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How do you manifest your desired weather? 

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I think it is usually done as a mass manifestation.

What do you mean?

It's pretty simple. First, you take a look at cities and countries that have the perfect weather for you. Then, when you know what you want, you buy a plane ticket and go there :D

By being on the same vibrational frequency as it, and that means by feeling good.

A lot of weather is created by mass consciousness, but I have had experienced where it has improved when my thoughts and feelings have improved.

Summer 2007 was a wash-out in Britain with rain and flooding from May until the end of August. However, around three months in to this period, I began to use a power belief around prosperity, and the weather rapidly improved. Dry weather, high pressure, sunshine, and days where we cracked the magic 30c.

In early autumn 2011, I found myself rather stressed out due to the closure of my workplace and the loss of my job. The weather was a bit hit and miss at this time, but towards the end of September, I began affirming peace and attracting peaceful circumstances. A ridge of high pressure landed on top of the U.K. and we began to draw up a plume of hot air from Greece. The result was a surreal late autumn heatwave of clear blue skies, sunshine and temperatures around the 85f mark, more like a really good summer than a standard Autumn. We also had the hottest October day on record.

Three years ago, I was rather enjoying life and new experiences, and was feeling good about a lot of things. I went on holiday to Lisbon and had a marvellous time, but best of all was the very clement weather I had there. Pretty much sun and blue sky right from the word go. I know it can be said that its Lisbon on a southerly latitude and that it is usually always good there, but it can also be very changeable and a calm summer's day can easily turn into thundershowers. In that week though, it didn't.

I have also known cold waves come to an end when my feeling point improved; torrential rain occur in November when I was expecting it; and bizarre heatwaves to happen in January and February when I was enjoying life. With weather, it can be a case of wherever you go, you will find yourself.

Weather is a manifestation, like everything else in your life so You have d power. Anyway here's a really good article that can help you in this manifestation:


I don't mean to disagree with people on this form but Weather control doesn't have to be mass manifestation. As a matter of fact no manifestation in your life is a mass manifestation but we do experience a similar manifestations at times. Every manifestation in your life is because of you and you only.  Everyone on this planet could ask for world peace and if you're not aligned with it you won't experience world peace. You will end up in a reality that is anything but peace while those who have that desire will be a totally different reality than you.

Manifesting the perfect weather is just like any other manifestation . You have to imagine having that weather condition and align with the FEELING of it. Will it change instantly ?  Depends on how aligned you are but for most people it takes a lot of practice because most of us are trained to accept certain belief systems that holds us back from doing some amazing stuff. 

I remember when I was a kid and had no idea what Law of attraction was. but I wanted go a outside but it was raining . So I just wished that it would be Sunny. I kind of imagined it  being sunny and just forgot about it and played with my other toys. 10 minutes later the RAIN STOPPED and the SUN came out. I was able to go outside for a little bit and play. 

Three years ago I was on the East Coast visiting some family and a Tornado touched down. Everybody was worried but I wasn't and I told them they have nothing to worry about. I just focused on perfect weather the whole entire time. That Tornado didn't go anywhere near the street I was on but it hit other places in the downtown area. but the street was on was untouched and plus we were one of the few areas that had power and internet.  That was a mass manifestation, everyone in the house with me were freaking out . I was the only one on my laptop relaxing. 

Can we experience the same manifestation ? Yes but do you need another human being to change the weather or anything you considered big ? From my personal experience .  NO NOT AT ALL.  People think I'm  the luckiest man on Earth because there have been times where things happen to other people but never happen to me. Where i am the only one that everything seems to be going my way. This happens because I believe in being a individual "god" and creating my own reality and letting others create their own reality while I mind my own business. My reality creation includes weather when I choose to focus on it. Mass manifestation is a cool thing but it's not needed for anything you want personally. Your power as a individual God has no limits at all. So if you by yourself  want to change the weather in your reality then you can.

This is a pretty cool how to video from Gregg Braden where he talks about one man that could manifest rain with ease.and you can do the samething. He describes how it's done.


I totally agree with you!!

The very same way you do not manifest your desired weather. 


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