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I've been watching videos on youtube of some of these preachers that have healings in their ministries.  Like Mel Bond, Kenneth Hagin, Smith Wigglesworth.  I'm not religious, it's just that I don't see anybody else doing the miraculous so I wanted to see how they got the kind of faith that makes miracles possible.

They always say that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.  I, not being religious, believe that that means hearing TRUTH over and over.  Truth could come from anywhere, not just the bible.  But you want to get it down into your subconscious mind.  You want to believe it.  So they recommend repeating quotes from the bible over and over like mantras or affirmations in order to build up your faith.  One preacher suggested repeating them thousands of times a day and eventually the light would come - faith would come.  

William Seymore would pray for hours a day and he had healing miracles at his church (Azusa Street Revival). I imagine prayer has a similar effect to repeating quotes in that it helps build your faith.

So one thing I've been doing to try and increase my faith for miracles is repeat these three faith quotes from the bible over and over:

1. With God all things are possible.

2. If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you.

3. All things, whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.

Another thing I've noticed is that sometimes people will receive their miracle and then they turn around and lose it.  Or they don't receive it at all because they keep focusing upon the problem.  Mel Bond says that you shouldn't focus upon the problem, but on the relief.  If you're in pain - focus upon how much lesser the pain is getting.  When you focus upon the problem it's like calling the problem back to you.  So like Abraham Hicks teaches, you want to focus upon what you desire as if you already have it, not upon what you don't want (the problem).  I know a guy that had a leg shorter than his other leg and a preacher prayed for him and his short leg grew out to match his other leg.  He was healed, but later he end up losing his miracle. He was probably so use to walking funny that he started focusing upon that problem again. 

Don't just pray once and give up if it didn't work right then and there - keep believing.  You have to ignore what your senses are showing you and walk by faith.  It's already done in the thought realm - the seed has already been planted.  You just have to continue watering it with your faith until it manifest in the physical.  Not all miracles happen instantly, sometimes they take time, so you just have to keep believing and picturing it done in your minds eye. 

You could say that there are no such things as miracles because all things are possible, but some things do seem quite miraculous to us when we are not use to seeing them.  You probably don't see people get healed every day, or have a limb grow back, or people get raised from the dead.  Yet these things happen.  And they happen when the faith has come - when you're able to believe. 

The other day I burned my finger getting something out of the oven.  My finger was aching and I saw it as an opportunity to practice believing.  So I prayed for the pain to leave and I imagined it going away.  Interestingly I noticed that the pain level did actually decrease a little. So I kept believing and telling it to go away and the pain level continued to get less and less. This all happened in seconds.  In less than one minute the pain was completely gone.  Five minutes later I felt the pain begin to start back up.  So I told it "no you have to leave, go away".  And again I focused upon the relief.  And again it went away.  Several minutes later the pain tried to come back again, but I continued to believe and it went away again and didn't come back at all after that.  Usually when you burn yourself the pain last for quite a while before it goes away, but I got it to leave in seconds.  To me, that's amazing, I've never experienced anything like that before. 

The next day I got another chance to practice because I was started to feel like I was getting sick.  There was a flu or cold going around and my brother and dad had just had it a couple days ago.  I noticed a sore gland in my neck and my body was getting really warm - feverish.  I also had a slight headache and just felt like I was coming down with something.  I told myself I was not going to get sick and that I was fine.  Abraham Hicks has a process where you keep reaching for better feeling thoughts.  I was doing that. Saying things like "I've been taking vitamins so my immune system is probably pretty strong".  And "I don't have to get sick just because everybody else did", and "I got the pain to leave my finger yesterday in seconds so I should be able to get this to go away too".  I reminded myself that ALL THINGS, whatsoever you ask in prayer, BELIEVING, you shall receive, so I'm believing that this will go away. 

Within that same hour I noticed that my sore gland was no longer feeling sore.  That was amazing to me because I have never in my life had a sore gland go away that fast.  And my skin was no longer warm to the touch.  I still had a slight headache for a little while, but that was all.  Then next day I'm still feeling fine. 

I also had a sore in my mouth where I bit my tongue.  It hurts constantly.  I tried to heal it the same way, but I didn't succeed with this one.  I'm not sure why.  I think it's because I didn't have enough faith.  This seemed harder to believe for.  I guess I'll work on building my faith before I try something like that again.

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Well I'm a EX religious person that was born in a religious family that believes everything they read in that bible. After doing some my own research. I'm now fully into spirituality, that religious stuff is just a long unnecessary way to get what you desire

but  it's all some people know. So I don't say much about it.  When it comes to your desires or any healing  it all comes  down to two things. What are you focused on and what do you believe ? If you focused on feel good things then anything that doesn't make you feel good can't stay in your life but if you spend your day focused on negative stuff then you will keep the negative stuff you have  and get more negative stuff.  The reason why people get a miracle healing and lose their healing is because they continue to focus on the samethings that led  to the manifestations of that negative issue.

Perfect health feels good for a reason and that is because it's on the feel good frequency a long with everything else you want.  So if you have perfect health or you want perfect health then you can't focus on anything that makes you feel stress anger, worry or anything that doesn't feel good to you.  Positive emotions and feelings not only maintains perfect health but heals anything that is not in perfect condition.  What I have noticed about some of the people who manifest  "miracles" and then lose them have very negative daily habits. The usually watch TV shows that takes them on a emotional roller coaster,  they argue with people a lot or they have a lot of hidden negative feelings about people or situations in their life. 

You can't do any of that and keep perfect health because sooner or later it catches up with you. A lot of these miracle healing come from negative people being in the presents of positive individuals who focuses their attention on that negative individual and knowing that perfect health is the nature state of this negative individuals. But unless that negative individual changes their ways then the miracle healing wont last long. 

Anything that is going on with your body that doesn't feel good then there is a good chance you could find the emotional reason why that negative manifestation happen and find a way to feel good then heal yourself. 

Genuine Positive emotions = Perfect Health, wealth, abundance, perfect situations designed just for you

Negative emotions = everything that makes you feel uncomfortable.


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