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Manifesting for a year and NOTHING!!! Feeling discouraged.

Hi PI Family, 

I need your advice!!  My ex and I broke up in August 2015 and have been single for 10 months. For the past ten months, I've been praying for a permanent reconciliation while working on myself and growing. These past two months I've been keeping up with affirmations and consistent meditation and manifestation.  Although I should be saying I am attracting my ex back into my life, I see no signs... I am so tired of trying to be positive and consistently happy when I don't see anything manifesting.  

I come here a lot and read the forums and motivate myself every single day.  I haven't felt defeated until the last two days because I had to be realistic when nothing was happening - my prayers or my meditation or daily affirmations. 

I attracted some other people into my life but no sign of the ex.

Thoughts, advice? anything would be appreciated, please. Is it true you can manifest an ex after so much time has passed?  

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thanks for the reminder Stefania.  I will start meditating and looking at the positives. 


Are you back with your ex?  Or you have get someone better? i'm keen to know as i'm in the same situation like you.....

Hi HH,

I am also keen to know if you succeeded in getting back with your ex.


Maybe the lack of signs is a sign in itself, that you should move on from your ex. People come into our lives for reasons, seasons and lifetimes, and maybe your ex was a reason or season person. Ask yourself what they were in your life to teach you at the time you were together. Or what they were showing you?

I don't mean to discourage you by saying this. What I'm saying is that they were reflecting something in your life then, when you got together, but now you are both different people and your are putting out different energies. You have both moved on in terms of your energy vibration, and maybe now is a time to attract someone different. Maybe even better.

People get so fixated on the getting back with their exes, and the reason for this is usually a mistrust of the flow of life. People don't usually trust that there are people out there after the break up, who are better-suited to WHO THEY ARE NOW (rather than what they were back then). There are a lot of people in this world, and probably a lot of people around where you live: your task now is to raise your vibration so that you attract someone who reflects the person you are now.

This is probably the reason why your manifesting isn't now. I would guess that getting back with your ex isn't right for you now, but that doesn't mean that you can't have your bottom-line desire, which is a relationship, love and affection. The Universe has a number of potential people lined up for you, but can't deliver them because you have been putting all of your attention into getting back with your ex. Your challenge now is to vibrate at a higher frequency and let these new people in.

You can do that by FEELING BETTER NOW. Notice is say BETTER rather than AMAZING. This is because getting from where you are now to feeling amazing could be quite a jump, but by stating that you feel better now, you bridge that gap. Today you feel better than yesterday. Tomorrow you feel better than today. On Friday, you feel better than Thursday. Get the idea? After two weeks, you will have had fourteen increments of feeling better, and you could be climbing up the scale of feeling points, and attracting better people into your life.

I know you could say " but I don't have a relationship, everything feels bad. How can I feel better? " and it that I would say that, YOU GET WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. The Universe isn't restricted by circumstances, it will simply bring you what you are believing. So if you are believing that you are feeling better, and you train your thoughts in that direction, then it will bring you the feelings and circumstances in daily increments. With some gentle persistence, you will have bridged that gap in a fairly short space of time, and it will feel a lot better than the last 10 months of your life.

As you start to feel better, everything in your life will start to feel better as well, and it will feel like your life is expanding in every direction. That is very exciting, and that is also a recipe for allowing great new people into your life.

Make a start now. Make a list of the qualities you would like to have in a romantic partner, and go onwards from your ex. Think big: what would you REALLY like? (Rather than what you just think is being realistic). Read that list through a few times, and then burn it, sending it to the Universe that way. Then once you have done that, start getting into alignment by using your thoughts and affirming that you feel better now. You'll be surprised who the Universe starts sending into your life.


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