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The experiment is to pick something to attract into your life for fun with in a certain amount of days of your choice. :)
With in the next seven days, I am going to try and attract a bluejay into my life. Whether it's fake, real, or virtual.

Just try and visualize what you're attracting various times through out the day. Welcome it into your life. Use your favorite LOA techniques and have fun with it!
Don't forget to come back and tell everyone if anything happened!

EDIT: Two days after I asked two see a bluejay, my dad put bird seeds into the feeder. That same day, I walked out of the kitchen, into the living room, and when I looked up through the window, not just one, but TWO bluejays were eating the seeds! They were beautiful!

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I found out about the blue feather experiment, ad began visualising a blue feather coming into my life.  Today is appeared as part of an outfit hanging outside a fancy dress shop.

Tried it again, and it manifested within 7 days. I am now working in manifesting something else. Once this comes, I will then work on something a bit 'harder' and get my confidence up.

Does this manifestation have to be something you really care about?

Because from my experience, if it's something I really care about, it doesn't really happen.

But if it's something I don't care about (etc...seeing a red car), then it does happen.

Anyone else feel the same?

Because there was a time last year when I tried to manifest this one thing for months, it hasn't happened. And right now, is still hasn't happened, even though I care less about it now.

BrightestDay- I completely understand you. With smaller, 'casual' wishes, I get them very quickly, but with the ones I'm most passionate for definitely takes more than a week to manifest. Then again, I tried manifesting a pair of glasses and it was more or less a small wish that took a while.

I think it's a matter of learning how to really let go and have faith that LOA will bring you what you want. With 'big' wishes, we get doubts much quicker and it gets stalled, you know? I find that, if you want to get into the vortex, to just close your eyes and visualize what you want there in front of you, and feel the joy from within. LOA can only reflect back your dominant thoughts, so if you keep thinking about, "When is it coming, when is it coming, when will it get here?" then... that's your reality. And it won't change until YOU tell yourself, "It's already here and I'm so thankful for it."

Hope I helped!

Ok this is so great....had to share it with you guys...Today at work I looked at my Iphone on Facebook and since its a special day in Sweden where everyone should eat this good cake ...we have this day every 12 Febuary..so as I was at work until 11pm I knew this will not be possible..BUT I imagined it and how it tastes...and wished I had one!!! Then I forgot about this and went on..I later went in the company kitchen to put get coffee....turned around and saw a bakery box on the counter and inside ONE cake ..the same one I wanted!!!!!! I laughed and thaught to myself This is not true..OH my god I manifested it...wow first time I am aware of my own manifestation...it felt so good...BUT how can I do this with a personal matter involving a man???? Is it the same princable? thanx hugs xxxx

I'm going to manifest a Coach bag given to me free or a very cheap price!

I have had a good deal of success with this kind of experiment this year. First I attracted another bathroom rubber duck (as mentioned in my previous post) and then I manifested a blue feather, as suggested on a website.

After that, I then challenged the law a bit more and visualised a chance meeting with 'somebody' I hadn't seen in a while. The way I did this was to give the universe some leeway, and do several visualisations each day of chance meetings with different people I hadn't seen for a while. The universe responded with one chance meeting with two people I hadn't seen in a while (two girls I used to work with who are both cousins). So this does indeed work.

Start with something which has a degree of impossibility about it; a parking space or a cup of coffee isn't actually that hard. A parking space right in front of where you want to go, or coffee out of a certain coloured cup will 'test' the law much more. Then once you have manifested your thing, you can then attract something a bit more difficult the following week.

Just be consistent in your practice. I suggest something like 20 visualisations each day for 7 days and see what happens.

I am going to give this another go soon, once the weekend and the belated 'Christmas' party is out if the way as that is taking up my thoughts at the moment.  Something fun, and a little bit odd and distinctive, as that will test the Universe.  I shall report back in a couple of weeks. 

Oooh I like this one, haven't been on here for a while so here goes - I am going to manifest a peacock. I hesitated and nearly thought of something else but no, I'm going with a peacock, maybe a feather or seeing a real one - who knows x


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