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Your work is not just to acknowledge what is probable.

Your work is to set the tone to cause the probability and the outcome!!! You are a creator not an observer, you see.

Utilize your intuitiveness to anticipate and the advantage that you have (pause) and it is a big one; most people have to wait for the outcome that they observe with their eyes before they adjust their vibration and then it's harder to do.

If you are able to anticipate it in advance, and adjust your vibration, you can change the outcome.

You could be on a plane that was doomed to crash. Pick up on it, choose a different thought, flow your energy, and change the outcome single handedly. We are not kidding you!!

You could anticipate something happening in someone's life. Feel bad about it because you love them and don't want it. Fantasize something different and change the outcome.

You could see a nation going in a direction you do not want . Feel bad about it, identify a desire, lie in your bed and change the outcome of it.

You are a powerful creator.

Abraham-Hicks tape extracted from a 3 tape set recorded in Chicago IL 10/31 and 11/1/98 Tape 2 contains this quote.

(thanks pilar for this quote transcription!)



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When you are living the Art Of Allowing, you are Source Energy, living, knowingly AS Source Energy, in Physical Body. In other words, you are god, in human form, Source is flowing fully through you. ~ Abraham-Hicks


Your influence is far more than one on one. As you are living happily ever after, you are a vortex through which pure Non-physical Energy flows. And the more you allow pure Non-physical Energy to flow into this time and place, the more the vibrational level of your planet is raised. So that more beings, even when they are not asking openly, can begin receiving this influence.
- Abraham-Hicks


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When you hold someone as our object of attention and you feel glorious while you do it, you call them in. You call them to the Vibrational Escrow that they have amassed that you've lined up with. You serve as a catalyst that calls them forward. And it is interesting. They might hear you even more than they might hear their Source Energy because there's something about deciphering the energy through you that makes it easier for them to receive.

First time we've said that, did you get it?

You're operating like a satellite dish that beams the signal in. Because you are translating it into real life, really world experience, you see.

Oh, the benefit you offer to someone when you tune into your Source Energy and then hold them as your object of attention. You just cannot offer anyone a greater gift than that.

- Abraham-Hicks –

Your work is not just to acknowledge what is probable.

Your work is to set the tone to cause the probability and the outcome!!! You are a creator not an observer you see.

Utilize your intuitiveness to anticipate and the advantage that you have………….and it is a big one. Most people have to wait for the outcome that they observe with their eyes before they adjust their vibration and then it's harder to do.

If you are able to anticipate it in advance, and adjust your vibration. You can change the outcome.

You could be on a plane that was doomed to crash. Pick up on it, choose a different thought, flow your energy, and change the outcome single handedly. We are not kidding you!!

You could anticipate something happening in someone's life. Feel bad about it because you love them and don't want it. Fantasize something different and change the outcome.

You could see a nation going in a direction you do not want . Feel bad about it, identify a desire, lie in your bed and change the outcome of it.

You are a powerful creator.

Abraham-Hicks tape extracted from a 3 tape set Chicago IL 10/31 and 11/1/98 Tape 2

If you want to be of help to others, be as tapped in, tuned in, and turned on as you can possibly be.

Ask and It Is Given

Abe to Jerry:

...the higher your expectation was about someone the greater advantage you could be to them.

San Antonio TX 4/24/10


(notice COULD be...doesn't say blanketly that you ARE....semantically, when you are crossways of those expectations that you hold....you get the idea)

including the lead up to the bold text for contextualizing somewhat...~DS


8.27.2005 Sedona, Az Saturday
copyright www.abraham-hicks.com
Workshop excerpt from audio track 6

Guest: My next question is about the price of gas in the United States. (audience and guest laughter) It's at its highest point historically and I'm wondering what those of us who are conscious deliberate creators and are on the leading edge can do to find the positive aspects in that; to feel good about that, to begin to change the vibration around that.

Abe: Well, here's what we would like: we would like it to cost ten times what it does and you not care. Because, as long as you care what something costs you've got a limitation set on how much money you think will come in to you.

So, you go to the pump and the cost of gas is high and all that does is is cause you to launch a rocket that says: "I'd like more money to pay for this higher price of gas and source says: All righty then. And then all you've gotta do is bring yourself into alignment with that. You see.

Guest: Mhhm. I see. Thank you.

