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Here's a way I've been using to attract more money. Once you realise it, it will make sense and you will do it easily, effortlessly and happily. So what can you do to attract more money?

"Assume money has feelings"

(What, money has feelings, yeah right, money is just a thing)

But what if "everything" has feelings?

Did you know that plants have feelings? Did you know that studies have been done on plants that show they wither when shouted at, but they bloom more vigorously when shown love and appreciation?

Did you also know that research shows that even water responds to negative and positive feelings?

(Is this too far out there for you, ok, I'll get more basic)

Do you realise people have feelings? Of course you do. You already know that if you treat a person with kindness, they will invariably return that kindness, and you know that if you treat a person with love and respect, they will become a better, more capable person.

Animals have feelings, you probably know this. maybe you've heard about horse whisperers. People who are so in sync with horses, that they seem to be able to talk to them and get them to respond in ways no other person can.

My point. We all know living things respond well to love and kindness.

So, what might happen if we treated money as a living thing? Might it be that money would respond to feelings of love, appreciation and kindness?

But what do many people think about money. Many people think unkindly about money.

Many people say the money they have is "not enough" Can you imagine telling a friend they are not enough? What would happen to that friendship?

What might happen if instead you said to the little money you have "I appreciate and love you, you're AWESOME, and I'd love to have more of you?" if nothing else, wouldn't you be conveying more of a sense of appreciation towards money.

Some people even believe money is somehow dirty or evil. Can you imagine what would happen if you thought of a friend like that? How long would that friendship last?

Some people say they don't care about money. What happens when you treat a person like you don't care about them?

Suppose you only had one friend. How would you treat them? Wouldn't you want that friend to know how much you appreciate them? But then what do you do, if you have less money than you need? Do you appreciate the little amount you do have? Or do you belittle it for not being enough?

What do you think might happen if you treated money as if it had feelings?

What do you think might happen if, you thought about money in loving, kind ways? If you thought of even small amounts of money more kindly? What do you think might happen if you treated money as if it has feelings?

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Love this!Thank you so much for posting it!

The timing of this post is incredible. I will be putting this into practice soon.
Thank you so very much! This is just wonderful :)

Good idea, thank you.

Good idea. Another thing you can do is have an honest conversation with money. 

Thank you for writing this great post Olaf! i needed to hear this today cause i realized im actually hating money cause i thought that in the past i've attracted some fake superficial people/situations because of them. Now im finally understanding what my limiting beliefs around money are: money will distract you from an authentic genuine life where im free to follow my heart and my soul and you will be part of the fake society, while the opposite can be true: without money i have less freedom to be who i really am and to be with the people i appreciate more: the genuine, compassionate, intelligent ones.

Anyway what im truly doing is not caring about money at all, im caring only about my (soul) well-being and if i will need money in this process the Universe will support me in the easiest funniest most original ways so my focus is not really on money cause they have no power on me and on my journey, they can be a great friend but also an enemy cause they can distract me from my journey and the endless free abundance of all things in the Universe.

I appreciate all your comments. Thank you:)

i remember when i finally started liking money; once upon a time i had so many negative feelings about money. and i agree that changing my feelings about money was the key to more abundance for me

"i agree that changing my feelings about money was the key to more abundance for me"

That's awesome happybeing. Thank you very much for sharing :)


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