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I'm an independent contractor as a stripper. I find that business depends on my emotional vibration. If I have high vibrations and really intending to make huge bucks before going to work, I make a killing amount of money. If I'm cranky and a bitch, definitely not high on vibration, I do not make good money. So, in conclusion I find that business is an emotional roller coaster which can be really exhausting.


What I'd like to manifest is a huge amount of money (millions) that would last me for a long time and then intending another huge amounts of money when I run out. You see I don't like to work hard for money and it's in my belief that I don't have to work hard for money.


I like the idea of living the life not working at all but has a lot of money to spend. There are various stories on the internet how always the same people win the lottery. Luck? I don't think so. I don't do lotteries but I would if I'm inspired one day.


So my question is how do you go on manifesting huge sums of money?  AffOrmations? Visualization? etc???


Thanks in Advance.

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Wow sirg awesome answer. =)

Hi Freya,


I have put my request out there fore a Billion.  Ask and you will receive.  I would like to receive at least a million soon to just sort our some immediate financial challenges, but I have plans for HUGE sums of money.


I go to bed every night dreaming of all my plans and getting really excited about them.  I buy Lottery tickets regularly, because I would love to win the lottery,  I love how free the  lottery money is, and how it is donated by people who want to make millionaires of others.  Every time I buy and ticket I know I am contributing to someone becoming a millionaire or multimillionaire and I just love that idea.  But I always remain open to other ways for money to come my way.  I know we are advised not to try too hard to imagine the 'way' it might come, but sometimes I cannot help it because it is enjoyable for me to think of  lottery win or a Billionaire spotting one of my blogs or website or hearing about me at my kids school or something and wanting to give me a gift.  Today is Mothers Day in Ireland and I imagined a Billionaire who had a great mother deciding to give a Million to a deserving Mother ....and they picked me ...lol


My belief is that once we Ask, then it is a sure thing that we will receive.  The only thing that delays it is our own vibrations, our own fears, or worries or old and limiting beliefs. So I wait patiently, and spend some time each day being appreciative of all the I have manifested to date and pivoting from all of my negative thoughts.  I also practice sending love and healing to as many people as I can, and of course when I am in that awareness.  And when I find I have been lost in thought, especially if the thoughts were a bit negative, I forgive myself, laugh and get on with being positive and happy again.


I believe what Sir Galahad says too about in the future that money wont have the same value, because as soon as someone manages to manifest money at will, they will be able to either share the wealth in a loving and generous manner,  and they will be able to help others to manifest at will, and then there wont be a shortage anyway.  But in the meantime, it would be just wonderful to manifest a nice generous amount of money and be free to do so many wonderful things !


I wish everyone well in their efforts, we really are at the leading edge, and it is an exciting and adventurous time to be alive, we may not be getting this manifesting right all the time, and we may be strugging more than is necessary ...but soon it will get easier and easier for us and we will be creating amazing things !  We are amazing beings already, but there are better and better things to come !


Love and light Gen

Realistically getting a large sum of money is going to take a lot of work. Everybody wants to win the lottery, but forums like this are not filled with many big money lottery winners. If all it took was a few visualizations and beliefs to win the lottery, forums like this would be filled with multi-millionaire lottery winners. But that is not the reality. Winning lotteries is not easy for anybody and bringing in large sums of money without any work or an idea how to do it is not easy.


Sure you can use the LOA to attract a relatively small amount of money, but if you want big money, you really need to come up with an idea how you are going to obtain it, you need to come up with a plan to obtain it, you need to use the LOA to visualize your success, and then you need to take action to achieve your goals. T Harv Eker once said, "Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions. Actions leads to results." If you don't take action to achieve your goals, you won't achieve the results you want. Simply visualizing having money alone won't give you the abundance you want. Visualizing having money and then taking action to achieving your goal will lead to greater results.


i appreciate your input. i've thought of doing film but i have no desire to be famous or be found out of what i do for a living. i lead a double life if you know what i mean. what i desire most out of life is to be extremely wealthy beyond my wildest imagination. people might want their soulmate but for me, money is my soulmate lol. money i believe is the only thing that will make my world go round.

thanks for reminding me again that you just have to be in vibrational alignment to your desires.