Abe: Our favorite story about that was: a woman who was talking about her now husband who was a former husband of someone else to whom he was paying alimony. And his former wife kept taking him back to court and demanding more money and they wanted to know what they could do, how they could shut her down; she was taking too much of the money that they wanted to spend their now life that they were living together. And we said: We wish your now husband had ten exwives. And we wish that they were ALL going to court and asking for more money BECAUSE the most they're gonna get is fifty percent, (usually), so, if he's got that many people calling that much money through him ...his income is increasing dramatically if he'll let it; and they're only gettin' half. (audience laughter) Anything that causes you to want more when you come into alignment with it; it's a done deal. So, the price of anything doesn't matter because if you want it, source is aranging a way RIGHT NOW for you to have it; you've just got to stop complaining about the price of getting gas ...so, here's how it happens....

you go to the gas pump (this is exactly how it happens): Jerry and Esther filled up the other day and it was seven hundred and twenty five dollars. And they were gonna drive that gas out that day. So, as you to the gas pump and you fill up and you feel that discord of the price of this fuel; in that moment you launch a rocket of desire that says: More money for fuel. And source energy says: Done. Done. Then you say: This costs too much. So, the money is sitting there but you don't have access to it. You say: It's terrible what they're doing. You don't have access to it. You say: It's highway robbery. You don't have access to it. You say: the Bush administration and their oil croneys are doing this deliberately just to put more money in their pocket. You don't have access to it. You really don't have access to it. You say: It's nice that this gas is available to me. You start moving in the direction of the improvement of your money for gas. You say: What I need always comes to me. You start moving in toward it. You say: I have enough flexibility that I can, for now, put a little more of it here. You start moving toward it. You say: I've never paid too much attention to what many things cost and I"m not gonna make this be an exception. You start moving toward it. You say: What I need always flows. You start moving towards it. And, with enough deliberate training, you move yourself into alignment with this big pile of money thats waiting for you in vibrational escrow. For gas, or for anything that you launched it over there for. And then you come and you say: I'm making twenty thousand dollars more than I was last time I talked to you. And we say: Good. Spend some of it on gas. (laughter and applause)

Guest: Thank you. My next question is:

Abe: (still on the last thought) Whatever you want, whatever you want is there for you. Whatever you want. So, Esther has no concern about dollars and gas. Sometimes she goes in to pay and she comes back and Jerry says: How much was it and Esther says: I don't know I didn't notice. She signed the ticket. Because it doesn't matter. Whatever it cost is what it cost and she was gonna get it anyway so what possible difference does it matter. So her answer is usually: Well, it cost what it cost and it's there on the ticket if you want to see it. In other words, it's irrelevant what it cost; it cost what it cost.

And then they were at a gas station in San Diego last week and they filled up their tank on their Ukon. Or they wanted to. But the pump cut them off at fifty dollars and only gave them half a tank. And Esther said: Well, we can either go again or we can just leave it at that. And Jerry said: Let's just leave it at that, we can fill it up again later and when Esther went in to get her receipt she heard the woman who had come in behind her say: I would like two dollars worth on pump three please. And Esther felt that pang. Because Esther saw that fifty dollars did not give her a half a tank and she figures that two dollars won't even show on that woman's meter. And so Esther started moving in the wrong direction on this subject of gas. Not on her behalf but on somebody else's. Esther's not worried about gas prices for herself but she could listen to enough people that she begins worrying about them and then she's not contributing to the improvement either. And so we want you to understand because we can feel it rippling around even in this room that sometimes people feel as they listen to us: Well Abraham, you're just teaching people to be selfish and to not care or worry about what's happening to anyone else and we say: We want you to care but we don't want you to worry. When you care you launch into vibrational escrow on their behalf. When you worry you do not help them get to what you've launched over there on their behalf. So, it's possible, this ties in with your question about: Who am I and why am I here and who are the people that are gathering here in this Abraham energy? and we say: You care about other people and you will launch rockets of desires on their behalf but you can't suffer for them and be catalysts to help them receive improved conditions. In other words you've got to follow the dream of the improved life for them. As uplifters you've got to learn to walk your way up the emotional scale on behalf of those that you care about because you can't see them as victims and do them any good and when you see anybody as a victim you shoot yourself in the foot. It's really interesting how powerful you are and how you're all tied in with one another. The thoughts that you think about other people not only affect you but they affect the part of their life experience that rendezvous with you.

Guest: My next question is about food. ....

