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I want urgently powerful money ec

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Take the word WANT out of your thinking, as that will just produce more of you wanting (the Universe takes things literally).  Change it to I HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY NOW.  Place your attention on how you would like your life to be, rather than how it is, and keep focusing on that.  I would also advise giving thanks for the money you already have, and have had before.  Make a list of how it has come to you (wages, gifts, discounts, refunds, down the backs of sofas etc) and give thanks for those.  The Universe loves a grateful person and lovingly sends them more things to be grateful for.

The universe doesn't understand english :D responds to vibrations. It's not so much the word that's the problem, though I fully understand the sentiment. That's part of the problem. Though simply saying i have plenty of money now, with diff language and the same vibration yields the same result.

Well, the post is written in English, so I am replying and suggesting affirmations in English, but you are right; you can create a vibration using thoughts in any language.

Visualise having lots of money. Picture a bank statement with hundreds of thousands as the balance, and big credits on it. Visualise yourself holding a massive wad of banknotes in your hand. Visualise a cheque for a huge amount, turning up in the post for you. Just don't say HOW it all comes to you.

Good tip

I would also add to FEEL how it FEELS knowing you have money, imagine what people will say when they see you (knowing you have money at your disposal), sense how you would walk differently knowing you have money in the bank to cater for all your needs (subconscious doesn't understand imagination isn't real) so its a fun way of creating that as a reality!

One of the original meanings of "want" was "to lack".  So its really interesting to see when people use that term they are getting exactly what they are asking for (the lack) rather than the thing showing up.  "I want cash" is vibrationally saying "I lack cash".  "I want a relationship" is "I lack a relationship" etc.  Words do have power and energy so its not about not using words but using words to energetically broadcast that which you desire (whether its lack or acquiring).  "I don't want to be slim and skinny" is a great affirmation (and its interesting when you say that you feel GOOD).  Universe is actually haring I do not lack of being slim and skinny".  "I dont want money" becomes "I don't lack of money". So it can become a really fun and powerful game to play and feels GOOD.  

How is this a succes story? You should post your posts in the right forum.


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