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I want to start a two week manifestation challenge to move into the next chapter of my life with ease and grace and awesomeness, but i need support! i am looking for a group of people to do this with. I am also looking for tools that could help me.  Any ideas? What would you like to manifest in the next two weeks and how would you do it??

Love love love love, 


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This is fantastic. I have just meditated and realized what I want.  I visualized with smells, sounds and other senses.  Now to bring out the discipline to be consistent.  I read that to create solid affirmations for new goals one should do so in the following way:

Write four affirmations:

First affirmation, what is the goal ( I now have a red truck)

Second affirmation, Describing the life now that you have achieved the goal (I am happily driving my truck)

Third action affirmation (what lifestyle changes have you made) I am a happy truck driver

Fourth who you need to be affirmation ( I am disciplined, kind and have tons of energy)

So I am writing my affirmations right now.  I will write them out by hand and put them everywhere. 

There is a voice in my head of course saying..."boo hiss on you" but I am just going to step over that voice, like a piece of broken glass on the road, and move forward.  

What is your goal? Mine is about getting my art career back on solid ground. I was successful before I had a baby and now my career has slowed down intensely. I am in the process of rebuilding and reconnecting to clients. Basically I am coming out of hibernation. I am READY!


    I was just thinking exactly the same thing! Like we could have a "manifesting circle" so we can concentrate our energy to our wanting.... I am in the voyage of starting a green business and I can use all the manifesting energy power out there..... I read somewhere that if we can establish a date, time and duration, we could all meditate on that particular time and reach creator with all our names..... who is game?

Luis! You are awesome. Even if this challenge is just us, i am on board with you. What are your goals? I love what Adam wrote, I am going to begin each day with gratitude and end it the same!! Its about getting INTO the new head space! 

I think we should check in with e.o. each day and stay on track.  my goals for today - visualize, get clear on what i want, create affirmations, reach out for support and meditate.  I'll be honest, my resistance is strong. How do you over come resistance?

What time of date and time duration do we create? Yay!! We can do it!! Remember if you can conceive it, you can achieve it. Let's rock this. 

Hey guys, I'm interested, too.  Seems as though every time I'm on the brink of my goals something shuts down. I guess I need a little help lol.  So I'm here to support and get supported :)  

I've actually put out my intention - well a couple of intentions - to buy my fixer upper for 85k and have it move in ready with all the bells and whistles I desire by June 15th this year, have my car and some more stuff.  It might be a lot to others but I believe I can do it.

So how should we go about the whole group thing?  I like the idea of a manifesting circle.  Should we do specific days and times to meditate with each other for each other? I'm so excited now.  Turned my frown upside down at the prospect of help.

Best wishes :)

Fantastic! It seems that we are creating a nice manifesting support group!!!! To do this we need to describe our time zone, so hopefully we get to choose one that works for everyone. Then we all should say a very short concise things we are wanting to manifest, the simpler the better because the idea would be for us to be able to write down the name and the manifesting wish.... so to have it on our hands whenever we "meet" in the higher plane. Oh yeah, we can also determine the amount of time, anywhere from 15 to perhaps 30 minutes... We can also determine how frequency we want to do it (if there is a desire to do it more that one time.  

I be curious to read our stories later on how our manifesting reveals.....  :) 

I will start then, I am in -5:00GMT and I would prefer to have our manifesting effort any time after 6:00PM Easter time. I am manifesting (making) a new green sustainable energy contracting company and I am manifesting great clients for my business.

What do you guys think?



I think that's cool. I'm in PST and whatever works for you guys works for me. Perhaps we should start either tomorrow or the day after so everyone can agree.  


I Love Your Goal!! and YES! It or something better will happen! Let's start tomorrow the 25th? I have to admit I need to convert these time differences so that I understand it better...so..

Luis is -5:00 (europe?)

Salina is PST (california?)

I am CST  (chicago)

So if it is 9 am in Chicago, it is

7am in Californa - PST

and 3pm in London (I am guessing - GMT

can you guys let me know if i am close with the time. I am totally on board for meeting in the ether. also  there are three of us - we can officially accomplish anything!  I personally would love to attract new clients and garner two new commissions, or something better for my highest good. And I would love for this to happen now.  

I think we should visualize for each other.

I have a meeting at my studio in a few minutes, so I have to go. Looking forward to our first meeting.  

Oh I am best to meet around 2pm chicago time or after 8.30 pm chicago time.

Love and Light,



Liz, you are funny, -5 is eastern time (New York) :) Salina seems to be near California, and you are in Chicago.   This thread has already managed to change Salina's  frown upside down from the prospect of help, imagine what we can do then... We already know Salina's and my manifesting desires.... We need yours Liz, short and sweet hopefully in 2 or 3 lines (short enough so we can remember it when we meet in the higher plane) 

I am ok starting today if we can start at about 10:00PM my time which I think it is 9:00PM for Liz and 7:00PM Salina (or something close to that. It is easy to google a time converter so we can make sure!

So confirm that tonight is OK and Liz we need your what you want list.  This is almost a done deal!


Thanks Liz, I love your idea, too.  So 7 my time - PST - is good for me.  

Oh and for about how long? Fifteen to thirty minutes sounds about right.

What we can do is we "meet" here about 30 minutes before so we know we have everything we need... Agreed?


This is so cool and exciting!

ok, elevator speech / manifesting goal:

A 36 x 48 inch painting commission or sale (or better)

(basically see me happily exchanging a painting for money)

and three paying clients for my new art class

(see me happily teaching new students)

Yay Salina is smiling! 

9pm works for me! 

Lets recap the vision in the NEXT TWO WEEKS:

Salina:  to buy my fixer upper for 85k and have it move in ready with all the bells and whistles I desire by June 15th this year

Luis: I am manifesting (making) a new green sustainable energy contracting company and I am manifesting great clients for my business.

Liz: I am happily closing a new commission or sale of artwork and happily registering new students into my art course (or better)

I can't confirm that I can come online before 9 to meet. I will try. depends on my baby and her needs.  but i can promise that at 9 i will be in the space with you two. 

Yay (ps all our goals are so cool!)


Ok, great!!!!


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