©Jerry & Esther Hicks
Seattle, WA — 6/21/98

What is happening with you when you are interacting with a person, their desire... You see, whatever they have been living have brought them to this physical place now where they have strong desire, and they are there with you because they have some belief, at least, that you will assist them in satisfying their desire. And so, this is a very good situation because the contrast has caused them to have desire. You, in many cases, give them a reason to believe that their desire can be answered—and so, you are an influencer to help them allow what the contrast has caused them to desire.

We’re going to give something to you. It will be blunt and may seem a little harsh. But as you settle into it, it will be really satisfying and you’ll feel the fullness and the knowing of your Inner Being about it.

The only difference that you have the ability to make is the difference in the way you feel when you contemplate a subject.

And if you are able to consistently approach a subject until you feel the difference within yourself, then the manifestation that supports the difference that you have discovered for yourself will reveal itself to you. And the path of your involvement will reveal itself to you, too.

So the difference you seek is the difference in the way you feel. When you look into the world and see an injustice and feel the discord of it, you’re not finding the difference.

You say, “I want to make a difference.” But what you are saying is “I want to be able to effect this in some way so that the manifestation will be difference so that then I can have a different feeling response to it.”

And we say, “It’s backwards! You’ve got to find the different feeling within yourself than the current what-is evokes from almost everybody. You’ve got to see it different before it can be different, you see. You’ve got to see it different and feel it different and affirm it different.

Demand from yourself the vision of the way you want it to be in defiance what the whole world is saying. Because the world will say, “You’re crazy! Look! They are still battling. Look! Nothing’s changed! How dare you affirm that it is done before it is done?”

And we say, “Because if you don’t find the feeling of it and make the vibrational difference within you, then the Universe cannot follow the vibrational difference and bring you some manifestation that reflects the difference that you found.”


Guest: My issue with that is that sometimes I find it a little bit fluffy...

Abraham: Of course, it’s fluffy! Your Inner Being is FLUFFY! Your Inner Being is Optimistic! Your Inner Being is knowing. Your Inner Being knows there is nothing that cannot be done, that there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Your Inner Being feels infinite, sure and confident. Your Inner Being is already celebrating the result and already standing in the success of it. Your Inner Being already is the difference, you see.

And what you are saying is, “My Inner Being isn’t facing reality!!!” And we are say, “rrr- YEAH!!!!”

Your Inner Being found the different feeling. And you’ve got to find it, too. It feels like pie in the sky. It feels like being unrealistic. And we know in the face of the realism that the world for the most part is wanting to point you to, it is easier to use your physical senses to observe what-is and then fuss about it.

But you see, there’s so many people trying so hard to make a difference, and there’s a war against drugs and a war against poverty and a war against teenaged pregnancy and a war against cancer and a war against abuse, a war against, a war against, a war against. And ALL of them are getting bigger!

Because in the wanting to make a difference, there is a compounding of the what-is-ness and an exaggeration of that. You’ve got to make a vibrational difference and then manifestation will follow. And the key is, “How clear minded can I be?”

Because what-is is so vivid! How are you going to make the vibrational reality more vivid than what-is?

And we say, “look there more. Talk about it more.” But most of all care SO much about the way you feel that you are unwilling to think the thoughts that are easier to think. Let your desire to feel good be the impetus behind the direction of your thought. And then you will discover the power of that!

Alaska Cruise 6-25-11-2

"And again, we're going to be blunt and just say it right out loud where you can just DEAL with it. (laughter)

It is not that person's job to live up to your Vortex version of them, it is YOUR job to live up to that Vortex version of them.(laughter and applause.)"

From the Alaska Cruise 2010


lol..i used to have a t-shirt that said "Deal With It"...lol...was always a favorite.

Atlanta, Georgia Session 1 of 3 October 1, 2001  Minute 31ish through minute 52ish.


Abe:  “Creation is vibrationally rendezvousing”

This segment started with Abraham’s introduction and then the guest asking Abe about dreams manifesting reality. 