Not necessarily, you could just manifest a quick 20,000. Then just keep attracting 20,000. Start small then all the small manifestations will add up to a billion sooner or later. Taking action means a lot of things and doesn't necessarily need to be physical. Like three days ago I received a check for $3000.00 from my work that my union made them pay because I was off worked for 6 weeks, and like most employees they tried to rip me off. Then an uncle recently passed away and I get part of his inheritance witch was another $4000.00. Not much money ill give you that, but enough to make me fell invincible and abundant to attract tons more in the future. I personally believe from experience that loa is as endless as your beliefs are.
Damn I keep posting the wrong post to the wrong person, srry I have butter fingers. I was going to reply to Jason Crew, my bad :)

Hi Jason, I dont necessarily think you have to take physical actions or go out and take a job in order to manifest money.  Abraham says that all you have to do is ASK and be in alignment to receive, but that once you ASK it IS in your escrow.


There are some people who only want money to come to them through a Career, or an investment situation because the 'job' and the 'action   is part of the excitement of manifesting money for them.  But even a mother who is stuck at home with kids and no income or someone who is ill in hospital unable to work,  CAN manifest  as much money as they want, according to Abraham and he also says that it is as easy to manifest 10 dollars as it is to manifest a million.  It IS your desire alone that sends out your vibrations and then it lines up in the matrix all the factors it can, to bring it to you.


We complicate things by saying "how" or "why" or even "when' they should come, but even when we do specify how and why they should come, they still come but may be slowed up until we come into alignment with the hows and whys too.  It makes no difference whether we want a great job, a great business idea, a great investment, a lottery win, an inheritance, or just a surprise, we can either specify it OR just simply ASK, just as when we ask for a holiday, we can say simply "a great holiday" or we can be specific and say "i would love a skiing holiday in austria" ..it makes no difference ...it is OUR desire that counts ..


In the  lovely phrase ;

"Ask and you shall receive, Knock and the door will be opened, seek and you shall find',

we see a larger picture of what happens, some people just Ask and receive, others knock on a door of opportunity (like a job opportunity, an investment etc) and it is opened and in comes their desire,  and others Seek and find, like the researchers who research for information for a book or a new discovery.


We are all magnificent creators  and the universe is there to do our bidding

well it is easy for me that's for sure. for me i have this diva complex who likes the center of attention a lot. i now make so much more money than i've ever had for very little effort and am very grateful for it. and my confidence and self esteem reached the heavens since i started 5 months ago.

Actually Freya, you kinda answered your own question.  YOU are at a much higher receiving frequency when YOU are HAPPY and when you're miserable well, not so much.


Throw your intentions out there and find joy in the things you do everyday, with work and with play - spending more and more of your time being happy!!!!!


When you are, you open yourself up to all kinds of positive attractions - you just really never know where the opportunity is going to come from - so YOU JUST KEEP BELIEVING!!!!!

I believe it is better to not focus on a specific amount but rather ask the Universe for the CAPACITY to obtain great wealth. If you asked for 1 million dollars but the Universe intends to give you 2 million, who do you think is right? The Universe obviously. By asking for specific amounts you are limiting yourself. If I were you, write down (in present tense) that you are happy and grateful for the FINANCIAL FREEDOM that you have. 


As for visualizations, only do 5-15 minutes once per day. Each time you do it, focus on different scenarios of what you envision as financial freedom. One day you can visualize about paying your bills with pride. Or perhaps you can visualize about going on as many vacations as you want. You have to clearly define what your idea of financial freedom is.

Hi Jay jay,


Personally, I dont believe that the universe acts on its own accord, I believe that WE set in motion with our thoughts and feelings, the workings of the Universe. So even if I ask for a Million but am resonating for much more, I will receive the much more.  Likewise if I am asking for a million but only resonating for 100 then I will get a hundred.


When I 'ask' the Universe for anything, I know that deep down I am really asking myself, and so I always put  "......this, or something better that I cannot yet imagine" at the end of my requests because we are always evolving and improving and sometimes though we put a 'figure' on what we want, our innerselves know better what it is that we really really want.  However I do believe that the Universe is set up to be benevolent and so it is always trying to find ways that best serve us given the vibrations that we offer.  And of course the Universe is overseen by GOD or the collective us, which again only wants great things for us.


The 'work' of manifesting is really the work of 'changing our beliefs from limiting ones to expansive ones,  to the point where we beleive that our dreams can come true easily and enjoyably. For me the Universe is just the matrix out of which our thoughts and feelings 'make' our dreams come true.


Abraham says that there is no difference manifesting a small or large amount of money, it is all about vibrations and belief.


love and light Gen

Have a higher purpose, other than just having lots of money.... Techniques are irrelevant, because the purpose of technique is to create the deep belief that you have access to abundance.... Use all techniques if you resonate with them... or none.


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