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Manifesting Ex Back - Breakup Due to Religon Differences

Hello PI Family! 

Me ex has also been my bestfriend for so many years and he had always been inlove with me. Since the first day we met, there was always crazy chemistry and energy between us. He would tell me things like i'm the exact type of girl he would want to marry and I am the one for him, he was always inlove with me and would try to get into a relationship with me. I was never ready to be romantically involved with him because I had just come off another bad relationship and at that time my father was battling cancer, and felt like it was not my time to be in a relationship.


Our family lifestyle was the same, we shared the same friends, we liked to go to the same places, we would have so much fun together and never ever fight. Everything ticked the boxes for us, the only thing that didn't was that I was Muslim and he was Christian, but of-course that was not a problem for either of us and we completely ignored it and we would say when the day comes, we will work it out.


The relationship continued to grow, it was amazing, he loved me so much more than I loved him, but I let him in to my family much more than he let me. My family loved him so much and i got along with his brothers and sisters great, his parents knew of me and his mom met me a couple of times and really liked me, but his dad never gave the relationship much attention, although I know that they are an amazing family and, both families are open-minded. However, he has a very close relationship with his father.


In November we traveled together together on a trip, our parents both knew. The trip got us much much closer, we had so much fun to the point where he started talking to me about the future and how he couldn’t imagine life without me, we started talking about the names of our children.We came back home and a week later he broke up with me. He had a conversation with his father about us because he wanted to get serious with me and wanted his father’s blessing to talk to my mom and give my mom a promise that we have a future together.


His father did not fight with him, or tell him to leave me but he told him that he would never approve of him marrying a muslim, that he would never give him a blessing as he does not support the marriage because of the religion differences, and because he will be leading the business and it would ruin the familys reputation that he married a muslim, he also said that it would affect our children in the future, and he managed to program him to think that this relationship is impossible to work out. He is very close to his father and takes every advise his father gives him, his father is also in control of his income, so I guess he wouldn’t want to put up a fight. 


He broke up with me the very next day and turned into a cold turkey. When he did it, I cried to him for around 3 days and begged him to stay and to fight for it, but then he told me it was a dead end and this is the best decision for both of us, he removed me off all of social media, he started partying, and throwing after parties, hooking up with girls. So I stopped begging, we ran into each other in places and whenever he would see me he would become weak and he would call me after we leave the place and tell me he missed me then he would stop speaking to me until I decided to completely shut out and cut him off . We stopped talking and I started reading about the Loa and started working on myself to boost my confidence, and started letting go of the situation, the anger, the pain and be okay. I found your videos and started working on my affirmations and myself in order to feel better. I traveled to London for a get-away so i don't think about things during Christmas and new-year period because I was supposed to spend it with him and his family. I would wake-up everyday, read my gratitude and affirmation list, and then play videos and meditate. And I would go to sleep meditating and visualizing us getting back together. New Year came and he wished me a happy new year, I messaged him back in a cold way saying thank you for his message, I wish him and his family a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

I came back from my holidays on the and the very next day my younger brother who has a great relationship with him, told me they were going out for lunch together. After lunch, he called me and told me that lunch was great and that my ex got into fight before Christmas and had a black eye. So I thought I would call him to check up on him, and being us, we ended up speaking on the phone for around 20 minutes updating each other about the holidays and laughing, then I told him that we cant be talking for this long and we shut the phone.He messaged me 2 hours later asking me what my plans were that night (it was a weekend) and I told him I was going to a gathering with frends and he was having dinner with friends near by  and he told me that he would like to see me and he would pick me up when he was done.As soon as we saw each other we hugged and we kissed, we told each other that we miss each other and we started hooking up, he asked to see me the next day again, and we hooked up again. Now I know that the right thing to do is to not hook up with him, but I started feeling that he was so programmed and brainwashed that now he started noticing how much he loves me and that he was harsh when we brokeup. Since then, spending everyday together, we are very much inlove. I know he is not “using me” to hook up because I know how much he loves me and he is not that type of person.