Abe:  “This is one of the most wonderful conversations about creation and manifestation because most people are not aware of what they are creating until it manifests.  Because they’re not sensitive to their vibration.  Meaning they’re not sensitive to their emotion.  And by not sensitive to emotion we mean you have it, you just don’t take it as the guidance that it is and often don’t respond to it in some way you see.  You’re asking a lot of things.  The primary thing you want to know is, did I have any affect…if I am the creator of my dreams and I created  that in my dream, then did I create the divorce that my mother had or did I play a part in it?  And we say, all of you play a part in everything that you are co creating.  Because as you observe it, you offer a vibration about it.  As you offer a vibration about it, it’s a player.  And most people are not doing very much deliberate creating.  Most people are not doing much…It would be like observing someone who is sick and as you observe that they are sick, you’re actually adding to their sickness because”-Guest interrupts:  Right because it’s a double edge sword, because I could see it as a different way ”-Abe:  “Because you’re accepting it as reality and adding to it.  And So if you reach the place where you see the sickness and out of the contrasting experience desire wellness, then, take the ten minutes that we’re talking about and bring yourself to the feeling place of the wellness, so that the wellness is more dominant in your vibration then the illness that may be obvious when you look, now you’re helping towards the recovery, rather than adding toward the illness, or toward the divorce.”


Guest:  “So it is possible using these altered states of perception to begin to turn it around and to begin to become a happy positive influence.  I mean I know I gotta let go of the control, giving my attention to the well-being that my mom, I’m facilitating that within her life, or influencing that.”

Abe:  “On the other hand, when you say that, you say let go of control and we agree with that, in fact we say it all the time, we want you to let go of the uncontrollable and give your undivided attention to what is controllable and what is controllable is your personal alignment.  But we also want to say to you that when you care about another, they are part of your creative process too.  In other words it’s…this is the thing that makes you all crazy and it’s what makes humanity try so hard to do the impossible thing of controlling humanity, you think you have to control the conditions when all you have to control is your perception of it.  When you sat before Jesus, dripping your illness, he did not see your illness, instead he knew your wellness.  And he knew it so completely because he had practiced the vibration of who you really were.  He practiced the vibration of who you really are as a vibrational being.”


“So he didn’t allow himself to worry about you.  So he was a good influencer.  He was an influencer toward the desire that you also wanted to achieve you see.  And that’s what co creation is all about. When you come together with any other whether one other or a room full of people, each of you has your own vibrational place.  And of course your vibration as an individual has two pieces to it.  There’s the vibration of who the source within you is and there’s the vibration of what you got going on this red hot minute.  So when two people come together.  Let’s say you’re feeling really good and you come together with your mother, who may not be.  Well in this communication that is going to take place, you’ve worked it all out as humans in your co creative experience, you don’t mean to do it but you do it every single time.  There is this desire to communicate and this desire to get on the wave length that makes the communication possible that you’ve all become experts at.  And what most people do, they work to find the resonance with the person that they’re talking to, rather than maintain resonance with the source within them.  In other words you care what other people think.  And in wanting to communicate you so you want to get on the wave length with them.  So what happens is, in most cases , whoever is dominant, maintains the vibration.”

(Abe holds hands in the air horizontally, one a foot or so higher than the other)


Abe:  “So if you’re really practiced in your expectation of wellbeing,  and your interacting with another person, they…one of two things will have to happen, they’ll either have to raise to join you, which will happen if you are really pure and non-resistant in your vibration


(Abe gestures with lower arm, chopping air as they raise the lower arm to be level with the higher arm)

“…or they will just vibrate right out of your experience.”

(Abe gestures with lower arm, chopping to the side, moving away from arm raised higher in the air)

“It has to be one or the other.  But most of you in your desire to communicate, in your desire to be of service or your desire to be compassionate, or your desire to have empathy, you, YOU focus on where they are and then you lower your vibration and then you can have a communication but it’s not helpful.  What upliftment is, is maintaining your vibration and insisting that if they’re going to communicate with you if they’re going to resonate with you, they have to join you in that higher frequency and that in fact is what your inner being does every single time.  Your inner being never joins you in your worry ever. 


And in fact, that’s why worry feels like worry.  Because when your inner being joins you it feels like elation.  When your inner being joins you it feels like love.  When your inner being joins you it feels like appreciation, joy, clarity, vitality, eagerness and passion.  If you’re feeling anything that you would describe as negative emotion, your inner being is not joining you.  Not because it isn’t present and not because it isn’t possible but because you have vibrated into a frequency that is disallowing it.


Guest:  “Do I have time for one more question?”  “Who focused the human beings into being?”   “Was it extraterrestrial’s of some sort?”  “You’ve answered this question before or maybe it wasn’t this question but maybe a similar question of some sort.”  “But yes that’s my question.”


