbox the day after I did a technique by accident? No way! I created that. And I took it as a sign that it is just the beginning of lots and lots of checks in my mailbox, all made out to ME!

If you’re creating relationships, the sign may be seeing other people in wonderful relationships just like the one you want. Now don’t let the sign be an excuse for you to slip into self-pity! “Oh look, they got what I wanted ” No! When you see people around you having what you want it is always a sign to you that you can now have it too! We can only bring into our experience what we can have!

That’s how the law of attraction works.

So when you get the sign, and you will — Celebrate It! Be excited about it. Run and jump and shout and laugh and be joyous, if only in your mind. This gives a clear message to your subconscious mind and to your guides that success is what you want… and to send more! You are on your way!


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