We started seeing each other again, but we never spoke about getting back and I thought that my manifest was working and the universe sent him back into my life so I've been going with the flow, enjoying every moment with him. Doing whatever my gut feeling would tell me is the right thing to do

He told me that he wants to enjoy every second with me right now, but we said that this eventually will come to an end although he doesn’t want it to, but there’s nothing he can do about his father. He told me he is not looking forward for the day this ends, and he doesn’t want to get hurt or hurt me, he loves me very much and I’m the one for him, I’m one in a million, but it is what it is so let's live the moment with the time we have.

I had to cut things off with him again, I'm still manifesting doing my affirmations, working on my self-love, and I haven't cut him out because i felt maybe if we spend more time together that will make him want to fight for me. At this point, i'm not sure how to manifest. There are so many things I’ve been reading and visualizing and meditating but not I feel like there is something blocking.

I would love your feedback and your guidance on the steps i should be taking.. i also have a couple of questions: 

  • 1.      Can LOA work on my situation with the religion differences? Even if he feels powerless to fight for me against his father?  
  • 2.       Can I still work on manifesting if we are sleeping together and seeing each other every day? ( I don’t feel like cutting him off is the right decision, because I feel like right now he is realizing how much he loves me)
  • 3.       Do I need to write my affirmations in a journal? 
  • 4.       What should I be visualizing if I want to get back with him knowing there is a future so should my visualization be focused on a wedding day? I’m not sure what I should be visualizing? Do i have to be very detailed and specific or not?
  • 5.       What could be blocking my manifest?
  • I am living from the end, imaginging wedding details, and marriage, and scenarios, but it also gets confusing because we are already technically together , but not back together.. 

I look forward to your guidance PI FAM, and will share with you an update on our story! 

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First off, That was interesting, beautiful, made me cry a little too.

I personally understand the religion barrier in relationships myself :(

Its been a while since I've given advice, but I hope my words bring you at least some ease..

Here we go...

1. Can LOA work on my situation with the religion differences? Even if he feels powerless to fight for me against his father?  

Yes, The Law Of Attraction is above all, it is the core essence which can be used for any outcome. You just need to believe!

2. Can I still work on manifesting if we are sleeping together and seeing each other every day? ( I don’t feel like cutting him off is the right decision, because I feel like right now he is realizing how much he loves me)

Id say in this situation, you should do what feels right. This is because LOA is a combination of feeling and belief. Just an add-on: you can work on manifesting in any situation, as long as you feel good, the outcomes are positive. 

3. Do I need to write my affirmations in a journal? 

Depends on your method of manifestation, some people say they get the manifestation in their subconscious by constant writing, because the hand work gets it engraved in the mind, another method is listening to your affirmations after writing. For best results, its what you feel, but I suggest, Clearing the mind by breathing slow, and letting go of everything. Then you should begin with processing the thoughts of what you want. Imagine it, Feel it, Love it. After you feel complete and happy with your visualizations, Take a small break, and then begin writing down. you can either write your experiences that you viewed, and/or write out affirmations. Next you should say your affirmations in a recording and replay them as you sleep that night. :) (a personal favorite method tbh) 

4. What should I be visualizing if I want to get back with him knowing there is a future so should my visualization be focused on a wedding day? I’m not sure what I should be visualizing? Do i have to be very detailed and specific or not?

I like that you asked this one, because in the previous answer I wanted to explain this :), after reading your detailed story. I would say don't really worry about the wedding day, or any day in particular don"t even worry about specifications or details. Just focus on those cute sweet moments, you two had over the phone and alone. just feel the warm sun on the days you too were having a good time, not even the hook ups, I mean the pure love vibration between the two of you :) I suggest just focus on feeling the moment and when you open your eyes, you should be smiling in the mirror like a jolly fool :D You need to embrace the moments of happiness between you too, the moments when you both felt connected, you need to see those moments and be there in that now. You are experiencing that pure love, right now, and you are happy, satisfied, mesmerized you could say :)

