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Maybe I should be asking. Why do so few really get social security disability in the US?

How can that have to do with LOA? Is it possible that the government believed in limited money so much that they do this to their own people?

I am seriously considing other countries that are English Native speaking to go try to live in for the rest of my life. I have applied for SSI 2x and have been rejected twice, and am going to be given a court date for appeal with a judge. I literally try to imagine the govt just going some cases like mine in advance to save court fees and just give certain people such as myself the benefits..what else in Earth can I visualize?

I am looking at two more years wait because I switched states for about a dozen reasons .Why do I keep meeting people one fourth as sick as me who have it for barely any of the numerous issues I have!

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Visualizing having and spending money is usually just torture. I am sick of no monetary misery. I am considering non traditional jobs that are super taboo just to get off the street!

Don't come to the UK you won't be entitled to any benefits here.

I know this feeling when you know you need / deserve something more than those who actually have it.

No matter what it looks like on the surface, it has nothing to do with what you are capable of receiving. They received it because they allowed it vibrationally. 

Because you have already studied the law of attraction it won’t be that difficult for you to understand what’s going on. My suggestion to you would be to be aware of how we are creating our reality based on our vibrations. If you are meeting people who have what you want you have partially aligned yourself with what you want. When you see such people tap into their joy of receiving those benefits , basically say I will have what they are having or  it would be awesome if I had what they have. 

Regarding the visualization I would suggest you focus on the time you will spend after receiving the benefits, not how the govt should do things etc. 

If you are considering other jobs I think you can go for it. In such times, relief can be a powerful emotion and from there you can go higher and higher vibrationally. 

Yes, I'm considering things I shouldn't do because I can not find a way out of my problems. I've had it with poverty. Seriously had it. I will pretty much now do anything to get out of it permanently. I'm desperate! Desperately unhappy.

I don’t see the reason for choosing super taboo jobs if they sound that bad to you.

How about you look for options that you are comfortable with like regular odd jobs ? There are many people doing those and using that as a means to support their dreams . There are many people working hard jobs inspite of having multiple health issues. It’s very possible. Use these jobs to provide you some comfort and security and then you can make your life better from there. That’s how you can rid yourself of resistance. This may not be the best but at least a better option. Your goal is to feel better and better. If you feel so threatened by your circumstances now, which is very understandable, it’s hard to reach for the super happy state from there. 

Also,there are several successful people who were homeless or lived in poverty at some stage of their life. Don’t give up hope.

Also do you think you would want to set up a Gofundme page? 

Tried, failed

You nor anyone or anything  are/is either/neither responsible or irresponsible ..... problem or solution , abled or dis-abled....dual or dueling.

You are that you are ..... BEING ITSELF..... BEING Be The One and ALL That Be. Singularity and Indivisibility. 

((((  Smile  ))))


Why don't you try poverty for a while?

Why would she not be entitled in the Uk? Everyone else seems to get benefits who come from oversees. Have they changed the rules now ? Just asking as im not up on changes things like that.

I couldn't come without a major financial sponsor. All countries require that now it seems unless you are a refugee 


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