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i want to know any steps or way to attract money :)

cus i been a little stress because i dont have a job at the moment and i apply and i was being grateful and knew i was going to get it but they never called me when they was suppose to ?

can i attract checks in the mail or my bank account like i know you dont have to know where or HOW it should come i just need reassurance thanks :)

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Been in this situation before and can relate to it. The first thing is to really believe that if you are unemployed, then the Universe is looking after you. All of your needs are being met with ease, and that includes the means to pay your bills. When you believe these kinds of things, then the fear of scarcity is far less a via ration in you, and as a result, won't produce nearly as much resistance.

The second thing, and this may seem strange, is to start GIVING money. When you give, it creates a space in your life, for more of the same to come back to you. It is also said that it comes back multiplied by three, and if you believe that, then it will happen. So start giving money. Even if it isn't that much (a pound here or a dollar there) giving a bit of money sends out a strong message to the Universe that you trust its flow, and you trust it to send you more.

It also gets the flow going. So you give a pound to charity one week, and three come back. The following week you give two and get six. Then you give three and receive nine back. Four and twelve. Five and fifteen. And by then you will be getting the hang of this out flowing lark, and starting to donate more, meaning that more comes back to you.

It may come back in different ways though: cheques in the post, discounts, refunds, buy one get one free deals etc. There are all sorts of ways. I did this for a while two years ago when I myself was out of work without any money coming in. I started giving to charity, and after a week or so, received a cheque in the post as a tax rebate. I continued, and had a holiday paid for. Whilst on holiday, I gave to buskers and artists, and the following week, was given a discount on a psychic reading. A couple of months later, I did the same thing and was given the iPad I am writing this on, as a present.

In this way, giving becomes its own reward.

Several years after writing this reply, I can attest that this is still very relevant. I now give to charity or worthwhile causes every other day, and the money keeps on flowing back to me.  In fact, it's not just money either; I also get given gifts for my home, have meals given to me, and get help with things. Giving really does become its own reward. 

Yes, you can. And I watched mind movies on you tube to help some. But what And stresses so much is to relax about it and fo something fun no matter what everyday to enjoy what you already have . This is to get your energies and mind off the lack of idea because it's not meant for you to torture yourself over. And it helps you allow what you have already decided you wanted.

Love that quote!!!

If somebody needs it this is such a perfect Abraham's rampage about money & abundance!:



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