5. What could be blocking my manifest? 

I don't like being to upfront, but the only thing blocking any manifestation is yourself, now if you want to know what that is and why, you should meditate. I could give you many many reasons on what and why it could be whatever, - lol , but the truth is , you wont know until you look inside and feel your own inner self, To see what the blockages really are, maybe its fear, or doubt, or maybe its just a bit of anxiety. Meditate , close your eyes, relax, and focus on nothing, trust me, if you focus on nothing, these thoughts will pour in, and you should find your answers. :) 

"I am living from the end, imaginging wedding details, and marriage, and scenarios, but it also gets confusing because we are already technically together , but not back together.. "

Remember to let go , from time to time, because that process, adding a period to a sentence. Makes a real difference in the long run...

Well I hope that helped :) and please update on what is happening next, Im here :) . 

- Rider

Hello Rider, 

Thank you so much for your response, very helpful. 

So we have cut down on seeing each other, we do speak from time to time.. but he is also seeing other girls which makes it slightly hard, but i try not to focus too much on that. He tells me that he does not want to follow me on social media until the day we see each other and the spark is gone... he is convinced that it's a dead end.. when he says that it makes it hard for me to believe that we will get back...  

How many times a day should i visualise and do my affirmations and meditate? 

Try not to be around that negative talk, I'm not saying forget him, I still see hope in this. I'm just saying, you should steer clear of anything that can ruin your manifestation, and if he is being a part of that, don't take it in. Stay back for a while and just focus on manifesting. The number one person in any relationship, is yourself, As selfish as it sounds. If you do not make yourself first. every one else will copy, since our universe is a reflection of us. We need to show ourselves how we want to be treated and loved. So 1. Love yourself before anyone else. and show that love, take time for yourself, take care of yourself, sleep when you feel it, meditate and just relax the air circulation. etc. NOW that we covered that. 

Visualize in the morning and before bed. these are the most quiet times before your life is in action. that 30 minutes before and after sleep are perfect to See the future and create it. 

Affirmations should be a on the go kinda thing. say one here and there. on the bus repeat it in your mind ( not while driving) Ill give a tip, Music, if you can record affirmations and play it over some music or something, you can have them playing in the back as you drive or during work. it wont seem like much but your subconscious will try to grasp those words and thus it will feed the subconscious in a healthy way to help you reach your desire. 

You should mediate the moment you reach home after the busy day, make a nice drink for yourself relax and breathe out all of the stress, then just feel nothing, im serious haha, try to feel nothing, thoughts and actions will go by, and you will feel everything. let it happen, slowly this will ease your inner mind, and help you throughout the day, that way you can reach this goal easier :) 

If there anything else, do not hesitate to ask :) 


Thank you Grayson! 

It's just hard to have him in my life, and having him say things like it's a dead end, but at the same time i'm still manifesting him. It's weird it's like i have him and do not have him at the same time. 

Can i imagine him and his father having a conversation that he gave his approval? Or does that not work? 

Also,I am focusing on myself, working out, taking care of myself, making friends. I feel like i did let go of the outcome, what more am i supposed to do to let go of resistance? Is there a specific way i should be acting with him? 

I also tried manifesting smaller things... but didn't work.. 

LoA works. Certainly works but not when another human being is involved. For instance, if you are manifesting a car then you will get it without efforts with your willpower as car does not have 'free will' but human beings do have.

I know PI members would not agree on this. But I have personally experienced it. I was manifesting my ex back for 6 months. Now its been almost one year but he did not come back. Simply because he never wanted to. If he really loved me then he would not have left me and would have taken a stand for me. I personally feel LoA does not work when human beings and their free wills are involved. I wish somehow you would get him back, as I know very well the pains of losing someone whom we loved a lot. Good luck.

I understand, so what you're trying to say is i should manifest love and not a specific person. 

Do you think you can guide me wih the steps i should take during the day? 