Abe:  “Well when you accept that you were source energy before you came into this physical body.  So there is all of this non-physical awareness, but in the evolution of that which you are.  In other words, the very first being-ness on your planet were not humans, or even dinosaurs, but even microbes in soil.  But even those very elementary organisms, were consciousness having expansion and having comparative experiences.  So the evolution has been going on for a long time.  As you stand in your…here…we want to answer the question in this way first.  And then we will come back to any detail you are still hungry for.  When you think about creation as we were talking as we first began here today, that this leading edge environment, is the furtherest most place where source is focused.  Can you accept that?  In other words, source energy out here in you.  And then you think about human consciousness and you think about what you are exploring  and what you are deciding and what you are preferring.  When you think about the desires that are being born within you, and then you think about source holding those thoughts and maintaining the frequency, until that manifestation can occur.  As you focus in that way, you can understand how this source energy consciousness is guiding this evolution. 


“So all of the controversy over the difference between whether it is god created or evolution created, it is both.  It is source energy’s awareness.  But source energy, this is the most significant part of this.  The desire that source energy then focuses upon, is discovered by the leading edge creator, who is physically focused.   So it’s an expansion of consciousness.  So you have to accept that in the same way that your dream state is perceptual, all of this is too.  But you just get so good at perceiving it that then you want to call it this more concrete reality.  So thought does become matter.  So now ask your question again.”


Abe:  “Who created it?”  “Consciousness.”


Guest:   “Ok so my question is about consciousness and how in interfaces with matter, So a singular celled organism, even though it’s just one cell, basically has the same mental capacity if that’s the right word, as a being such as myself which is basically about 13 trillion cells on average.”


Abe:  “Not really the same mental capacity because it’s…”


Guest:  “Conscious energy is that a better word?”


Abe:  “There is conscious energy but the difference, you think differently than the chicken even though your both thinking.”

Guest:  “Of course.”


Abe:  “You think differently than the ant even though your both thinking.  You think differently than the cells in your body even though they’re both thinking.”


Guest:  “Ok so what I’m really asking is consciousness is not limited or defined by the amount of cells in an organism?”


Abe:  “Consciousness whether it, no matter how significant it is, as in the case of the human body or insignificant that it may seem, as in the case of the one celled organism, consciousness is still having it’s comparative experience where it knows what it doesn’t want and knows what it does want.  In other words there is always this expectation of improvement and, and so the consciousness of the trillions of cells in your body are all adding to the consciousness that is you.  You really can’t separate one from the other.  Here’s another way of going here and we really are out here on the leading edge of thought.  But we think it will be satisfying to all of you.  We touched on it earlier.  It seems to be the theme of this gathering today.  When you accept that you are creator and you accept that you are standing in an environment that is giving you the inspiration to expand and you accept that it’s not just you that is being inspired, it’s all that has even been that is being inspired.  Then you begin to realize that the individuality that you want to call you the creator, is never as individual as you have thought that it was.  That all of source is flowing through you in any moment in time.  Here’s another way of saying it because that got a little murky and some of you didn’t follow all the way through.  Look at it this way.”


“So sometimes people will say, ‘So Abraham, I’m out here and I’m mixing it up and I’m putting rockets of desire into my vortex of creation.’  We say, yes you are.  And they’ll say ‘And everybody else is doing it too.’  And we’ll say, Yes that is true, even one celled organisms.  So here is this vortex of request or desire, that source immediately becomes.  So then here you are, walking around in your body, in your day, having your exposure to your life experience, using something, anything as your object of attention that is causing you to align with the fullness of who you are.  So all of that consciousness, all of that knowing is available to you, right here, right now in this moment.”


Guest:  “The one cell or the trillion.”


Abe:   “So as you are focused in a way, that is causing no resistance in your experience, everything that has anything to do with you, has access to all of that you see.   So then you run around like that.  And you influence your mother and you influence your brother and you influence your lover and you influence…in other words when you are in tune with that…so really but there are many points that we are making with that, but the primary point that you were asking for, that we really want to make central to this discussion, is that when you take the time to feel good, you have access to the whole of all of it.  And that doesn’t mean that you could translate, or articulate all of it right here, this red hot minute that would be a pretty expansive moment in time.  But anything that is important to where you are standing and who you are being, and what you are doing and what you are wanting, then is available and that’s why those highs in those moments feel so extraordinary.”


