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I want to start a two week manifestation challenge to move into the next chapter of my life with ease and grace and awesomeness, but i need support! i am looking for a group of people to do this with. I am also looking for tools that could help me.  Any ideas? What would you like to manifest in the next two weeks and how would you do it??

Love love love love, 


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Ok guys and heyy Andree, you're welcome to follow and share your experiences, too.

I should've posted this sooner but haven't been at the PC.  Anywho, as I was meditating I saw a blue swirling circle I guess like soup in a cauldron, so I poured in some customers for both of you two, and they just kept coming - from me or universe idk.  But it started out as like a few then more and more until it was a blur of people going in.  So I threw in some money too, and the checks and bills kept going. It went like that for other things I threw in love, hearts and whatnot.  But I tell you, it was 3D and like I was hallucinating, but in a good way if that makes any sense.

So, yeah.  I'm off to do some more visualization. :D

Hello you guys,

Thanks for inviting me in your group. Here is the link of the thread I opened for my challenge. Read only the first post by Betty1978 which is me. You really don't need to read the whole thread because I explain what I want to achieve and how I choose to do it in the first post.


Oh for the meditation I am not sure I can do it since I live in France and I don't really get the time thing lol

Elizabeth, what you posted from Bashar is really helpful. Actually there is a lot of things that you guys posted that really resonate with me. I am really glad I found this thread. Thank you :) happy

Me to, I am off enjoying my script followed by doing some visualization!

Hey guys, mind if I join the group too?

I'm in the HUGE process of overhauling my life in the last 2-3 months and I've been manifesting great help along the way! The process I use is fearing my demons, settling my issues and healing my past with my inner child. ;)

I posted my method on this thread here but I'm posting it again for you guys to read haha!

"The methods I used to heal my past was visualize my inner child either talking me about how she truly felt. I let her rant and rave about everything that the situation I was working on effected her (ie you). Let everything be on the table and don't limit yourself about how you felt. After that, I imagined all the hurt and pain gathering up in a big black ball then sending that black ball in the center of the earth. After that, I would take my inner child and my current self in my higher self's light to clear away all the old and tired energies.

Another method is that I just talk to myself about how I "truly" feel without my inner child then imagine the black ball of energy and all that. 

When I first started I would do it every time I felt bad about something. Whether is was anger, envy, sadness to find out what was going on with me. Then I would tackle the issue head on before bed with the method I stated above. I would feel a shift every time I did it and it makes the healing process a lot easier when you sleep. The first few times I would have very low energy days afterwards because of the huge clearing of negative energy I would do. It took time to have the new fresh energy to settle in."

I have no idea what I want to manifest in the next two weeks haha since I've been so laid back in the past few months. Whatever I need seems to pop up on its own! But I love the idea of supporting each other while we make huge changes in our lives! :D

Can I still join? I manifested my bar/restaurant about 8 months ago, but the last few weeks I've  also let my worrying manifest, and it is starting to show quickly 

I think that this challenge is what I need

Hey, sure the more the merrier.  

What we usually do is gather info about each other's desires; sum it up in a sentence.  And at around 7PST/10EST we meditate on all of us achieving our desires and any other extra pushes one feels the other may need. 

Sooooo, lt 'em roll and I'll see you at 7 ;D

Hello Everyone, To all the new people, I am so glad you found this and we are all so lucky / blessed to find each other. 


So here's the rub - what happens to me when I get into something I want...RESISTANCE!!!! Can we all talk for a second about the brick walls that arrive, called resistance. Does anyone else encounter this and what do you do about it.  


I recently got a book called Do the Work! (super cool book!!!!!)  and it is all about resistance. ha ha, i don't know where i put it. ha ha right. i read the book before i started this group project and its funny how it outlines that resistance will definitely show  up when you are moving towards your goal. it is a REAL Energy Force! its not just in your mind, but it is in you. Always. and we must move past it. where is that book!! man i can't believe that my resistance force hid that book from me when it knew i was going to need it.  

so until i find it, any tips?

I'm glad I just wrote this, b/c I was just going to feel bad about this instead of sharing. 

Cosmic hugs all around! 

