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Manifesting for a year and NOTHING!!! Feeling discouraged.

Hi PI Family, 

I need your advice!!  My ex and I broke up in August 2015 and have been single for 10 months. For the past ten months, I've been praying for a permanent reconciliation while working on myself and growing. These past two months I've been keeping up with affirmations and consistent meditation and manifestation.  Although I should be saying I am attracting my ex back into my life, I see no signs... I am so tired of trying to be positive and consistently happy when I don't see anything manifesting.  

I come here a lot and read the forums and motivate myself every single day.  I haven't felt defeated until the last two days because I had to be realistic when nothing was happening - my prayers or my meditation or daily affirmations. 

I attracted some other people into my life but no sign of the ex.

Thoughts, advice? anything would be appreciated, please. Is it true you can manifest an ex after so much time has passed?  

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Time does not matter so we can push that out of this equation , because love has no time haha, have you checked out the soul mate attraction on my page? It will help you walk and run through this time, and if it is not enough, I have much more to say about this. So lets talk sometime :) 

Blake, time doesn't matter? - I was told otherwise. :) 

We are told many things, the real question is what resonates with you in the moment. Whatever feels right to you personally in the moment is the information you're "ready" to receive. Not everyone is ready to receive the full story just yet.  Human beings have labels for many things that can't be understood physically and must be understood spiritually. What is time ?? You can't see it unless you're talking about the measurement tool you call a watch or a clock but that is nothing more than a means to measure time or to tell you "what time it is" It's still not time itself.Time is just a label human beings give a method of measurement  tracks what they perceive as change or a string of changes that they believe are happening. (although since you create your reality then those string of events is all done by you)

 Time concept is using the Sun's position in the sky as a guide but  what does the position of the Sun have to do with your manifestation ? Nothing at all and never did. The only thing that creates what you believe is time between not having your desire and  the manifestation of it  is what you're focused on.   If you focus on not having the very thing you desire then it won't show up ever but if you change your focus to focus on the feeling of having your desire then your desire shows up.  Lack is an illusion caused by you focusing on what you do not want.  So if you lack anything in your life then its because of your focus not time.  Focus is real while time is just a human concept. 

thanks Will Pemb!  I have been focusing and meditating on having it.  On one hand I am told to let go and on the other it's focusing on having it.  I let go throughout the day and meditate or pray for a few minutes at night focusing on what i want.  but my desire has not shown up...

"I am so tired of trying to be positive and consistently happy" 

If feeling positive and happy makes you tired, then you are not positive and happy. You are probably putting on your happy face because you think that this is how you will attract your ex. I think you have misunderstood some fundamental details about LoA.

You are not supposed to feel good in order to manifest something. You are supposed to feel good just for the sake of it.

Simply because it feels good to feel good! Because that is your purpose in life.

What you are doing is forcing yourself to feel good in order to get something in return. Like being happy is the price you have to pay in order to get your ex back? 

It's a good thing that you feel defeated, because it will allow you to focus on you and only you. This is what you have to realize: whatever it is that you are trying to manifest, you shouldn't pretend to be happy in order to receive it. You should be happy, because being happy is the most important thing for you. Period. If you don't feel happy, then don't. Just allow yourself you feel your genuine emotions. 

Take a break from trying to manifest him. If you have negative emotions, feel them. Process them. Take time to let them out. 

And then, re-evaluate what you are actually trying to manifest. Is it him? Or a loving fulfilling relationship? Why close yourself from the possibility of meeting someone better? When you are making everything about him, prayers, meditation, affirmations, then you are not focusing enough on you. Pretty much all the threads and success stories you read have one common thing: focus on you.


