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Manifesting money can be one of the most exciting things to manifest, but also the hardest for many reasons.I know for me, manifesting money at the beginning seemed like an impossible feat that only seemed to erode my already low self-confidence and lack of worthiness. However, in the last few years I’ve learned how and more so WHY manifesting money was so hard for me (and really a lot of us) and since money isn’t going anywhere fast soon, I wanted to share some key concepts that will not only help you to manifest more money, but ACTUALLY HELP you bridge the gap of feeling the lack of it to having more of it.


I hope you enjoy this first part!


Key 1: The amount of money you can have or can bring in, doesn’t equate to your worthiness, deservingness or hard work… YOUR VIBRATION DOES.


This is something that I struggled with for many years because I was taught from an early age that only hard, back breaking working people can have or DESERVE money. And that, the amount of hard work you put in will equate to how much money you get out. Most people are taught this, but this teaching goes directly against the law of attraction in the way you want it to work for you. As in having more money without tearing hair and nail for it.


That is because everything is vibration, your vibration determines how much money you can manifest or don’t manifest. That means, if you’re putting in the hard work from a feeling place of poverty, despair over not having money or jealousy that other less hard working people have more money than you, your vibration will only offer you more of the same of your feelings and focus, NOT THE ACTION ITSELF. Your action only reflects and compounds your current vibration.


Ever heard of the rat race, and people wanting to escape it? That is a perfect example of people offering action from a place of not having enough. You work and work and work without changing your vibration so the universe delivers more of the same to you. It has to since it only reads your vibration and NOT YOUR ACTION.


In other words, your current vibration of lack of money will only manifest more experiences of not having money, because that is where your focus (vibration) is.


Having more money is ALWAYS about your thoughts and feelings, meaning, if you want more money, you have to offer that vibration first because it can come, IT IS LAW. You can’t want money, but have the focus on the lack of it and expect it to manifest, because your focus or beliefs (a thought you keep thinking) of not having enough money is NOT the same vibration of your desire of wanting more money or having enough.


Your feelings (which is the indicator if your thoughts are in alignment to your desires or not) have to MATCH or desire.


You have to think thoughts that FEEL more prosperous, abundant, rich, free or whatever having more money feels like to you, before it can manifest because it is the VIBRATION THAT BRINGS IT FORTH, NOT THE ACTION.


But you might be asking, but Inner Child, how can I feel more abundant when I’m living a reality that is the total opposite??? I REALLY want more money, in fact I NEED it, how can I suddenly just stop offering thoughts and action that brings it to me currently? How will things change???


Simple, you START FROM WHERE YOU ARE. That is when your manifesting game rubber meets the road and where people FUCK UP SO HARD THE MOST.


Yes, you have to start shifting your thoughts and beliefs before things can change, but the biggest mistake people, especially newbies, make in manifesting is that they believe that they can suddenly jump from a lifetime of feeling of not having enough to having all the money they can ask for in one day and instantaneously that reality will manifest if they hold that feeling for a day, or even two perfectly.




The KEY to making this work is starting where you are, which means, If you mostly feel stressed about money, broke, like you don’t have enough then you have to shift those feelings incrementally. In other words, feel LESS bad about money, stress LESS about money, focus on things that are easy to think about and JUST GO GENERAL. Think general thoughts of prosperity and abundance to get used to having that new vibration, and build on it day by day, for the rest of your life. <- (I will talk more about that in a later post!)


In time, as you KEEP DOING THIS, even when “reality” of your old vibration shows up, THINGS WILL CHANGE, it has to since you’re offering a different vibration that matches more of what you want.

I’ll talk more about starting where you are, going general and etc, in a different thread later, but for now, really digest and more so EXPERIMENT with this concept. 

If you have any questions or topics you want me to touch on in a later thread just comment below!

If you want personal guidance from me you can order a reading from my shop Castles in the Sky. From angel to energy readings, I have a passion for sharing my wisdom with others. I love showing people the way to their big dreams and the light that is already within them! 

Happy manifesting everyone!

♥♥♥ Kai Oceans - Cultivate The Positive ♥♥♥

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So much Helpful!
It's truly important keep shifting feelings incrementally. Also, It took me long time to really understand that it isn't actions what releases power, only vibration matters; and to understand what yo are paying attention to. It truly can change any circumstance.

My question is; wich idea, thought or sentence, could be good to vibrate with abundance, when you're spending money, leaving your account with a few dollars?