Aah, I'm so glad someone said something.  I thought I was the only one feeling a huge block.  Here I am, prancing around on my high horse and it seems like I hit a brick wall.  I know there's light at the end of the tunnel, I just have to somehow get there.

I guess more meditating for me.

Oh and best wishes all around.

Every time without fail when I set a goal to better our income for our home a resistance block force starts almost immediately in very incredible ways. The reason I joined this group was because I was hopping our combined "wants"  would help us brake all  those blocks we have (I guess the elephant in the room is out)  I also believe that working together should encourage us to focus better in our goals.

See you guys in a few minutes....   Namaste


About the resistance thing, I used to get A LOT of that until somebody on here told me about EFT. You can just google it, or look it up on youtube and there's and abundance of videos that do the tapping with you to help you release whatever resistance you may have (i find that it comes in different forms such as fear, doubt, worry, being unsure, etc.)

Another thing you can do is, instead of resenting it and trying to make it go away, just "sit with it" for a while. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes we have to just sit with our feelings or emotions and discover the culprit. There more than likely is a reason you are feeling this. It may be God or the Universes way of telling us to just look at it again, and maybe rewire it or see it from a different perspective.

When you learn to trust your feelings, and come to peace with them (the good as well as the bad) you become more intuned to what they are trying to tell you. All emotions are guidance, I believe.

I hope this helps :)

This ones one of my FAVORITES! 

What great advice. Resistance I feel is a road block and a big one. BUT we never hit road blocks unless we are moving forward!!! Luis you don't need to worry about that resistance every time you want to make more money for your family. You don't need to feel bad that you just "can't seem to" its not true.  Its true to sit with the resistance- it is there to show us where our beliefs are out of alignment with what is true.  

Think of this...we are supposed to be wealthy, it is only when we get in the way of what is rightfully ours with our negative thoughts that we block what is ours from coming in. 

When I was meditating with all of you at 9 the other night, the idea of ritual came to me. I think we have set up a good foundation for a launch of dreams.  We wanted a two week manifestation challenge that came to fruition on June 15th. Now is the time to get into it for real!!!

Let us do something every day that is ritualistic for the sake of our dream. Not just meditate, something physical as a symbol to the universe that we want our desire to be made manifest to us now.   Any ideas? I've never done a ritual. Light a candle? put on a green hat? Sing a song while spinning in a circle? LMK any ideas you all have for a ritual. 

ps. EFT is AWESOME!   I think this group is getting stronger. What do you think!!!!!!

pps. (i Love exclamation marks!!!!!) :)


I'm with you on the resistance idea.  And I keep getting signs from my Higher Self telling me to keep pushing forward, I'm almost there, and more things; like I was journaling and the TV was on and as soon as I wrote down a sentence about my desires, someone off the TV would say the same exact thing!!!!!!  Talk about synchronicity!!!!!!  So I know I'm on the right track.

Sometimes, though I felt as if I was groping blind at a door that led to abundance, but I couldn't find the knob.  I guess I just have to tune my senses in to just find that knob.

I was reading an article Steve Pavlina wrote, where he was training his daughter to find "random" coins on the ground and he said that she had to tune her senses into finding the money.  Her eyes saw it, but her mind didn't register it  because she hadn't trained her mind to.  Soon after - I guess 3 tries - she ended up finding more money than Steve.

So, I suppose we should apply this.  Tune our senses in.  Smell money/customers, hear it, see it feel it, taste it, love it, and most importantly feel grateful for that which we have and that which is to come.  We have to constantly apply pressure, weight to our goals so the imprint will stay.  

For myself, identifying and overriding limiting beliefs works better than trying to undo them, so I guess I just barrel through my hurdles than just dismantling them.  I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, that one of Newton's laws says that two equal and opposing forces cannot co-exist in the same place at the same time.  One must dominate the other, and I intend for the stronger to be for my own joy and happiness.  IDK why I put that.  Maybe it was more for me than the rest of you, but I believe we can all benefit.

Anywho, onto that ritual, LOL.  How about burning a candle while reciting a mantra?


Oh PS I love exclamation marks too!!!!!


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