Thank you Blake Rider - I will check it out.  Marianna - thank you for your response!! I really have been focusing on myself these past few months.  We don't talk so the only choice I had was let go and focus on me.  I can say that I am happy in general on my own and what I meant is that I am tired of being happy and positive about my ex when I am meditating, when I am imagining him and I back together, I try to be excited and attracting him back but because i see no sign, I am tired of the meditation and believing the imagination instead of the reality.  Does that make sense?  I am content in my life.  I have consistently worked and focused on myself.  I've attracted dates into my life and was able to be in a relationship with others, but I do genuinely miss him.  Not the concept of him, not being in any fulfilling relationship, but actually having a fulfilling and successful relationship with that person.  I guess I have been praying to have him back, meditating by sending him love and saying affirmations about our relationship more than focusing on myself.  I thought that's how you manifest in order to hold on to the positivity to be back with him.  

If you are still thinking about him and letting his absence throw you off, well, you haven't really let go. Letting go means you will be happy no matter the result. Are you?

Did you honestly gave those other dates a chance? Don't you think that the greatest love you could offer to anyone would be, instead of praying for them to be back just wish them well and hope they are happy wherever they are?

I know a lot of people will disagree, but i think manifesting an ex back will only work if they want to get back. Some people come and go, so is life. And that's not a bad thing in my book. I had to go through my share of break ups to meet my husband, and some of them were very hurtful, and I wished very hard for some of them to get back. Now I look back and find that the best happened for me. It happened as it needed to happen. 

I think what i am trying to say is that the universe will always present us with happiness, if we trust the flow. 

Just as Wonder said, let go. I think you have done enough in terms of techniques. If the process makes you tired, simply stop doing it. Techniques are there to make us feel better, they are not necessary to make something manifest. Most people manifest without doing any of those.. the only thing that matters is how you feel. So now that you feel tired, stop doing them. Or just redirect your focus on something else while you do them.

I'd suggest that you focus on something entirely different than relationships for a while. Give yourself time to let go and forget your love life for a bit. And once you feel better, then focus again on having the loving relationship you deserve, but be more general, more open to the fact that this relationship can be with anyone! 

thank you marianna - i have to start working on my feelings.  i just don't want to stop thinking about it because i don't want to lose him.  but i think what i did to myself is just the opposite... i spent too much meditating and sending him love and trying to attract.  

thanks for taking the time to respond.  i appreciate your support.  

Well this is the thing, when you stop thinking about something it doesn't mean that you lose it. Think about everything that you are attracting on a daily basis, things, people, events. Are you consciously thinking about them? Probably not.. But you are attracting them anyway.

That's because the Universe knows what you want and what you don't want (and most times it knows much much much better that us!), and it delivers depending on your vibration. When your vibration is high, it delivers the wanted. When your vibration is low it delivers the unwanted. So since the universe already knows, you can simply focus on your vibration. This is what trusting and letting go basically means.

I know this because I used to do exactly what you are doing. Thinking way too much of what I wanted, and not really taking care of my feelings. And had to go through many many failed manifestations to realize what I had been doing wrong. I find that the Loa techniques are really tricky, they might work for some people but only the ones that already have a really high vibe and are not attached to the outcome at all. That's why I stopped using them. Take a break from all this for a few weeks and just see what happens. 

I will def take a break and see what happens.  Im glad you shared your experience with me - it's so tricky because I am focusing on only that and it's been very stressful.  Thank you again!! I will keep you posted with my progress.  I hope the universe delivers while I am taking this break.  I am just wondering how people manifest specific things by meditation.  For example, I read how someone was focusing on blue apples and that appeared in their life.  I was trying to apply the same concept if that makes sense.    

Hi Wonder, thank you so much.  I found out today he started dating someone.  So today i was really anxious that I lost him.  which tells me that maybe i didn't let go as much as i thought i did because i am not happy with the result.  

i gave the other dates a chance, they didn't compare.  i opened my heart.  

i think you might be right and it only works if the ex wants to go back - I don't believe it always works out - i just can't believe it anymore :(.  

i will focus on myself and let go.  thank you so much for your support and time to respond.  


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