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Hello, i joined a dating site and have been corresponding with this guy who has grown on me.  On my profile i stated wanting only friendship bla bla bla,  I told this guy this, even thou its clear on my profile, i emailed him at first if he has any bites and then he asked me and i told him how i just wanting friendship.

Yesterday i said to myself Yes I am wanting friendship but really i want a relationship with someone who i feel is ideal for me and with that there is friendship within it too.  I now want to tell him that.  

However i truly want to manifest a date with him, like he asks me out, or is it okay to ask him out.  My girlfriend says wait for him.  I am like Why? I could be waiitng forever.

I am surprised I feel this way, as my heart is still attached to my ex (my ex knows this). Yet i feel this connection to this guy on this dating site and would like to get to know him more and better. How do i manifest a date, what can i do without sounding desperado.

We exchanged mobile phone numbers too, yay.

Any tips advice, i appreciate :) Thank you. 

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Hey Goddess

Okay a few things to look at here for you.

Firstly saying you desire friendship and then changing your mind about it is going to produce two very different signals to the universe that would confuse this guy let alone the universe.  There is nothing wrong with either request at all – in fact friendships are kind of relationships but its important to look at the signals you are sending to the universe (the orders you are placing).

Now also the words you are using to describe things here are again counter intuitive to what you desire to create.  “My heart is still attached to my ex”.  No it isn’t at all – and giving that signal to your cells isn’t the best idea because that’s going to be another confusing order that the universe gets and wonders about for you. 

Now feeling this connection is wonderful and something that I would encourage you to celebrate but rather than get locked inot an end result – i.e. dating with this guy, why not instead change the focus to having fun and feeling good.  You have this guy’s mobile, so that’s great and a good sign for sure, but rather than lock this into something that may scare someone off – you want to instead let it organically grow.  So by all means, suggesting meeting up is a great thing to do.  However think if you were in this guys shoes, and you were speaking with someone who said they desired friendship, and then changed their mind suddenly.  Can you get that it feels a little unsettling.  Again, I’m not saying this is wrong at all – its just important to look at the confusion here in your words and actions and thoughts too.  As these all are orders you place with the universe.


Exactly Grayson I feel like messaging him my inner truth. I thought I want friendship first and really I want a relationship with the friendship in it. I am sending mixed signals.

i agree with what you said.

Great, that you recognise it - because thats often the first step that we have to take and it sometimes isn't the easiest but you have done it.  Okay so look at what you are ultimately desiring here - because thats key to giving a clearer indicator to the universe.  You desire a relationship, but you also desire friendship and the two don't necessarily have to be the same person you know.  Like I said, switch the focus back onto fun and enjoyment whether with this guy or someone else because your inner being knows exactly how to orchestrate things but it needs your kind of go ahead to do so and the really biggest indicator that there is - is fun and joy.  Seriously, nothing tickles our inner beings moreso than when we are in the flows of life and laughing.  

“How do I manifest a date?”

The same way you manifest everything: Feel good and satisfied.

If you feel inspired to ask them out, do it with no expectation it needs to lead to a date. Have fun with whatever the outcome is.


Its been great, i have been feeling good, so nice to feel that feeling again. I posed a question which was so bold of me, but hey i went with it and was received with appreciation :)

I feel this resonance with him, and i do like him.  Yet i need to calm down too hahaha

he lives 2.5 hours north of me, so not that far

The guys on dating sites in my experience are disproportionately highly weighed on wanting only casual sex.
If you wrote friends and he had responded only to that he is really just likely looking tor no commitment sex
As in casual with no commitment. I learner the hard way that the universe can hive jimwhat he wants while a men hived barely enough to try to make it a relationship on my/the girls part too. But in reality they believe you are casual and will sleep around.

Not necessary laura, people have had good expeirnces on dating sites too. You just need ot to stay in your own vibration of a serious relationship.

You know its so interesting that our experiences can really enforce our reality creatoins.  For many nowadays, the internet is a tool thats over used to connect with people, and in today's lifestyle I think its probably a good thing, but there are of course people who will use online dating for that kind of thing that Laura suggests, but there are also those who do not desire that too.  Its a real generalisation that whilst seemingly true actually will shape our experiences.  

There are many people who have found love on the net and enjoy happy and healthy relationships, but I think they did so without thinking or declaring those kind of thoughts.  So I think if I was looking for a relationship - I'd consider all the options including the net as potential sources.  


So why does it have to be either/or?  Why can't you just progress the friendship and see how it goes?

Why not just ask him if he wants to meet for a coffee and get to know him a bit better without the pressure and expectations of it being a "romantic intentions" date?  

Have fun with it and keep it light and casual and let it unfold without a need to put a label on it or sort him into a pile before you even get to know him.  

Asking someone if they want to grab a coffee sometime is hardly desperado.  It's just a "I'd like to get to know you better in person" thing. 

Well thats the ideal Daydreambeliever ;)  so hopefully it flows that way, no pressure at all :D

Switch the focus onto fun and enjoyment - your inner being knows exactly how to orchestrate things but it needs your kind of go ahead to do so and the really biggest indicator that there is - is fun and joy plus it will help you feel good too - so its winning on all levels!


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