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Hi everyone,

I have a daily predicament in the city I've recently moved to, which is Vancouver. There is a major issue of homeless people on the streets begging for change. I can't even go to a coffee shop without someone coming in and asking for change. Walking down the street I could be asked 3 or 4 times in a matter of minutes.

Since studying LOA I've been taught that there is tremendous power in giving, and I consider myself a fairly giving person. Without secure employment, I sponsor a child in Rwanda, and I like to think that I help people with advice and inspiration, it's always very rewarding to me to have a conversation that motivates somebody to go after their goals. I make that a duty of mine. It's not necessarily financial but it's giving nonetheless.

Anyways, I can't give money to all of these homeless people, I simply don't have it myself. I feel like they all have opportunities in this city to get out of the situation they're in, and I wish them well in my thoughts, but is that enough? Am I disconnecting myself from source by not giving my money?

Would love to hear some thoughts on this, Thanks!

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I lived in Vancouver 30 years.  

Because it's so warm compared to the rest of Canada, there are tons more homeless there. 


After years of getting hit on for money by dozens of peeps every time I walked downtown, I came up with a new rule for myself.  I had to, because I'd always felt shitty that I couldn't give more, AND it always felt like homeless peple were beligerent about EXPECTING people to give them money.

So I gave the first person that asks me for money, $5.  They get happy and so do I.  No one else who asks me gets anything, and I have no problem saying NO after that first $5.  


I'm not saying you should do this, but it was a "line I drew in the sand,"that worked for me.  


And you might see my brother AND/OR my brother-in-law on the streets there.  My brother busks, playing this weird cello he made, and bass.  My brother-in-law busks with a tenor sax on the viaduct before Canucks games.  

Hey I have seen your brother countless time heading into the games.  Cool.


Hi Greg,

The only thing that disconnects you from source is how you FEEL. 

As you think about donating to the people on the streets, it is how you feel about whether you donate or not that is the key. 

If you were a billionaire and could give money to everyone yet felt angry/mad/resentful/not enough etc then you are disconnected.

Anytime you give to anyone, it is the act of giving freely with love - and without expecting a return - that keeps you connected to source


Hi Greg i think what really matters is how you feel when you are giving money or any kind of help to some one. If u feel something like oh what will i have for myself if i give it to homeless i guess that is what you are going to attract. In my own case initially (before knowing loa) i also used to believe that only with money i will be able to help people and i did not had a good paying job at that time. But i always wanted to help peple live a better life and when i delared that intent to the universe i started geting variius opertunities. Now when i listen to some one who are going through some tough times, or when i motivate some one to stay positive, or even when i am able to bring true smile n those peoples lives i know i am close to my life purpose. Wishing u the very best with all your endeavours

That's a great idea Donna! Thank you!

Steve, I'm always impressed by the musicians on the streets, there are some extremely talented folks out there, I will keep an eye out for your brother and brother in law!

What you are doing, essentially, is tithing, and you are doing this by sponsoring the child in Rwanda.  This will then give the child healthcare, clean drinking water and education and build a future for it.  At the same time, you are doing something for yiurself, because what you send out creates a space for money to flow back to you multiplied.  This is known as the Law of Tao or Flow, and means that giving becomes its own reward.

As for the homeless people in Vancouver, I don't think you are disconnecting from Source just because you aren't giving to them.  You are being realistic, and giving what you can, but you simply don't have the money to give to all of them, and the Universe knows that.  It understands your progress, and the good you are sending out by sponsoring the child in Rwanda.  Yes, a lot of homeless people are in need of money, but at the same time, the money given to them may just be spent on drink or drugs, locking them into bad circumstances even further.  If you really feel the need to help the homeless, donate to a homeless charity (here in the UK you can buy the homeless magazine the Big Issue) then you will know that the money will go to good use.

And keep on sending them good thoughts, because you can have an abundance of those to share, and it sends a dose of positive energy their way.

Okay there are a few different ideas I’d like to share here.

Firstly what you term as homeless isn’t always a bad thing and sometimes (I know its hard to believe but I’ve actually come face to face with people) it’s a lifestyle chosen by people for its freedom and connection to the world and universe.

Now giving isn’t just about money. You know sometimes a simple “Hello” or a nod can be a tremendous gift in and of itself. So it isn’t always about money although a lot of people choose to believe it makes the world go round – it truly doesn’t.

There are sometimes lessons to be learned through being homeless and some of the most spiritual people have talked about this at times. I remember Gandhi talking about one time in his life he was homeless and the valuable insight it gave him.

Are you disconnecting myself from source by not giving money – absolutely not. Source isn’t judging you for not giving money. It doesn’t judge you or anyone, it simply loves you for who you are and who you be. The only time you can disconnect from source is when you choose to do so and even then, you never are disconnected you simply silence that connection but it is still there.


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