I feel grateful almost everytime I spend money; i do it happy, because of what it's giving me, because of the fact that I have this money for my needings or desires, because of what I share or how that money benefits other people; etc. But sometimes I felt uncomfortable, with the feeling and thinking that "im running out of money"

How may i fix this and create an abundance feeling in that circumstance?

i just thing that what i need comes at d right time for me, no  need for extra - money, i have abundance of time, people, love and in moments i want money i'll have abundance of money too. appreciate what you have and be eager for more. money is just energy, don't give it more importance than it has, focus on your joy instead. here are some quotes 4 you:

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone, persone sedute e sMS

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, sMSL'immagine può contenere: una o più persone e sMSL'immagine può contenere: una o più persone e sMS

L'immagine può contenere: sMS

Excellent! That is a perfect point of view. Flow and movement it's more imoportant that amount itself, as money it's one of the most important and basic types of energy. Thanky you so much Stefania, those quotes match with some thoughts and aproaches i've been developing (:

My question is; wich idea, thought or sentence, could be good to vibrate with abundance, when you're spending money, leaving your account with a few dollars?

This is a trick question because the universe doesn't hear your "words" or sees your "action" and give you what you want based on those things, it only hears what you vibrate, so WHATEVER words, affirmations, etc that makes you FEEL BETTER, feel more abundant is the right one. You have to play around with those tools/words till you find one that makes you feel more abundant! There is no right or wrong way to do it, even sitting and pretending to be rich for 2 minutes can really shift your vibe to something better quickly!

One thing that I do when I do spend money only leaving a few dollars to my name is to always remind myself that, more money is coming, it's literally impossible to go on in life with literally no sort of money or cash finding it's way to me or anyone at that. Saying that reassures me that indeed money is such a sure thing that it'll always find a way to reach me, no matter what financial state that I'm in. But that is one of the money tools that I use.

Funny enough, I'm coming out of a really big emotional rut, so I was doing some tried and true methods that really helps me with adjusting my vibe to happiness and wealth (which I find fun for me). One of those things is giving myself a few minutes to pretend that I'm rich. That I have all the money in the world and allow myself to feel the feelings that I would have then, in the present moment. I literally did this a handful of times in the last day and about a half hour ago, when I felt inspired to go the the market. No sooner that I came walking out of my apartment building, my eye goes directly to a pile of dollars on the ground. I wasn't startled or anything (I've manifested 100's of dollars on the ground over the years), I just walked by and picked it up.

When I got back inside to change my clothes it was 4 crumbled up dollars! Of course I was excited but it was also so normal to me since I've been practicing my money vibe for a while (I'm talking years). But what did caught me off guard was how effortless and fast it was! It was just there and I wasn't "looking" for it, it simply found me! Again, since my vibe was aligned to that of what I wanted, what I wanted HAD TO SHOW UP, I didn't need to do anything!

My point is, money is a vibration as everything else is. Your ONLY job is to align your vibe to that of what you FEEL that money is going to bring you, and practice that vibe bit by bit everyday. It takes time especially when you're feeling fear about not having money, and in that instance, do your best to feel LESS FEAR about money. And in fact GET OFF THE SUBJECT ALL TOGETHER and focus your attention to things that you do have that you're grateful for, because that will lessen your resistance overall, than trying to push against something that your really resistant towards. Once you feel a little better, tackle the money thing bit by bit, not the whole thing at once. All those small steps will turn the tide because you're being consistent with a new vibration, than trying to do it all at once and failing because the momentum is too strong for you to overcome with a weaker less practiced vibe.

I hope this helps! Keep trying and don't give up, I've been there and let me tell you THINGS DO CHANGE. You just have to be patient and compassionate with yourself!

Much Love,

Kai <3

Kai Oceans *-+ Space Unicorn Coach *-+

Aura, Energy and Card Readings: Castles in the Sky

Thank you so much Kai!
Step by step, I understand that LoA it's simple; based in some few principles, and your reply it's perfect to stay simple and effective, that will totally solve my doubts. Right, vibration it's what makes magic.

And fun it's soooo helpful! I've used it too. It's amazing because fun may dissolve fear, as it turns life into a easy game, fulling yourself with confidence and peace.

This whole practice it's based in self love and confidence i've found; as first steps are based into being grateful with present , to realize how much reasons make you abundant and rich at this very very moment; and fkeep focusing in this will lead to more and more of this. It's amazing!

I've been also studying about energy, how we lose, gain, and manage it.
The most amazing fact it's that, it takes a lot of energy for learning something new, but a lot more, maybe huge quantites when it comes to make changes in ourselves!

Even when I wake up before a good rest and a very healthy meal, the only fact of feeling myself full of energy, turns my vibration at optimun

So it's perfect for this process, notice that as you say, it's important to be patient, compassionate with ourselves, appreciate any effort for change, even if we don't consider it effective enough. So it happens that, it will take more energy to change fear or any hard mindset! I've found that is easier to improve after recharging energy, from sources like attitude, gratitude, optimism, love, alimentation. rest, excercise, motivation, breathing, contact with nature and more.

I tell myself to trust in god, universe, myself, it doesn't matter if i'm taking a little step today, as i keep moving, magic it's happening (:

Thank you so much Kai;
Love for you too
A huge hug


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