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Manifesting: the best way of going about it - letting go, persisting, believing

We all know we create our own reality.  Our past thoughts and feelings created our present and our present thoughts and feeling create our future, or so they say.  But what is the best way of going about it?

It is said that ALL thought is creative.  Yet if I think about a big scary lion standing in front of me, one doesn't suddenly appear.  There is apparently and thankfully a time delay before our thoughts manifest.  But the thing is, it will never manifest, why is that?  If ALL thought is indeed creative, why doesn't a lion ever manifest? 

Is it because we turn our attention to other things?  In other words, we don't think about it long enough and so other thoughts that are more dominate manifest instead?  Because if that's the case, maybe it isn't always best to let go or drop it like some suggest.  I have manifest things before where I didn't give the desire a whole lot of attention and I let it go and it manifested shortly after so I know that works sometimes.  But perhaps that works sometimes because we don't have any thoughts that counter it or are more dominate.  And other times it doesn't seem to work at all perhaps because we do have thoughts that counter it or thoughts that are more dominate.  In cases like that, we would be better off not letting go and instead continuing to think or imagine having our desire, right? 

Or could it be that a big scary lion doesn't manifest because we don't really believe that it will?  According to the bible all things are possible to him that believes.  All things you ask for in prayer BELIEVING you shall receive.  So is believing required like some people think?  I don't think it is.  I have manifested things before and it wasn't as if I really believed they would manifest, I just imagined having them and that seemed to be enough for them to manifest. 

So in conclusion, I think if you have no resistance to something manifesting, no thoughts that counter it and no thoughts that are more dominate that overpower it, then you can manifest it easily by dropping it or letting it go.  But if you have doubts or fears or some other thoughts that counter it then you'll need to continue thinking about your desire more often as if you already had it to overcome those blocks.  And if you have some other thoughts that are more dominate then it can also block your desire from manifesting. So again, you need to continue thinking about your desire more often as if you already had it to tip the scale, sort of speak, to where your desire is the dominate thought.  While believing or having total faith that it will manifest will make it manifest, it is not necessary to believe.  You just need to imagine you have it.  That's my thoughts on the matter, do you agree?

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I really like your post. 

If I remember correctly, Abraham has also explained the no resistance part in the same fashion. 

I love how you have this practical guidance tool as to when to let go and when to focus further. Brilliant and super valuable !

Thank you so much. 

Well we live in an amazing and abundant universe, so the first thing to realise there isn’t “one” best way (or one soul mate, or one life purpose or one anything).  We are constantly evolving and changing.  Yes all thoughts are creative, and they are powerful.  So when you imagine that scary lion standing in front of you your body starts to respond.  Even though that lion isn’t real and there isn’t a life/death scenario your body starts producing adrelanin, your heart starts pumping etc.  Now you say there is a “time delay”.  That may be true in the case of the lion, but if you thought of being on a romantic date, and feeling the energy and scenario notice your body changes there and then.  If I asked you to feel any situation that made you made, notice your body changes.  Likewise if I asked you to imagine a scenario of someone who you loved or made you laugh – that produces an entirely different energy.  These are simplistic examples but you get the idea.  Now what often happens is that we often (without realizing) swing between thoughts hundreds of times a day.  So these thoughts do produce results, but the focus isn’t always in alignment with one fixed result or purpose.  Now with the lion example, you may start out thinking about a big scary lion, but I bet within seconds your mind would give you chatter to undo that focus.  “This isn’t real” or “there is no rea l danger here” etc.  These thoughts cancel out that energy.  Plus often times your mind will be drawn to something else when you focus, you might hear a noise, or a neighbor or a car or  something else – and focus goes.  However there are people who created lions in front of them.  They may not have come out of mid air but they created scenarios where they created that experience. 

Now even trying to come to conclusion about things like a lion creates limitations.  What if instead of coming to conclusion you stayed in question about it?  That in it and of itself would probably start delivering results too.  It may seem unconnected at first.  You might be invited to a “Lion King Show” or suddenly seen an advert for the “Lion King Movie” etc.  You might end up a zoo famous for a lion etc.  So if you keep the focus there it will really deliver results.  There was a great book by Pam Grout with some experiments in that kind of use the law of attraction an one of them was about butterflies or a particular kind of colored car.  For me, I live in a city where we rarely have butterflies ever.  Within a day of me doing that experiment I discovered a new project in a few buildings down where they were developing butterflies (seriously on a roof in a garden of a business – a seemingly impossible creation).  I then began travelling and naturally what would I find everywhere – yep you guessed it butterflies. 


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