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Hi, just wondering what you would think about this,

a friend of mine worked in a psychiatric hospital where there were
alot of ''crazy people''. he told me one time that there was a man sitting
under his table and screaming that the germans are comming.

This ''crazy man'' really believes that the germans are comming and has no resistance to it, so is he attracting this?
because in 'reality' the only people that can come are doctors and nurses..

I was just comparing myself to that crazy man because its like if i believe that my lover is comming now (sorry PI friends that i always talk just about a lover heheh its just an example)
so if i think my lover is comming and i really have the feeling like he is very close to me (like that 'crazy man' has with the germans) so does it mean im just crazy or that he is really comming???

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Interesting observation, Stas. The way I see it is that what the guy is creaming is always coming. They are never really there but coming. If he said, "The Germans are Here! he would then realize that they are here now and he would snap out of his craziness.

Same thing with the lover example. My lover is coming, my lover is coming means that the lover is Always coming. So when we change that and say, "My lover is here, my lover is here now." We would snap out of our delusion and embrace our lover rather than embrace a lover who is always coming.
yes i think you are very right about this!!! yes perfect answer!!!
but how about other people that see things that arent here?? people who have illusions/delussions how do you call it.. like i saw in a movie one time a woman who was affraid of spiders and she saw them everywhere but meanwhile there was nothing there it was all in her mind.

An important point is raised here, and that is to check both the semantics and the tense of something you are affirming, to make sure that it really is what you want, and manifestation-friendly. The Universe takes things very literally.

hey yes good point you make there about that invisible thing in the sky ;)

yes i just hope i dont go crazy and attract an imaginary lover who i will be togheter with in a psychiatric hospital hehehe :-) heheh :-) i know we wont ;)

thanks for your reply
oh believe me, when i attract my love i will write this on profile here on PI because of how happy i will be heheheh,
:-) when me and my mate will find eachother, i will put a post in this forum, saying: I FOUND MY SOULMATE !!!! heheh i can feel and imagine doing this LOL i know this will happend and then all the people here will tell me: we told you so!!! :-)

and ill try to explain all the techniques that i did, but really i think its just patience and being happy now and then when you least expect the soulmate shows up :)
hehehe last time i checked - i was sane :-) hehehe
so that man attracted to become insane and now he can not attract things because all he can attract are illusions??
next year ill be on Abraham with my lover ;) on the Alaskan cruise and i will ask Abe this question hehe and see what answer i will get :)
You have to remember that the 'crazy' people have something wrong with their brain chemistry or physiology, the way the brain is wired. Could be damage done from accidents or drugs. They are there because they are not physically 'normal' like the rest of us. They no longer have the ability to reason and comprehend. Those tools are just no longer there, or are broken.

So you really can't compare your lover coming to the Germans coming, because your brain is functioning within the normal boundaries (I'm assuming) and his isn't.
ho oponopono is that with the guy saying: i thank you i love you please forgive me ???
I guess there must be really something wrong with me, then -- I've had that said to me many a time...LOL!

"What is WRONG with you, MJ?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all. And what is wrong with YOU?" I reply.
who really knows?
Hey MJ:

(A question you could ask yourself? :-) )


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