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Hello i just ordered some moldavite and i was wondering is there anyone on this board who used it to manifest faster or experience some life transofrmation. What did you experience when you worked with it? i have my hopes up for this stone..

thanks :)

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I had to look it up.... Neat looking crystal. But it's effect upon my "vibration" is the same as any other aesthetic geological beauty I can find.


The transformation you are looking for is not in the crystal.

It's in the belief Fred. :)

Yes... "in the belief", but not in the stone. I just think that it serves people better if they understand that putting "hope" into a dubious belief system is counter-productive.

If someone believes in the Moldavite, regardless of what I think, than more power to them; but everyone knows that Citrine is the most important stone. ;)

I have some moldavite and it does have a very strong energy, I rarely use it (it's a pendant) and I have never considered using it for manifesting purposes, when I bought it was around the time I got my Reiki master training and the experience was amazing.

As for it only working because of our belief, I used certain stones with one of my cats who was ill with kidney tumours. The way the cat reacted confirmed that stones do emit energies as cats do not have expectations about stones. 



I have large moldavite collection and I'm close to a moldavite very often. I belive for their power...

PS: www.aboutmoldavites.com - facts about moldavites

Have a nice day



This is interesting.  Where do you get these stone?

With the law of attraction, when you focus upon your desire, as if you already have it, you come into alignment with it vibrationally speaking.  You begin to vibrate a same or similar frequency as your desire, and like energy attract like energy, so it comes to you.  But, if everything has a vibration, including these stones/crystals (which they do), then it stands to reason that they could very well help with manifesting.  Not to say that the stones attract things (your desires), but that their vibration could effect your vibration and make it easier for you to attract your desires.

Think about all of the things around you that effect your vibration by their vibration.  We know that colors for example, can effect our mood, and hence our vibration.  They say fast food restaurants often use red and orange because it speeds up your heart beat and breathing and makes you eat faster.  Hospitals might use calming colors like green or blue - like in nature.  When padded jail cells are pink they seem to help calm people down - I guess it's hard to stay angry when you're surrounded by pink.  Babies supposedly cry more when they're in yellow rooms, so don't paint your babies room yellow. 

There are the studies which show how different kinds of music effect the growth of plants.  Plants seem to grow and flourish when exposed to classical music.  They don't seem to like pop music too well,  They become stunted after being exposed to rock music, and even begin to die after being exposed to it for more than 10 days or so. 

I could go on and on, but it seems to me that everything around us emanates a vibration.  Why wouldn't they have an effect upon our vibration?

My frend is a moldavite miner ...

Thank you for your food for thought


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