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So how should I proceed? For example if I want to live in a new country, have a luxury house¸, nice car, great girlfriend, great job etc. Should I manifest a million dollars and then buy all those stuff I want or should I manifest a house and a car and all that separately? Also should I first manifest one thing (a house for example) and then another OR visualize myself having all those things and trying to manifest all at once? I appreciate any suggestions. Tim

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I know it may sound confusing but I hope you get what I want to ask...

hii waiting for other answers as that's exactly my project lol

I think we want to feel good first and when we feel good, we conjure this feeling we would feel if we had these things, the house, the car etc.. by asking money to then have this and that can limit the way the U will bring these things to you. Athena mentioned she was given a house for example so you never know..

I think it all depends what you believe and what is your path of least resistance..

I think (this is just my opinion, I'm no expert) that you should take it all one step at a time. 

Manifesting a million dollars to buy all of that stuff is doing it backwards. According to what I've learned, focus on what you REALLY want. You want money to buy a car and a luxury house, but what you REALLY want is the car and the home, so why not just put your intention on the car and the home? It may seem like a shortcut to just manifest the money and then buy everything you want but this "shortcut" may end up costing you. For instance, if you focus on the car it may be given to you free of charge. Also, a million dollars isn't going to last you forever. Nice cars and luxury homes aren't cheap so how do you intend on stretching that money?

I think what you should do (this is what I've done) is make a list of all these things you want and organize them based on priority and how important they are to you at this moment. So if you feel that you should get a decent job first as a foundation and then build your life up from there, then that should be your number one focus right now.

Also, making a vision board with all of the things you want on it will be sending out that energy FOR YOU, so you'll be "killing two (or more) birds with one stone" (I hate that metaphor but I couldn't think of another way to put it lol)

Hope this helps. Plus it's a full moon, so setting you intentions now may really benefit you ;)

thank you for your advice! I also benefit from this, although I know inside what I should do, it's always nice to hear others' opinions.


ALLLLLL OF IT!!!!!!! IT IS YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhhhhhhhhh I love it!!!!!!!!

Well i've done Virtual reality for months and it felt so bloody amazing but then I felt I wasnt enough appreciating my now by doing that but I miss it now.. so I'm kind of split..

No, what you really want are the good feelings that come with having all those things. Its the whole point of our desires. We wouldn't want something unless it made us feel good. You see, having the car and home would be nice but it is no guarantee of happiness. But having good feelings will always be a guarantee of happiness. Feeling good is at the root of all our desires so the secret is to want that first.

I agree, feel good first, BUT that doesn't mean we don't have desires..

I never said we don't have desires? Wanting to feel good is a desire unto itself........

yes definitely, why feeling like shit while waiting for your manifestations?

what I think personally is that it's not always easy to feel good, the key is focus focus focus


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