“People are always wanting to have the discussion of ‘Are we all one?’ And we say, that’s hard to accept as you look around at your individual clumps on your individual chairs.  But it is true that when you use anything that is true to resonate with that high frequency vibration that then you have access to everything that this source energy is that’s always been flowing to you in any moment in time whether you knew that it was or not.  In other words you don’t have to learn this to earn this, it’s always been present, but you have to be in the vibrational frequency of it in order for it to be revealed to you or translated by you.”

“Ester was saying to her sister this morning, ‘I always thought that what revelation was, was that someone else like god, would be really smart, and if I was worthy enough that then god would reveal to me, meaning god would tell me what he knows.’  The revelation would come to me because of my worthiness.  And Esther said, ‘Now I get it that the revelation always means, I have to achieve a vibrational frequency that allows me to interpret it.’  In other words, it’s not someone else giving it to me, it’s me achieving vibrational alignment with the knowledge that the whole has achieved.   And so look at it this way.  You as an individual creator are putting plenty of knowledge into your vortex.  But there’s a whole lot more knowledge that you haven’t put there, that is there and is available to you. DNA knowledge, cellular knowledge, there’s all kinds of knowledge that is available to you that you can’t and don’t want to articulate.  And don’t have to.  All you have to do is find some reason.  It takes 10 minutes to feel good.  And as you find that reason to feel good, now you’re in a vibrational frequency that allows the translation or the revelation of everything that you’re asking for you see.  And that really, that’s the best definition of what people are reaching for when they use the word worthiness that we could fashion.  In other words, when you get it, that source is there for you and logically speaking must be way more than you are, but vibrationally speaking you have access to every bit of it.  So that when life causes you to ask, what you are asking for is given.  Once you show yourself that, then, then you begin being the being that you came to be.”


Guest:   “So do you have anymore, like I’ve really gotten, I was at Ashville last year, and I’ve really gotten to a clear understanding of, how to apply it and if there’s any more processes that you might like to reveal for us and that maybe there’s some specifically for me but for everyone that might..”


Abe:  “Well you’ll hear much more as we go along but we’ll give you to you in general terms right now and then we’ll play with it all day long.  And that is, this is the best articulation of where this leading edge knowledge has come to, to this point.  It’ll be different tomorrow but here’s where we are now today.”

People laughing

“If you accept the vibrational quality of that which you are, and you accept that your most powerful desire is the manifestation of the emotion, and you accept that once you’ve accomplished that.  Now you’ve connected with source energy.  Now you’re in the place of allowing all of this alignment and all of this power, that emotional manifestation is the grid that will fill in with such detail to surprise and delight you and inspire you and thrill you and others.  Never endingly, never endingly, never endingly.  So if you start with this emotional basis and you let it be what you are really reaching for.  And you accept it as the only thing that is important for you to accomplish and so you begin going after it.  We want you to think of that emotional accomplishment or that emotional manifestation as the general but pure basis of creation.  Now it will fill in with more specifics.  It just must because Law of Attraction is going to fill it in.  And it will fill it in with the specifics that match the basis of it.  So that’s why we’re saying if you will take the time to lay a basis, because whatever is your point of attraction, whatever is your…when you love and hate and love and hate and love and hate, your grid is filled in with lovely things and hateful things and lovely things and hateful things and lovely things and hateful things.  When you’re sure and afraid and sure and afraid and sure and afraid, your grid fills in with certainty and fearful things.  In other words what your offering is…and so as you clarify deliberately this emotional basis and then you watch the manifestations reflect that, it gives you your conscious awareness.  It’s really what deliberate creation is.  But it will always fill in with more specifics.  So we’ve been talking for quite a while about this emotional scale that goes from despair and depression all the way up into ecstasy with some of everything in between and now we’re presenting an emotional scale that is less detailed and it goes like this:” 


“Specifically negative, generally negative, generally positive, specifically positive.   Because we want to emphasize that if something’s gone wrong and you’re feeling specifically negative because there’s lots of details that have filled in that are frightening you or angering you, that your dominant intention is just to get as general as you can about it and as you, which means talk to people less about it or if you’re talking to them talk in more general terms.  Rather than saying why you hate that person and the details of all the things that they’ve done wrong to you, be more general by saying things like, ‘I’m uncomfortable with that person and I don’t want to talk about why.’  In other words the more general you are, the less powerful the frequency is.  The less attractive the frequency is.  And the easier it is to move into a generally good feeling emotion.  And once you find that generally good feeling emotion, then the details will fill in.” 