Well I'm not gong to make a comment about your relationship because that doesn't fix anything or get you what you desire. The most important part about law of attraction is the part people seem to leave out and it's the part that makes law of attraction work in ways you desire. When you're visualizing what you want. You're not daydreaming or fantasying . You are using your "Third Eye" to look at a Parallel reality that already exist but you're not a "Emotional" match to, so your senses can't translate it. So in other words you don't "FEEL" how the version of you feels that is married to your boyfriend and you don't "Feel" like the version of you that is making wedding plans.. How you "FEEL" is what shifts you into the reality where the events, desires and situations you WANT is already taking place. So you have to do more than just visualize , you have to get the feeling of the situations or relationship you want with your future husband. Once you focus on the feeling of it and make the feeling of it all that matters then your whole entire reality will change to what you're feeling . In other words you will shift into that parallel reality that already exist where you and your boyfriend are making wedding plans and getting married. Now if getting the feeling of being married to your boyfriend isn't enough then
there is a short cut .
Take 5 to 10 minutes a day to visualize being married and make sure you pay attention to how it feels then forget about it and spend the rest of the day doing everything you can to "FEEL GOOD" whatever it is that makes you feel good do it . Even if it's just listening to music, having a pleasurable thought, looking at a funny TV show or getting massage. Whatever it is that makes you feel good do it because feeling good alone will manifest what you want.
Now if thinking about being married him doesn't make you feel good or makes you think about not being able to marry him then don't think about it all and just spend your day focusing on other things that make you feel good.
How you feel is what changes your reality. I hope this helps.

I wanted to follow up my comment with this. What I am about to say may be too much information right now but I believe it will make your life easier. Law of attractions works on anything including human beings. Not because there is no such thing as free will but because we live in a Universe with infinite versios of parallel realities. In each of those realities are versions of ourselves living every single type of life you can dream or imagine.
When you visualize something you are using your third eye to look at a parallel reality that already exist. So right now there is a version of reality where you're already married to this guy and if you just align with the feeling of that reality you will shift.
A long time ago I helped out a friend that was in love with a women who had zero interest in him. She thought of him as a good friend but nothing more . Well I asked him to try to visualize him in a relationship with this woman for the "Feeling" of it. Also anytime she is around him just allow himself to feel the feelings of them being in a real relationship but never talk about a relationship with her unless she wants to and do not even flirt with her. Just feel the feeling and think to yourself this my girlfriend but do not force anything just let everything come to you. Ignore anything that doesn't match what you want to see.
SO he did it for like a couple of weeks just for fun. Well after a month they had their first date and three years later they had their first child.
My friend stop focusing on the reality he didn't want and focused on the reality he desired. He didn't take any action at all and he didn't have to. The first date was HER IDEA and she was the one who talked about having a serious relationship with him after a couple of dates.
You can choose to ignore this post because I know it wont resonate with everyone but from my personal experience it works

Thank you for this message, full of hope and excitement! Do you think it can also happen with people not talking to each other?

Thank you so much Will for giving me hope. 

I just finished reading Abaraham Hicks - Ask and It's Given and i feel fantastic. I finally let go.. he has been calling me more and telling me he misses me but right now i am not expecting anything. I am focusing on my happiness and i decided that comes first. 

I realised that so many things were missing in my manifestation and there was resistance blocking my manifestation and now i am working on feel good, and i am managing to feel way better day by day.  I am meditating, reading my affirmations, updating my gratitude list, and visualizing 3 scenarios before going to bed. 

I let go of the outcome, i know the universe will give me what i want or better. Will keep you all posted! 

So much love xo 

Very Interesting.. hmm

And how would you resonate out of a certain situation, parallel world or habit that you are in?

Would You forget the world you are in now and picture a world without it?

un-FEEL those emotions? I am curious , please explain ? :) 

Makes a lot of sense.. but i have a question... 

What are the daily things that you have to cover?

Waking up - practicing affirmations 

Practicing affirmations during the day - do these have to include me and him being together?

Visualizing at night 



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