“Now in all of this and this is the piece that is new, in all of this conversation about deliberate creation, we’ve been encouraging you to focus, focus your thoughts.  Today we’re encouraging you to focus your thoughts still, but focus them around the subject of emotion.  In other words, focus your thoughts on how you want to feel and leave it at that.  Because we’ve been saying to you for a while that you have enough vibrational basis in your vortex of creation to keep you busy for 20 or 30 lifetimes of manifestation.  And it’s time for you to start cashing in your coupons.  It’s time for you to stop…to begin redeeming what you’ve put there.  And the way to do it is to focus on this emotional basis.  We’ve been playing with the Law of Attraction cards.  We’ve been pointing out that when you try to affirm something wanted from a place of feelings its absence, that all you end up doing is affirming its absence in a more powerful way.  You don’t mean to, in other words, ‘I want more money, I want more money, I want more money, when you want more money just makes the absence of money more painful.  And the more specific you get about why you want the money, when you really feel the absence of the money, it makes you sort of dig in, in a way you don’t mean to.  Where if you can get more general, it causes you to release your grip just a little bit., that’s the process that’s the most leading edge and active.  And now we’re more filling it in with more detail about this emotional basis.  And as you listen and resonate and then play with it over the next few days, you’re going to discover the power of it.”  

short cut or what?! and you can still micro manage details in the vortex...specifics are way fun in there you just have to pick your moments or let them happen on their own. loved that other thread pilar just popped up with a quote for. got lost in it for a bit, felt really really good. it is so wonderful to be able to feel better no matter what and you know...this is the first step of going general..focusing on the feeling. that warmed my engines up to appreciate. here's to going general! yay!


Jerry: What is our greatest value to those in need? If we see a friend in a negative situation, living something truly unwanted or living without something that the person very much does want, how can we help? In other words, how could we be of advantage to others, rather than a disadvantage?

Abe: Whether your friend is feeling negative emotion because of the situation he is in, or whether YOU are feeling negative emotion because of your awareness of the situation your friend is in, neither of you is aligned with your broader perspective. Your awareness of your friend's problem is a true disadvantage to him, because you're amplifying the vibration of the problem and therefor; adding to it. Often, your friend draws you into keener awareness of the problem by continually discussing specific aspects of it, but with every moment of attention that you give to your attention to the problem of your friend, the further from really helping him you are.

In this contrasting world in which you are focused, any attention to your problem does cause you to vibrationally ask for solution. And those solutions do begin lining up for you. And so, you could actually add to the power with which your friend is asking for solutions, by discussing the specifics of the problem, but he does not need help in amplifying his problem in order to intensify his asking; that is a natural process that the contrast of the Universe provides. There is no reason to deliberately stir up problems in order to stir up solutions.

You are of no discernable assistance to your troubled friend unless you are able to focus in the direction of the solution, in the direction of what he wants, or in the direction of what you desire for him. If you are determined to feel good, and you are able to focus in the direction of improvement for him, dispite his continual prodding at his problem, your power of influence toward improvement will be powerrful. In other words, when you focus in the direction of the solution, you join forces with your own Inner Being, with HIS Inner Being, AND all of the cooperative components that Law Of Attraction has already assembled. If you allow yourself to be the sounding board for your friends problems; your power of influence will be paltry, and you will be of no value to your friend.

But something even more troubling is now occurring. Your friends problem not only launched vibrational rockets of desire in HIS vibrational reality, but your association with him, and your focus, has caused you to launch vibrational rockets about your friend into your vibrational reality. In other words, this experience has cause an expansion in you. And if you do not focus in the direction of your expansion, if you do not focus on the possible improvements for your friend, you will pull against you own expansion. It is important to realize that the negative emotion that you often feel when you are worried about a troubled friend is actually present because your focus is pulling you apart from yourself. Your friend may be the reason for your focus, but your friend is not the reason you are pulling against yourself; your focus is the reason for that.

Looking for positive aspects and expecting good outcomes for your friends is the only way you can be of value to them. For there is no action that you can offer that is strong enough to buck your current of negative attention.

Jerry: So, we're not doing ourselves or the other person any favor if we discuss our problems or concerns with them?

Abe: Indeed not. Nothing good ever comes from focusing in oppostion to what you desire. It is detrimental to you, and to whom ever you draw into your negative conversation.

The Vortex

The contrast that you think you don't want is always helpful to your experience. 

Albuquerque, NM 3-22-14


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